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Friday, August 23, 2019

Fantasy Friday Revival - Long Overdue Accounting, part 3

And here it is! The final part of this wonderful story. I hope you have enjoyed reading this one! Here are link to parts one and two.

Long Overdue Accounting 

Part 3

Vivian laid on her stomach, taking the pressure off her very sore backside while thinking over the dilemma of Charlie. Her head was pillowed on her crossed arms and her sandy brown wavy hair was pushed to one side. Every time she tried to figure out how she would tell him of all the lies she told, tears started to fill her hazel eyes. Her nose was already bright pink from all the crying while she was being spanked and she was hoping to calm down enough so that her face didn’t look totally awful when Charlie showed up. 
She thought back to the first day she had met him when he had asked if he could share her table in the Union. After looking up into his warm brown eyes, and the wonderful genuine smile she had no problem inviting him to join her. He was tall with longish dark brown hair and immediately had her laughing as they talked. Charlie was very impressed with the fact that Vivian was an older student just starting out who had worked to get the money for school. He was a graduate student in psychology and wasn’t quite sure what he wanted to do when he got his Master’s degree. Most of his passion seemed to revolve around working with children. They both were amazed at the coincidence that Vivian’s plans also included children. Her goal was to be a reading specialist. 
After that first day Charlie amazingly showed up at the same time every day in the Union. Vivian was delighted, he was not only wonderful company but there was a quality about him she couldn’t quite put her finger on but she really liked. He was so different from most of the men she had dated. He was so interested in her classes and her goals. 
Almost a week after she had first met him, Charlie had asked her out on a date. Vivian was so relieved; she was beginning to wonder if he just liked eating lunch with her. She felt a little strange explaining that she lived with her uncle but she didn’t want any misunderstandings if he called and Uncle J answered the phone. But Charlie was not the least put off by the idea. “I think that’s great that you are so close to your uncle and the two of you can be there for each other.” She rewarded him with a beaming smile and a card with the phone number on it. 
Charlie smiled as he pocketed it, “I’ll call tonight and we can make plans for Saturday.” He reached across the table and held her hand briefly, “I am really looking forward to this Vivian.” 
She knew she was blushing but really didn’t care, “So am I, truly.” 
And that was how it started. The first time Charlie picked her up for their date he and Uncle J had really hit it off. Vivian was amazed. It was as though they had known each other forever. In fact she wondered if she and Charlie were going to go out or spend the evening with her uncle. 
When they left Uncle J had hugged her and turned to Charlie, “Take care of my girl.” Vivian thought she would die. But Charlie took it in his stride. She knew other men she had been out with would have rolled their eyes and made some comment on it once they were out the door. 
But Charlie simply shook her Uncle’s hand and said, “I certainly will.” When they got out the door he remarked on how much he liked Vivian’s uncle. And there were other differences too. Although Charlie had gently kissed her good night after their first date he had certainly taken his time going much further than that. He was a tremendous amount of fun to be with and Vivian usually ended up laughing until her stomach ached over some of his stories. They went to movies, concerts, museums, and sometimes just went for long walks with lots of talking. Many times their meal out lasted for hours, just spent sharing with each other. He was also incredibly polite and gentlemanly. Always opening doors and pulling out her chair. And he insisted that he walk on the street side when they were out together. But somehow he never did it in a condescending manner and she was never put off by it or insulted. She felt cared about and even, protected. It was amazing but none of that bothered her as it had with past boyfriends who tried it. 
It was not until a month into their relationship that they first made love. Charlie had been careful not to push her, she understood his motivations. But it was getting to the point where she was ready to push him…right down on the bed. However, one night at his apartment after watching a movie together, well at least that is what they were supposed to be doing, he had looked down at her with those wonderful brown eyes and said in a soft husky voice, “Vivian?” She had nodded and as they kissed he picked her up and carried her into the bedroom. 
Their love making was incredible. Sometimes romantic, slow, and serious, other times much more unrestrained. At times Charlie would suddenly turn Vivian over his knee and spank her playfully. She always complained but never very convincingly, in fact she found it an incredible turn on. She was sure this was the man who was meant for her. 
However, there was one contentious problem they faced; Charlie absolutely would not go out on a night when they had classes the next day. He was more than willing to come over and study with her or bring her to his apartment to study. But whenever she brought up meeting friends at a bar for a drink during the week, he always turned it down. “Viv, I know I have no right or authority to tell you what to do, but you are carrying a pretty heavy class load and I do believe you need your week nights for studying.” It was then that Vivian began her load of lies. She was constantly reassuring Charlie that she had no problem doing well on her tests and papers. To hear her talk she was getting As in all her classes with no trouble whatsoever. Now she always meant to do well and catch up on her class work but she also had lots of trouble turning down her friends when they all wanted to go out. Soon she was weaving a might big web of deception that included her uncle, Charlie, but most of all herself. She truly had convinced herself she could fix what she had done, but it was way too little, too late. 
So now here she was faced with her deceit towards the man she was more in love with each and every day. She sighed and stood up, groaning at the stinging pain still on her bottom, especially now that it was covered in panties and jeans. But Charlie would be here soon and she went into the bathroom to fix her hair and put on some makeup. She also had no idea how she was going to tell him about this. 
Jerry was reading the paper when the doorbell rang. His niece still had not come downstairs since he had spanked her and he had a feeling she was totally afraid of facing Charlie after all that had transpired this semester. But he had a feeling about Charlie and was pretty sure it was going to work out, maybe not exactly the way Vivian expected but probably the way she truly needed it to.
As he went to answer the door he called up the stairs, “Viv honey, Charlie is here, are you ok?” 
A forlorn voice replied, “Yes Uncle J, I’ll be down in a minute.” 
He sighed and went to answer the door. “Hi there Charlie, come on in.” The two men shook hands like the friends they were fast becoming. 
Charlie’s smile faded as he looked at Jerry. “Hey you look a little down, is everything all right? Vivian isn’t sick or anything is she?” The instant concern for his niece drew a smile; Jerry liked this boy, well man, better every time he saw him. 
“Well now Charlie, you are going to have to discuss that with Viv herself, she’ll be down in a minute.” 
Suspicions began forming in Charlie’s mind; Jerry had never hedged on a question before. Something was definitely up. But his attention was diverted as Vivian came downstairs. He loved watching her whenever he could; she was so adorable and sweet. It may have taken Vivian awhile to be sure she was in love with him but it hadn’t taken Charlie any longer than that first date. And Lord it had been hard holding himself back, but he wanted her to be secure and feel safe with him at all times. 
But now as he looked at her, he realized for the first time he could ever remember, she wasn’t smiling at the sight of him. Maybe she was breaking up with him…oh no, please don’t let it be that. When she got downstairs she hugged him hard and he felt the relief of knowing it certainly wasn’t a break up. What was going on? 
“Charlie, I have something I have to tell you…no you stay Uncle J,” she noticed her uncle quietly trying to leave them alone. 
Taking her hand he led her to the couch and sat down expecting Vivian to sit too. She hesitated, drew a breath, and sat down very, very slowly, easing her bottom onto the cushions. “Honey are you hurt, were you in an accident, all right one of you tell me what’s going on here.” Vivian looked at him in surprise; she had never heard an impatient tone in his voice. 
“Charlie I have to tell you what happened before we go out, since you may not want to see me again after you hear what I have done”, her lip began quivering and her eyes filled with tears. 
“What in the world are you talking about, nothing could ever make me feel that way about you Viv”, Charlie put two fingers under her chin and lifted it until they were eye to eye. “Just tell me what is going on. There isn’t anything you and I can’t work out together.” 
At that the tears began to spill over her eyes and she began to unload the whole story. Going out when she should have been studying, not giving her classes the attention they needed even when she was at home supposedly studying. Charlie didn’t say a word, just sat and listened. She never exactly uttered the word lie but she finished with revealing what her grades were for the semester. When Charlie heard the F in Geology the silence was broken. 
His voice was quiet but firm and his jaw was set very tight, “But Vivian you assured me that you were doing well, actually very well on all your tests and papers. How can this be?” Of course he already knew the answer to his own question but he wanted her to admit to what she had done. 
Vivian hung her head in shame, “I lied to you. Oh God Charlie I lied all the time. I figured I would have time to fix things up, I never intended for it to get this bad. I was so, well, distracted by other things and Geology was so boring that I just figured I would make it up later. But later never came.” 
She looked up to try and read his eyes, “If you don’t want to see me again I will understand, what I did, well, it’s….unforgivable.” 
Charlie sighed and took her hand, “I love you Viv and between two people in love much can be forgiven. But you have made a considerable dent in my trust in what you say and that will take a while to get past. Also we have some discussing to do in private.” He looked over at Jerry who was now absolutely sure about what an exceptional man Charlie was. “Jerry, if Vivian agrees I am taking her to my apartment and she is spending the night there. Are you alright with that?” 
Jerry smiled, “Vivian is a grown woman, that is her decision to make, but I thank you for asking.” 
Looking back at Vivian he started to ask her and stopped, “Wait a minute, what does this have to do with your being hurt? How did that happen?” 
Vivian’s face turned beet red, “Well Uncle J was pretty upset about what happened and so he gave me a choice.” 
“Go on,” Charlie urged not understanding what in the world she was talking about. 
“Well my choice was to find a new place to live,” and the crying began again. Charlie rubbed her back. “Or I had to promise to start staying home and focusing on my schoolwork, tell you the truth about what I had done, and pay the consequences.” 
The word consequences resonated with Charlie. “Go on Viv, what were those consequences?” 
She looked pleadingly from her uncle to Charlie. This was so embarrassing, but there was no way out. She took a deep breath, “I had to accept a spanking from him. My uncle spanked me….hard.” 
She was waiting for Charlie to laugh or smile or say something about twenty four year old woman getting spanked but all he said was, “Ah now I know why you are having trouble sitting. So Vivian, are you coming with me?”
Quickly wiping the tears from her eyes she answered hurriedly, “Oh yes of course, you are sure you still love me Charlie, what I did was awful.” 
“Yes it was,” he said seriously, “But of course I still love you and we will discuss this at my apartment.” He helped her to her feet and gave her a brief hug. 
Vivian went to grab her purse and Charlie shook hands with Jerry. Jerry spoke softly to him, “Do what you need to son but tread a little lightly, this is all brand new to her.” 
Charlie looked at him first with surprise then with understanding. They spoke the same language. Vivian came up and kissed Jerry, “Good night Uncle J and oh I am sorry.” 
He patted her hand, “Sweetie, you and I are just fine. You have a good night now.” He hugged his niece. 
Charlie took her hand and they walked silently out to the car. He helped Vivian into the seat, giving her a moment to sit on her inflamed bottom and then he buckled the seat belt around her as if she were a child. He kissed her forehead and she looked up at him, “It will be alright Viv, you and I are going to make this alright.” 
The rest of the ride was silent except for Vivian’s occasional sniffle or sob. They pulled up in front of Charlie’s apartment and she slowly got out of the car. Her bottom was still pretty sore from this afternoon’s activity. Charlie put his arm around her and led her to the door. As they went in he turned on the light and kissed her very softly. She leaned against him for a moment and then went to sit down on the couch. 
Charlie took her hand, “No Viv I want you to go into the bedroom. Right now please,” She looked at him questioningly thinking they were going to talk things over but the look on Charlie’s face really wasn’t open to an appeal of his decision. “Just sit down on the bed and wait for me please.” She nodded and started down the hall to his bedroom. 
Now Charlie was the one in turmoil, he was so sorry he had never brought this subject up with her before tonight but now there was no choice. Their relationship was at stake and this would be a definite turning point. Running his hands through his hair he made up his mind, as though there had ever been a question of what he would do. 
He walked into his bedroom to find a very confused and sad girlfriend waiting for him. She needed reassurance he wasn’t just looking for a way to tell her goodbye. He sat down next to her and hugged her to him.
“Honey, what you did was very, very wrong. I am terribly disappointed that you lied to me. And not just once but over and over again. I should have said something before this because what you told me just never felt right. Believe me I will go with my gut from now on. I will never let it get this far again. 
Vivian looked up at him, her eyes widened, “Oh no Charlie, I will never, ever do anything like this again, you can be sure of that.” Feeling the sting she was sitting on made her absolutely positive of what she was saying. 
He hugged her once more. “I know you believe what you are saying, but you still have some consequence coming to you my dear.”
“What do you mean, good grief I have had enough consequences to last me forever. You have no idea how hard my uncle spanked me. Not that I didn’t deserve it but it stings like crazy.” Her hand unconsciously went to rub her backside. 
Charlie nodded solemnly, “Yes your uncle took care of things between the two of you, but not between us.” He looked at her sweet face, took a breath and went on. “Now Vivian, you know I have spanked you in fun before. We both enjoyed it a lot. And I should have discussed this with you further before now but there is nothing I can do to change that.” 
Vivian’s face got a very wary look to it. She didn’t like the sound of this at all. This was sounding way too much like Uncle J. Oh God he couldn’t mean what she thought he did. 
“What we have never discussed is my belief in my role and your role in our relationship. I grew up in a household where spanking was a normal consequence. It was always done in a loving manner and then the matter was forgiven and never brought up again. Even though he did it privately, I know my dad spanked my mom. I believe in the way our household ran. We were loved and cared about. My mom and dad wanted to keep us safe and help us learn how to make smart decisions. Dad believed that he was Mom’s protector. I have never seen two people so much in love with each other as my parents. They never screamed or yelled at each other. As I grew older I learned to recognize the look that passed between them when Dad was warning her that she was stepping over the line. It didn’t happen often but it did happen. As I said it was always in private but I now understand what he was doing and why.” 
“So Vivian, my love, I have to ask you if you can accept this part of me. Can you live in this kind of relationship? I love you dearly but I can’t do it any other way. I will never be a tyrant telling you what job you can or can’t have. I am not going to tell you what to read or not read. But we are going to set rules and if you break them I will spank you I do assure you of that. And since I know you already know how wrong it is to lie, especially to the man that loves and cares about you, if you agree to this I am also going to spank you tonight.” He stopped and looked at her waiting for a response. 
Vivian felt as if someone had thrown a bucket of cold water in her face. She was pretty much alright until the words, I am going to spank you tonight, were uttered. He had to be nuts to think she would let him spank her already throbbing backside. Why it was cruel to even think about it. She couldn’t believe it was Charlie, sweet, loving Charlie suggesting this. It was as if she didn’t know him at all. 
Charlie’s face softened as he looked at her. His next words convinced her he was a mind reader. “No honey I am not being mean to you. It would be mean to let you go on feeling guilty about telling lies and deceiving me. I don’t want you ever to lie to me again Vivian. There can be nothing but total honesty between us. It’s the only way I can keep you safe. And if you accept this, there will be no changing your mind, no talking me out of a spanking. If I decide you get spanked that’s it.” 
She couldn’t believe she uttered the next words, “I see and what if you do something wrong Charlie? What consequences exist in our relationship for you?” 
A smile crossed Charlie’s lips. “Well as I see it that is a matter to be discussed. I am open minded about this. And if you think you want to discipline me it isn’t out of the question.” 
Now she was totally confused. And she found she really didn’t want to discipline Charlie, at least not at this point. But she was beginning to accept the idea that she was going to accept his conditions for their relationship to continue. But oh God this was going to hurt. She spoke softly, “Alright Charlie, you are right, I feel so guilty I am choking on it.” Looking up, her eyes filled with tears, “And I do love you and everything about you. If you say it must be this way, well then I guess it’s the right thing to do. I know I didn’t want Uncle J to spank me but I felt better after he did, but couldn’t it wait for tomorrow? I am already so sore.” 
Charlie shook his head, “No way young lady, this lesson has to be taught now. And you need to learn there will never be plea bargains or waiting periods unless I am really angry. I would never spank you in anger Vivian.” He caressed her face softly. He sat down on the bed next to her. “Please stand up Vivian, right here in front of me.” 
She sighed now knowing this was going to be a ritual that would become familiar. The next words were a surprise. 
“Take off your clothes. All of them.” 
In a somewhat shocked state Vivian responded by starting to unbutton her jeans and pulling them down with her panties to her ankles. She kicked off her shoes and stepped out of the clothes.
“Your shirt and bra too, right now, no nonsense.” His voice was very firm, and very insistent. 
Her hands shook slightly but she did as she was told. Finally she stood before him. This was certainly not the first time Charlie had seen her nude but this was so very different. She felt so very vulnerable. 
“Vivian do you understand what is going to happen and do you have anything to say about this?” 
Good Lord she was beginning to feel like the condemned man being asked if he wanted a blindfold. But she drew a deep breath. “Yes I understand you are going to spank me, I totally understand. But Charlie I do want you to know I am very sorry for what I did, for deceiving you the way I did.” She hesitated, “But I also know I deserve this and I do know how much you care.” Then she realized the strangest thing was happening. Deep down inside her there was a spark of excitement. How weird was that? But she didn’t have much time to consider the ramifications. 
Charlie gently took her hand and drew her over his knee. “Vivian we have talked this out and I believe you know why you are being spanked. I never want to have to deal with deception again. And believe me it will be awhile before I trust everything you say at face value.” He looked down and winced a bit when he saw how very red her bottom already was. She would certainly remember today and tonight. 
Without further warning he began spanking Vivian with his hand, hard spanks moving from one side to the other. She immediately stiffened up and gasped, oh how it hurt on her already tender skin. Charlie was relentless and very thorough. Tears began to flow from her eyes and without realizing it her hand reached back to protect her skin. Charlie took her wrist in his other hand and held it, hardly missing a beat in the spanking. 
“Oh God Charlie please stop, I promise never ever ……..Ohhhh this is way too much please.” It had not effect on Charlie whatsoever. However, he did begin speaking as he spanked. 
“You are never to lie to me young lady (each word punctuated by his hand landing hard). I will expect everything you tell me to be the absolute truth. Is that understood?” 
Vivian could barely squeal out, “Yes” through the tears and sobbing. But Charlie knew they needed one last step to make sure she totally understood the seriousness of this. He helped her up off his lap and stood next to her. As she watched he unbuckled his belt and drew it out of his jeans. Vivian stood there rubbing her bottom and stared in disbelief. He could not possibly be serious.
“Lie down on the bed Viv, on your stomach, let’s get this over with so I can take care of you.” He stood and waited giving her the time she needed, remembering her uncle’s words. She was probably in a little bit of shock after today’s events. 
Vivian knew there were no arguing and no point to drawing it out. She wept quietly as she lay down as Charlie had asked. He knelt on one knee next to her and rubbed her back for a moment. Then he put his hand in the middle of her back and she heard the swish in the air before she felt the burning strike on her backside. There was no holding back the scream that came involuntarily. She couldn’t believe how bad it burned. Smoke had to be billowing off her bottom. Before she could think further she heard the swish and squeezed her eyes tight. Once again the strap landed right across her swollen, deep red skin. Again she screamed, the pain was so intense. She felt herself collapsing into the bed, crying and howling with each of the next eight strokes. Then it stopped. Vivian lay there limp and sobbing. She felt the weight of Charlie’s body next to her. He pulled her very close and stroked her hair. “Shhh baby, it’s all over now. You are forgiven and you know have to also forgive yourself.” He rubbed her back as he sobbed into his shoulder. 
Vivian put her arms around him, “Oh God, Charlie I am so sorry for what I did. I won’t lie to you ever again. Even if it means I know you are going to spank me, I won’t ever lie to you again.” She kissed him gently. He could taste the saltiness of her tears. “Thank you for loving me enough to do this. You and Uncle J are absolutely right; I am far too old to be acting this way. I worked too hard to throw it all away now.” 
Charlie smiled down at her and got up off the bed. He opened his dresser drawer and got a bottle of lotion out. He lay down again next to her. As he poured lotion onto his hand she turned over remembering the afternoon spanking and Uncle J insisting she put lotion on her skin. His hand gently rubbed the lotion onto a very thoroughly spanked bottom. 
Vivian hissed as his hand made contact. It hurt more than she could ever remember anything hurting. But as his hand rubbed that funny spark that had started before began to expand. Her bottom arched to his touch which gave him a great deal of satisfaction as well. His hand rubbed the lotion in gently but thoroughly. Then he turned Vivian on her side and kissed her long and deeply. “I do love you my dear, never doubt that. But I will do what I need to do to keep you safe and to be sure you are taking care of yourself as well.” He wiped away the remainder of tears from her eyes. “For now get under the covers.” She crawled up to the top of the bed and let Charlie help her slide down under the blanket and sheet. She lay carefully on her side making sure nothing came in contact with her fiery bottom. As she watched Charlie took his clothes off and shut off the light. He crawled in bed next to her pulling her close into his arms letting her feel how loved she was. 
She rested her head on his chest and spoke softly, “Charlie this is weird but getting spanked like this, well it hurts like hell but it also….well it is also incredibly exciting too.” 
Charlie laughed very softly into her hair, “Oh I already knew that about you sweetie, from the times I have spanked you for fun. It was just a matter of whether you could accept it as discipline too. But I promise you the fun spankings will always out number the ones for wrong doing. Well unless you turn into a really, really bad girl.” 
Her response was immediate and vigorous, “Oh no, no way, in fact I doubt you will ever have to punish me again. Oh God did I ever learn my lesson.” 
As he pulled her closer he knew she believed what she said but he seriously doubted that was the last time he would have to put on the strict demeanor and administer a serious spanking. But he sure hoped he was right that the fun would outweigh the others. He could feel her relaxing against his body and knew she was falling asleep. And he had better sleep too because he knew from experience she would more than likely wake up late needing to have him attend to another type of burning, one that he was experiencing as well. 
She nodded off thinking to herself that her Uncle J was always right. This was what she had needed, and now she knew, wanted. Life was strange sometimes but also pretty wonderful. She reached back and touched her spanked bottom, but this time there was a smile on her face as she thought of Charlie. Hmm she wondered how he would react to being spanked. As she drifted off the smile remained as her thoughts became her dreams.

It's always fun to sink into a fantasy. I thank Purple Angel for this story and I always ask all my readers to write a fantasy for themselves. Then if you're willing share it with us. You can send it to elisspeaks@yahoo.com


  1. I enjoyed this re-run of Purple Angel’s story. It must have taken her a while to write!
    Rosie xx

  2. What a wonderful end to a wonderful story PK. Am enjoying the re-reads :) hope you have a wonderful weekend:)


  3. PK, thanks for the re-run of this story. Really enjoyed it.


  4. This story is a classic, and I certainly enjoyed reading it again. Thanks to both you and the Angel.

    Hugs From Ella