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Friday, August 16, 2019

Fantasy Friday revival - Long Overdue Accounting - part 2

 Tomorrow is the town festival where I'm taking my books.  I really am looking forward to talking with the people as they come by and if I'm able to sell a book or two, so much the better. I'll let you know how it goes.

As promised, part two of our story. These are long post and you may not have time now, but come back when you can lose yourself in a story. You can find part one here.

Long Overdue Accounting - Part 2

Vivian sat on the bed and thought carefully about her options. Her uncle had always been upfront about his belief that she needed to be spanked. Her parents had never believed in spanking and he respected their right to raise her anyway they saw fit and proper. She also knew her uncle loved her very much and for him to give her such an ultimatum meant he was at his wit’s end about how to help her out of this dilemma and make sure it never happened again. 
But spanking? The idea seemed ridiculous but on some level a part of her wanted it. She shook her head, this was just too strange. Her options were clear, she either accepted her uncle’s terms or she had to find another place to live, which was not really an appealing idea at all. She loved living with Uncle J and she knew how much it meant to him.
So maybe the spanking thing wasn’t so bad. A few swats on her backside wouldn’t kill her after all. Lots of kids got spanked and they lived through it. His other demands also played on her mind. She knew she would be expected to really pay attention to her studies from now on, and she knew he would probably keep a closer eye. The worst part was she would have to tell Charlie and he would know she had lied to him easily and often. She sighed deeply, and didn’t feel very much like 24 at the moment. And it was at that exact moment that her decision was made.
Almost as if on cue there was a soft tap at her bedroom door. “Viv, are you ready to talk?”
She rubbed her hands together nervously, “Yes Uncle J come in, I am as ready as I will ever be. Her stomach fluttered and she gulped as the door opened. “Now Vivian” she scolded herself, “stop acting like a kid, just take this and get it over with.”
Her uncle came in and sat down on the bed next to her. He briefly rubbed her back, “So sweetie what have you decided.” He didn’t look angry or even upset, just concerned and loving.
She took a deep breath, “Ok Uncle J, we will do it your way. I agree to everything, but do you really have to...umm...spank me?” Her voice took on a much lower tone, “I promise I will do better and not mess up like this again. I really do feel badly about it already.”
There was a moment of silence and Uncle Jerry nodded silently, “Yes I know you do and that is one of the reasons you need this spanking my dear. I don’t want you feeling guilty and I want you to remember that there are consequences for behavior. This will help you remember to focus your attention. So Vivian stand up please right here in front of me.” Suddenly his voice had grown stern. 
Vivian’s eyes widened but she did as she was told. It was then she saw what was in his right hand. It was an old fashioned wooden hairbrush. Panic flooded her as she realized maybe this was not going to be just a few swats on her backside. “Wwwwait Uncle J, what is that for? Surely you aren’t going to…?” Her voice died off as her uncle rolled up the sleeves of his shirt. 
“Yes, young lady, that is exactly what I am going to do. I know you have never been spanked but you have had one coming for a long time. I intend to do a thorough job. You know me well enough to know I would never, ever cause you injury, but spankings hurt, and believe me this one will be one you will remember. Otherwise there is no point in my doing it. Now Vivian, drop your jeans please.” He knew this would be difficult for her and was prepared to wait until she was able to do it on her own. The intent of this was not to put her into a panic or terrify her, but he did mean to teach her.
Now as far as Vivian was concerned things were getting a bit out of hand. Lower her jeans? In front of her uncle? And, oh my God, how much would that hairbrush hurt on just her panties. The few swats scenario was now long gone. She began to protest but her words died as she saw the determined look on her uncle’s face.
Her face colored bright red as she unsnapped and unzipped her jeans and pushed them down to her knees. Her blouse came down low enough to cover her panties so she felt like she had some dignity left…but not much.
Before she could get another thought together her uncle reached out and took her hand. “Viv, I want you to lay over my lap, I am not going to pull or yank you. You will do it on your own, but I can help guide you if you are nervous.”
Now along with her fluttering stomach, the lump in her throat came a dry mouth that could barely utter the whispered, “Yes.” She let her uncle guide her over his lap and there she was at 24 years old, over her uncle’s knee, with her pants down and her backside up in the air covered only by sheer white panties.
Uncle Jerry cleared his throat, “Young lady, in a moment I am going to give you a spanking you won’t soon forget. I am so disappointed in what you have done. Ignoring your studies, not paying attention, and not telling the truth. This is beneath you Vivian. You are a fine, intelligent young woman with no excuse for acting this way. Have you got anything to say about this?”
With eyes full of tears at her uncle’s words she blurted out, “Oh Uncle J I am so sorry, I didn’t mean to let you or myself down.”
Her uncle’s voice was soft, “Is this what you deserve Vivian?”
And she found herself feeling that she indeed did deserve this. She cried very softly, “Yes Uncle J it is, I know you wouldn’t do it unless I deserved it.”
Of course in the position she was in she could not see the loving smile on his face. But she could feel his hand pulling down her panties. No, no wait this could not be right. Her panicky voice squeaked out, “Nooo oh don’t do that. Not on my bare backside, oh no please.”
“Yes that is how it is done and will be done. Once you agreed Vivian you left things in my hands literally and figuratively. But I will give you one last chance to change your mind. I don’t want you to feel forced into this punishment.”
What kind of choice was this? Being spanked on her bare bottom or having to go apartment hunting. She resigned herself to her fate. “No I won’t change my mind but this is scary you know.” She could feel her body tremble slightly.
“I know it is and it should have been done long ago, so I think maybe we need to start now and get it over with.” With those words her uncle gripped her firmly around the waist and began to spank her bottom, with his hand, from one side to the other.
The spanks were hot stings, much more than the swats she had imagined she would get and on her bare skin they soon were really burning.
In between spanks her uncle spoke to her reminding her, “You are going to get your mind back on your studies young lady. No more parties unless work is finished.” Every two or three words was accompanied by a sharp spank that soon had her gasping. “And I don’t ever want to find out you have been at the bars when there is work to be done. Do you understand?”
By now Vivian’s legs kicked with each spank and ouches, ows, and yelps came out of her mouth unintentionally. “Yes I understand, I promise, no more goofing off, honest….”her voice rose at the end of the sentence. But her uncle wasn’t done.
“I know you believe what you say is true Vivian but I don’t think we are quite there yet.”
Tears were starting to slide down her face. Her uncle had been such a softy all her life whenever she cried, but obviously this was different. “Oh please Uncle J, it hurts so much, I really mean what I say.”
Her uncle gripped her waist a little more tightly and put one of his legs over both of hers. “I am going to make sure we don’t have to go through this again anytime soon. That is what the hairbrush is for. This hairbrush has spanked a number of badly behaved young ladies and usually has the effect of keeping this close in their memory.”
Without another word and before Vivian could protest, the hard wooden hairbrush landed across her bottom with a resounding smack. She could not hold back the howl that came out on its own.
The first smack was followed by a flurry of them, sometimes all in one place, sometimes from side to side. Her bottom felt like it was going up in flames.
“Oh God Uncle J, stop please, no more, I promise I will do as I should”, she sobbed out the words. As the spanking continued her hands covered her eyes and her body lay limp over her uncle’s lap. She sobbed like a little girl.
Then as quickly as it began, it ended. Her uncle turned her over and held her close. “There now sweetie, it’s all over. I forgive you and most importantly you can forgive yourself.” He rubbed her back and kissed her forehead. She cried on his shoulder as she had as a young girl when she had hurt herself or been upset about something.
She gulped back her sobs, her bottom burned like fire. “I am so sorry Uncle J, and I love you. Thank you for letting me stay here after I messed up so badly.”
Her uncle looked at her solemnly, “Vivian, when I said you were forgiven, I meant it. This is over now. The only thing you have to deal with is not being honest with Charlie. That is for the two of you to hash out. But I do hope I don’t have to do this again.”
She shook her head slowly, “No you won’t, I promise to put the effort into my work that I should. I am far too old to be acting this way.” She stood up and reached for her panties. Suddenly she realized how exposed she was.
“Wait a minute sweetie; lay down on your bed for a second on your stomach.”
At the fearful look on her face he smiled reassuringly, “No it’s not more spanking but your bottom needs some TLC.” He took a bottle of aloe lotion off her dresser. I don’t want to embarrass you any further; the spanking did enough of that so you can put this on yourself if you would rather.”
Vivian nodded and took the bottle from him. He looked into her eyes. “You have always been my favorite Viv, which is why it hurts me so much when you hurt yourself. Do you understand?” He rubbed her back gently.
The tears started flowing again and this time he wiped them gently off her face. “Ok then sweetie, you put some lotion on. It won’t take the sting away but it will help your skin. Then when you are ready, you put yourself back together and come downstairs so we can talk about this a bit more.”
He left the room and Vivian started to pour some lotion into her hand. The first touch on her burning skin made her hiss through her teeth. Nothing had ever felt like this, but she also was not angry or upset. In fact she felt much better than she had since she had found out her grades earlier in the afternoon. And her uncle had forgiven her for such immature behavior. She closed her eyes and rubbed the lotion in gently. It did soothe the burn somewhat but oh how it stung.
When she finished she stood up and tugged her panties up over the very sore skin of her backside. But before pulling up her jeans, she decided she had to review the damages. She stood in front of the full length mirror inside her closet door and turned around. Looking back over her shoulder, she pulled down her panties. Her eyes opened wide. The skin was bright red with deeper red marks the shape of the brush on the middle of both sides. Uncle J had been very thorough. She pulled up her panties and jeans which now were extremely uncomfortable.
She stopped in the bathroom to rinse of her face and blow her nose. She was a mess. After her talk with her uncle she would definitely need some time to clean up before Charlie came over. Her hands flew to her face, Charlie, oh no she had promised her uncle to come clean about everything. And he was sure to notice she was sitting, well, a bit gingerly. What would he say about all this? Suddenly the feeling of dread was back. Could Charlie ever forgive her?

Don't forget to come back next week for the conclusion of "Long Overdue Accounting." And if you're willing to try a story and share it with us please send it to elisspeaks@yahoo.com


  1. Hi PK, hope you have a wonderful and successful time at the festival.

    Am really enjoyjng the FF re-posts. This is a wonderful story and wonderfully written. I remember this one.


  2. Even though I remember the ending, I will be back for the finale!

    Hugs From Ella

  3. I can't wait to see how this end!


  4. I can't remember the ending so definitely be back.

    I hope you have a great day tomorrow and sell some of your books. Look forward to reading about it.