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Friday, August 09, 2019

Fantasy Friday revival - Long Overdue Accounting

I'm back. We had a lovely reunion and a great time at the lake. But I got some upsetting news this weekend too. I'll tell you about it soon and maybe you all can help me decide where to go from here. I finally got the chance to go back and answer my comments on the FF that Nick wrote - I don't always answer FF comments since I feel the comments are really to the author, but I answered these and I thank all that left a comment.

On to today's Fantasy Friday! This is another multi-part story so you will have two more parts to look forward to. The author of this lovely story is a blogger I used to know who went by the name of Purple Angel. Her blog was Spankful Delight. Going back through all the old Fantasy Friday's has reminded me of many old friends who are not around any longer. I keep hoping they will pop back in some day and say hello. But at least we have their wonderful stories to enjoy...

Long Overdue Accounting

Vivian walked glumly from Altgeld Hall to her car. It was a windy, cool evening in late spring but she hardly noticed the lovely scent of the air or the fresh breeze. She couldn’t believe what had just happened to her. 
Alright, truly “happened” to her was the wrong term, what she had allowed to happen was far more accurate. Although Vivian was 24 years old she was a freshman at the University. This past fall had been her first semester. She was so enthused about finally going to school after working full time since high school graduation to save up the money to at least get started. She knew she would have to take out loans as well but she also had help from a well-loved source.
Her Uncle Jerry lived in the same Midwestern town that the University was located in. They had always been close throughout her childhood, even though Vivian’s family lived some distance away from him. Uncle Jerry and Aunt Carol had a special place in Vivian’s heart and she knew she did in theirs as well. When Aunt Carol had passed away five years ago she knew it left her uncle not only grieving but very lonely. She had made sure to keep in touch and visited him as often as she could. When Vivian had revealed to him her plans for school he enthusiastically offered her free housing. He certainly didn’t like rattling around his house alone and his favorite niece would be more than welcome.
She remembered the phone conversation vividly.
“Well I don’t know Uncle J, I mean I have never lived on a college campus, it might be fun. You know a new experience.”
“Oh yes I have no doubt it would be that for sure. But sweetie, you don’t need all that nonsense at your age. This is your shot at what you want and I will do all I can to help you. I think a quiet, peaceful place to live will make a world of difference. You can spend lots of time with the new friends you make, but I know you Viv and you will need to focus your attention to keep up with pace of college work. Remember your first year in high school.”
Vivian rolled her eyes as her uncle talked. Oh did she ever remember her freshman year. She had been so taken with the newness of the experience that her classes had taken a back seat to everything else. She had failed two classes that first year. Her parents were beside themselves with worry. They had sent her to summer school to make up the work and hired tutors to help with her studies. But she also remembered her uncle’s response to the situation. When she went there for a visit after summer session both he and Aunt Carol had sat her down for a talk.
The talk had been very stern, but as always kind and loving. They told her they were disappointed in the choices she had made. When she tried to explain that she just needed some extra help her uncle shook his head. “No way sweetie, you are as sharp as they come. But you have always been easily distracted from your responsibilities and no one has ever taken the time to help you deal with that. You are the sweetest, most loving niece an aunt and uncle could want but you can be very undisciplined about your life. And I love your mom and dad dearly but, Vivian, they have gone too easy on you for too long. I suspect what you need is a long session over a knee with a hairbrush, but I am not your dad and I can’t take away his rights and responsibilities.” 
She remembered crying at her uncle’s words and promising to do better. It was also shocking to hear he thought she should be spanked. She had never been spanked and she was way too old for it now. But a certain spark ignited in her mind that was always there from that point on. 
And she certainly had done somewhat better once she had learned how to balance her social life and school; everything had worked out just fine. Unfortunately it had not worked out fine enough for her to get any scholarships or grants but her parents were pleased that she never failed another course. Deep down inside she knew that had she put more emphasis on courses and less on socializing her grades could have been top of the line, assuring she would get financial help for college.
But she was determined to go to school and her parents promised to help as much as possible. So Vivian had worked two jobs for the next six years getting the finances together. Both her parents and her aunt and uncle praised her hard work and determination.
And Uncle Jerry’s offer was more than kind and certainly would help with finances since he refused to hear anything about her paying rent, at least in money. He had, however, laid down some conditions. “You can help me out around the house, honey, which would be so appreciated. But Vivian I expect you to put the emphasis on your schoolwork. Your parents are investing money they have saved for a long time. You worked your butt off for six years and I don’t want to see that going down the drain. Is that clear?”
Vivian was more than a little surprised at her uncle’s stern tone. After all she was an adult, not a child any longer. But she had agreed to all his terms in a very subdued voice.
First semester had gone just great. Vivian loved the campus and the newness of the environment. Most of her classes were fine, nothing she couldn’t handle. The one math class she had, she worked as hard as possible. It was her most difficult subject. But she was rewarded with a B. All her grades had been A’s and B’s. It was a real toss up to decide who was more excited, her parents or her Uncle. He had hugged her hard, kissed the top of her head, “I knew you could do it sweetie, I knew it.” She basked in his praise.
Unfortunately second semester was not as successful as first semester. First of all, Vivian was developing new friendships. She spent lots of time at campus events and sometimes bar hopping, which she knew her uncle didn’t like. Her classes were ok except for one. She absolutely hated Geology. Why in the world she ever chose it was anyone’s guess. She remembered thinking she had to have another science course to meet her General Education requirements. She had shrugged and just picked it because it sounded less challenging than some of the others. But it turned out to be difficult and boring. She hated even looking at the textbook, much less reading it.
Vivian also started dating Charlie. They had met at the Student Union one day when it was really crowded and he asked if Vivian minded him sharing her table. One look at his smiling face and she hadn’t minded at all. Charlie was an older student too. He was 28 and in graduate school. They had started dating almost immediately and Vivian found herself more and more attracted to him with each date. What was even better was Uncle Jerry totally approved of him and even encouraged the relationship. The two of them got along as if they were old friends. And sometimes Vivian couldn’t help noticing how similar they were.
Charlie also kept at Vivian about her class work. Sometimes this got pretty annoying and so she easily lied, telling him she had aced papers and tests that she had gotten much lower grades on. But she figured it really was none of his business anyway. He also made sure the two of them only went out on the weekends so that she could study during the week. At times he came over to the house, but it was reserved for study dates and Charlie would not give in on that point at all.
And now this had happened. She got in her car and slumped down in the seat. She had just gotten a look at the posted grades. She had gotten one B, two C’s, and she had actually failed Geology. How would she ever explain this to her uncle and her parents, much less Charlie who had been led to believe all her classes were going so well? She laid her head on the steering wheel and let the tears drip down her face. She was so ashamed of what she had done. And now she would certainly have to take an extra summer session course which she was not looking forward too.
She sighed and started the car. She might as well get home and get the bad news over with. She could hardly stand the thought of her Uncle Jerry’s disappointment and disapproval. Her parents would once again be in a panic about how to help her and, worst of all, Charlie would know she had lied to him.
As Vivian pulled into the driveway, her uncle was sitting on the porch with a glass of ice tea. He smiled broadly and waved as she got out of the car, “Hi there sweetie, how was your day.” But his face changed to pure concern as he watched his niece drag her feet across the lawn to the porch. He could see she had been crying and was immediately concerned. “Vivian, what is it, are you hurt? What’s happened? Sit down here.” 
Vivian dropped into one of the porch chairs and looked at her uncle with misery in her eyes. “Oh Uncle J, you won’t believe what’s happened. I don’t know how I let it get this far, I surely didn’t mean too. But my grades…..” and she burst into tears.
Her uncle let her cry for a few minutes, “Alright now Viv what about your grades?” I know you have been doing a lot of partying but I assumed you were staying on track. What’s happened?”
She poured out her story of how boring Geology was and how hard it had turned out to be. Finally she got to the point where she had to tell him the final fact. She hung her head in shame as she told him what her grades were. Especially the last one, the F in Geology.
Vivian expected a very stern lecture but instead she looked up to see her uncle with a calm, yet determined look on his face. “Sweetie, I want you to go up to your room, I will be there in a few minutes and we will discuss this.”
Now this was confusing, discuss what. There was nothing to discuss. She couldn’t undo what she had done. Nevertheless she looked at his face and decided not to argue the point. She went up to her room and sat on her bed with a forlorn expression on her face. She knew she also had a date with Charlie tonight and would have to tell him as well.
Soon there was a knock at her bedroom door and Uncle Jerry came in and sat down next to her on the bed. He gave her a hug which she returned. Then he sighed, “Vivian I have just talked to your dad. I told him what happened.” Vivian dropped her head in her hands and groaned. “Honey we both love you but we are very disappointed in what you have let happen.” She was about to protest that it was not her fault but her uncle held up his hand. “Don’t bother Vivian; be honest with yourself and me. You know you failed that class because you didn’t put the effort in and you were distracted with too much socializing. I had hoped Charlie would help you stay on track but I guess he didn’t know what was going on now did he?” Vivian shook her head as her cheeks flamed red. She could never hide a thing from her uncle, well at least not for long.
“I knew this semester was not going as well as the first but I figured you were an adult and could handle the responsibility. I should have kept a closer eye and it’s a shame I didn’t but what’s done is done. Now we have to deal with it. I told your dad what I intended to do and he reluctantly agreed. Of course you are the adult now and the final decision will be yours.”
Vivian was totally confused. “Are you kicking me out Uncle J?” There was a note of panic in her voice. She couldn’t believe he would do that.
“No sweetie I am not, but I am putting a condition on your staying here. First of all you come clean with Charlie, you have been lying to him all semester, secondly you will put your schoolwork first before you go out with friends, and the final condition is that you accept the consequences for what you have done.”
Her face mirrored her confusion. What consequences, the F was the consequence.
Uncle Jerry looked at her quite seriously, just as he had when she had failed those two high school courses. “Vivian the consequence I think you need and deserve is the spanking you have had coming to you for years now.” He sat and let the realization of what he had said sink in. The shock on his nieces face was evident. He knew it would be. But he also understood her very well. He believed this was the help she needed to get back on track.
Vivian gasped. This was an absolutely ridiculous idea. A grown woman being spanked by her uncle? What could he be thinking of? But at the same time she also had a deeper feeling inside of her. She knew she deserved something but was this it? She also knew her uncle loved her unreservedly and was trying to look out for her welfare. But still, spanking? “But Uncle J I have never been spanked, I mean I have been grounded and stuff like that but spanked, that’s for little kids.”
“No that is for anyone who deserves and needs it. And I am convinced you meet both of those qualifications. You wasted precious time and resources, took chances on losing this shot at school you worked so hard for. I want to be sure this doesn’t happen again. So Vivian the choice is yours. You either tell Charlie, live by the rules I set down, and accept this spanking or, honey, you will have to find a room or apartment. I can’t watch you fail and I can’t help if you don’t let me. I’ll give you some time to think it over. Just let me know and we’ll take it from there.” He gave Vivian a hug and left her sitting on the bed in her room.
Her mind was now in turmoil. A spanking? How could she submit to that? But she wondered why she was even considering it. She could have said no immediately. She had to make a decision and make it now. She knew Charlie was coming over tonight and if she agreed to all of this she would have to tell him the truth and he would probably find out what her Uncle had done. Oh what a mess she had made. She held her head in her hands and tried to think.

Come back next week for part two. And if you are willing to write and share a story with us, please send it to elisspeaks@yahoo.com


  1. I recall this story PK and enjoyed the re-read. Wonderfully written. Looking forward to reading more:)

    Glad you had a wonderful reunion and time at the lake. So sorry you received upsetting news.


  2. Great story!

    Glad you had fun with the family, but sorry you had distressing news.


  3. Glad you reunion went well. WIll be back to read the story.

  4. PK,

    Happy you enjoyed the lake, but so sorry you have had upsetting news.

    Thanks for revisiting this one.


  5. Not sure how, but I think I remember this story too. The only thing I can think of is that I read so much of your blog before I ever introduced myself. Perhaps that is the reason it seems so familiar. It's good too! Loved it then and now.

    Not to worry, my friend. You will work through whatever has upset you. You have so many people who love you.

    And I Am One of Them,

  6. I remember this one too. Still looking forward to reading the rest of the story.
    Rosie xx