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Monday, July 08, 2019

The best way

I love writing. I love it when a book flows. I love sitting and listening to dialogue between my characters and then capturing it on my screen. What does not come as natural, is writing sex scenes. I think I manage it better than it used to, but it’s still not exactly easy. 

There are two different ways I try to write a good scene. I’ve done it both ways, either works, but to tell the truth, one way works a little better than the other. See which seems easier to you.

First option 

Plan A

·      Wait until you have privacy to write.

·      Turn off the TV

·      Fix your coffee.

·      Settle in your writing room.

·      Let your mind drift to fantasy mode

·      Close your eyes and visualize what is happening to your characters.

·      Let the words flow.

Second option

Plan B

·      Have a full house – husband, daughter, sister, your cat, grand cat, grand dog.

·      Have TV on constantly.

·      Have someone come visit you in your writing room approximately every ten to fifteen minutes or less. They may want to talk about teaching strategies, politics, dog training, what to have for dinner, what the neighbors are doing or someone needs me to find something.

·      Have cats squabble over the prime spot to sleep.

·      When you get everyone settled down and out of you writing room, find the grand dog a golf ball or something equally as noisy to drop repeatedly on your wood floor.

·      Give up and play Candy Crush.

In your mind, which might more conducive for writing a good sex scene? Of course, I don’t always have the choice. So I have to learn to work through either.


  1. LoL Pk, I can definitely see the dilemma lol. I think I would just give up the idea of writing with a full house lol.


    1. It's hard, but sometimes I have to try.

  2. To tell you the truth, I really don't enjoy sex with Sam if there is a whole houseful of people. I can't concentrate and I doubt I could reach nirvana. So I probably wouldn't be able to write about it with people around either!

    Plan A sounds much better, PK. Question for you. Do you get horny just writing the scene? I have never written a sex scene, but I can definitely start to tingle when I read a good one!

    Hugs From Ella

    1. Now that we've lived alone so long I don't want to have sex when people are here. And yes, sometimes I get the tingles when I write.

  3. I'm with you - sex scenes were always the hardest to write - sometimes I would write the words sex scene and go on. THe blank to be filled in later. Although Plan A sounds perfect, I think a little bit of Plan B might light a fire and stir up passion.

    1. I do the same thing writing sometime. Sometime plan B works just so I can escape the chaos.

  4. I don’t think I could write anything amidst chaos, even though I just dabble with writing for fun. If you have a deadline to meet, I guess you don’t have much of a choice.
    Rosie xx

    1. Sometimes I just have to power through - but I sure prefer plan A.

  5. Ha Ha! You are truly loved and the centre of your family aren't you?! I am sorry you don't get plan A as often as you should, but you probably thrive with plan B!


    1. Thanks Boo, it is nice to be loved! It's funny when I first began blogging and writing the Cassie stories I didn't even have a writing room and all my writing was done in chaos - but it was done.

  6. Deena5:09 PM

    Yikes on the second option! When I'm writing my blog (not ttwd related) I usually write it in my head a zillion times - usually on my way to and from work while driving. When I feel like it's time to get it on paper I wait until evening when things are relatively quiet.
    I just love your posts. They make me laugh and they are so very authentic!

    1. I do a lot of 'writing' in my car too. The other good times are as I'm going to sleep and as I wake up. Good for letting my mind drift. Thanks for the compliment, I love it when you come by.

  7. This was just funny! I have no idea how you could write anything with Plan B happening, you’re definitely a professional if you can write through all of that going on. Good for you! Your Plan A sounds far more conducive to some serious sexy writing, letting your mind wander while your fingers write it all down. Do you ever record your thoughts or what you intend to write before actually writing it?

    1. When I first began the blogs I always wrote under plan B. As a busy working mom, I didn't know plan A existed! I have tried using a recorder, but I felt more uncomfortable saying some thing than writing them.