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Friday, July 27, 2018

Fantasy Friday - Cherry Picking

I’m very happy to tell you that our own Minelle is getting back into the writing and drawing business. A few of you newer folks might not know Minelle but she is fantastic at both writing and drawing. She lives a busy… let’s make that hectic… well actually let’s call it chaotic life. I think she is a very happy woman, but a demanding and stressful job along with a lively family contributes greatly to this busy, hectic, somewhat chaotic whirlwind! But maybe, just maybe she is now finding time to pursue some of her interests again.
This story was showcased as a Fantasy Friday years ago, but I’m sure it will be new to many. It’s a nice long story so if you don’t have time to read it before rushing off to work, don’t forget to come back. And the best thing – it’s in two parts so you’ll be able to finish it tomorrow on Minelle’s blog - My Breath. And as you enjoy the artwork, remember, Minelle did them all!  

Cherry Picking

The day was sunny and calm looking, outside of the large kitchen window, where the image of several cherry trees completed a charming visage. Claire and Michael were sitting at the table and enjoying an afternoon cup of coffee while discussing the plans for the new deck that would take the place of their old fashioned and rickety back porch. That porch was off limits for anyone and Michael was absolutely resolute that neither of them ever goes out on the dangerous structure. The wood was rotting and probably couldn’t safely hold 50 pounds. Unfortunately, the house had been vacant for 6 months prior to her purchase. That was certainly something that did not help the condition of the porch.
 Not that Claire would do anything foolish, but Michael stressed painful repercussions would be visited on her behind if she disregarded his wishes.  That was never going to happen.
Claire noted that she hadn’t had a spanking for over a month. They most often experimented with the good erotic kind. Yum, she and Michael certainly enjoyed those sexy in the bedroom spankings. Last night was a great example. They were both quite satisfied this morning.
She hadn’t done anything that would constitute a different kind of spanking. One she was not anxious to feel. Michael had out lined his “spanking” belief system.  He made sure they discussed it enough that she realized his assertion that he was not controlling. However, she better run for the hills it she ever directly disobeyed him concerning her safety. She smiled and thought there will never be a reason for him to spank me. I do not do dangerous things ever. I am an angel.
 They hadn’t moved in together, but considered all their possessions as jointly held. Michael spent most of his nights with her anyway; however with him being an administrator at the school, they felt too many tongues would be wagging about them not being married. September 29thcame soon enough.  They planned on saving some money by having the reception here at their house. 
So far they had made few changes in the house with the exception of opening up the kitchen by removing the pantry and mud room.  Now they could enjoy the large kitchen and look out to the lovely back yard. Claire and Michael considered the kitchen to be the heart of a home so they were concentrating their energies in creating that space.
“Michael I am nervous the deck will not be finished in time for the wedding.” Claire worriedly looked at her future husband, as she nervously chewed her lower lip. They planned on tying the knot in late September and they had so much to take care of before then, considering it was already the end of July.
“I called them and the carpenter said he would hire extra employees in order to complete the project two weeks prior to our big day. If something changes, we are not going to make ourselves sick anticipating every problem. We just need to make sure no one walks out on that porch, ever!”
Changing the subject Claire said, “well the best part of all this stress is that we can have everything but the church ceremony here, with the icing on the cake being how we transform our yard into a classy reception. I really am happy we chose the party planners we have. Myrna, Nora and Maureen have proved themselves indispensable!!”
“They really are fantastically talented.  I love the idea of each person lighting a lantern and releasing it after our last dance.” 

“They are creating a perfectly romantic mood.” She leaned over and kissed him on the lips.
 He kissed her back and said, “I understand they got themselves in a bit of serious trouble several months ago. Michael grabbed the coffee pot and poured them each more coffee. Something about a mob scam and some company called ‘The Cats Meow.’ “Their husbands are Ex FBI agents and now private detectives. Although I understand they are still consulting for the government. Anyway, I guess they had to rescue Myrna, Nora and Maureen, after some crazy mob criminals captured them. I can’t imagine what they were doing at that rundown factory.  Michael frowned as he took a sip of his coffee.
“Claire smiled and raised her eyebrows saying, “oh yea the ladies told me all about that! I heard they were able to extricate themselves BEFORE their husbands arrived. I think they were very brave.” She sliced them each a large piece of homemade banana bread to have with their coffee. She knew they both had a weakness for the treat. However she rarely indulged trying to retain her slimmer figure for the wedding. Oh well she thought, tomorrow I will go for a long bike ride.
 Michael frowned replying, “I heard the story a bit differently, it was extremely dangerous for them, and they are lucky to be alive. I would have laid down the law on their behinds.” He happily enjoyed his first bite of the homemade bread, quickly finishing the piece and reaching for more.
“I do believe their husbands are of the same thought process as you Mr. Neanderthal,” Claire teased. She thought she recognized the signs of a sore behind on her new friends one or two times. “They sure are a feisty group, she stated with admiration in her tone.” Walking to the fridge, Claire took out the half and half for their coffee. She looked longingly at the rest of the bread, thinking how unfair it was that men burned calories just sitting on their behinds, while she only looked at a desert and needed to work it off.
“You have become quite friendly with them, Michael replied, as he poured some half and half in his cup. Unfortunately or fortunately you seem to fit right in with the ladies! Good thing I love your crazy spontaneity,” he declared, kissing her softly on the lips. She sure had gotten some crazy ideas in her head, which didn’t always turn out for the better. He couldn’t help hoping… and leaning toward believing, she was past that craziness.
Claire smiled thinking about some of the harmless mischief she, Colleen and the ladies entertained each other with on occasion. They often met for drinks at Marley’s to hash out ideas for the yard. Her mind began to drift to an incident last week, when Michael’s phone interrupted her thoughts. 
Claire was half listening to Michael’s conversation when she realized he was talking to her brother Steven.  She hoped it was news about the Global education conference Michael wished to attend in Washington DC.  Her brother had been working hard to have the School Board approve the expense. Unfortunately that would mean he would be gone an entire week this summer, but it also meant a little girl time, maybe with Myrna, Nora and Maureen.
As Michael hung up with Steven he was smiling broadly. Her heart gave a little jump, she really loved this man. “Good news honey?” Claire loved seeing him happy.
“They are completely supportive recognizing that it would only benefit the school. It is truly exciting when you have parents and board members who value a teachers experience and knowledge!”
Michael explained that he would be leaving for the conference the following Monday and returning Saturday. Claire would be driving him to the airport and picking him up upon his return.
 After dinner later that night Michael left for his apartment; Claire was sitting at the kitchen table working on an illustration for a children’s book. Rubbing her eyes, she happened to glance up and notice a moving light near one of the cherry trees in the back yard. She quickly turned off the light in the kitchen so she would be better able to see what was happening. Her heart was pounding in her chest, but she walked to the back door and stepped out on the rickety porch. She knew Michael would be upset that she was on the porch, but assured herself this was a justifiable exception to his rule. The warmth of the summer evening was stifling after being in the air conditioned house. She thought is my imagination playing tricks on me as she looked at the moving light?
  Getting angry about her indecision, she walked to the rail and shouted in the direction of the light. “Hey, what’s going on? Why are you in my yard?!” 
The light was quickly turned off, and she heard scuffling and fierce whispers over near one of the cherry trees. After a few seconds there was silence, but unfortunately a large rock came flying up to the porch causing her to startle and twist, scraping her arm on a protruding rusty nail. Then the rail gave way and beneath her foot the rotted wood bowed down. Crud!  Ouch she thought, as she turned too quickly and next twisted her ankle! Well, this is certainly a mess she noted feeling her ankle throb in pain! Stupid, stupid she railed at herself, what was I thinking?
Shaking and limping Claire hurried back inside, closed and locked the door. She was lucky she hadn’t fallen off the porch. Her left forearm was dripping blood but she limped to the phone and called 911! The next call was to Michael, and before Claire finished hanging up he was running back to the house.
Claire was beginning to think about how Michael would view her actions. When he burst through the front door she thought… here we go! Before He could demand an explanation, they heard sirens outside, and seconds later Michael opened the door to the Chief of Police.
Claire’s brother Sean walked hurriedly to her side. “What the heck happened?”
“Since when does the Chief of police come out on a minor call?” Claire commented exasperatedly. She noticed the two other detective walking around outside.
Sean growled out his response, “when his baby sister is the victim!”  
“This is my own Damn fault.” I shouldn’t have gone outside on that dangerous, condemned porch!” Both Michael and Sean looked at her as if she was daft, knowing the condition of the rotted wood.
 “Why don’t you explain what happened word for word and step by step, Michael calmly stated. He did not look happy thought Claire, reading his frowning countenance.
Seeing her bother and Michael so upset, warned Claire to make light and justify her actions. To keep herself busy she started to clean her wound and put several bandages across the deep cut while taking them through the last half hour. Michael stopped her and had her sit while he finished bandaging her arm.  Neither of the men looked happy with the excuses for her actions. 
 Oh for the love of testosterone she thought.
“It may have been some crazy kids on a dare. I just don’t like the fact that they threw that rock at you when they felt threatened. They should have just run away. Hopefully this was just a onetime random occurrence. Sean began. However Claire, I am not sure you should stay here alone until we know for sure.”
Just as the lecture was beginning the two other detectives walked in from the backyard. They had set up some flood lights to illuminate the surrounding area.
Sean asked his men to share what they discovered, if anything, in the yard. 
“It is a bit strange sir; there were shovels and picks by the cherry tree. It looked as if they were digging pretty deep holes near the base of the tree. They actually look as if they were creating a circle of holes, each about one foot in diameter, around the trunk.
Michael looked at Claire and said firmly, “I am moving in for good tonight.”
“Well darling I am certainly on board with that.”
“Not so sure you will be as happy in the morning, whispered Michael, when I spank your behind for the danger you placed yourself in tonight! I warned you not to go out on that porch for any reason, didn’t I?
She blushed furiously when Michael spoke, suspecting Sean knew what he was saying when her brother smiled and winked at her. 
“I am sure they were harmless kids I just wasn’t taking any chances…” her voice faded when she looked at Michael’s expression. 
Sean leaned down and kissed her saying, “you need to go and get a tetanus shot little sister.”
“No way, they have made my arm hurt and swell! I will call and see when my last one was, tomorrow. If I need one I will go after I find out!” How could she be so brave accosting the sneaky flashlight wielding person, one minute, but afraid of a shot the next minute,” she asked herself.
“Yes Michael?” She answered gritting her teeth.
“It will be better to take care of this tonight, and then we can get an x-ray of your ankle at the same time. Of course if you would rather talk about what happened….”Michael suggested raising his eye brows questioningly?
Claire thought, ok… ding, ding, ding, not stupid, he is clearly suggesting I take the lesser of two evils.
“Alright, ok, let’s go to take care of everything now.” Her smile was like a scary grin.

When they returned home late that night exhausted from the whole process, all they could think about was bed. Yet when Michael climbed in beside Claire, he kissed her with a passion that ignited her own as she found herself turning to him in eagerness. Sleep came much later for the two of them.
Claire woke early the next morning and quietly moved off the bed and hobbled on her sprained ankle into the bathroom to shower. Her arm was bandaged so the wound was protected for a few days. She knew that sooner than she imagined she would need the wound to get some air for healing purposes. However, now she needed to keep it dry, and covered.  Difficult shower coming up!

Michael turned to cuddle Claire and noticed she was up already. As he became more aware he heard the shower going and Claire’s aggravated cussing. She was in a bad mood. He sighed with purpose knowing Claire was going to fight her spanking for yesterday’s remarkably BAD decision. He was not going to let her away with this. She was going to regret not thinking. When he saw the fallen railing his heart stopped, she could have broken her neck.
Claire put on her purple boy cut panties and a t-shirt. She opened the bathroom door entering into the bedroom and found Michael sitting on the edge of the bed. He looked at her with determination in his eyes.
She stopped. “NO WAY Michael I have suffered enough! You cannot possibly mean to spank me. I will not tolerate that one bit!” She felt her face redden in anger at his audacity. 
“Claire I AM spanking you. I told you what to expect if you even imagined going out on the rotted rickety porch.” He saw in her eyes that she was going to walk away and before she made it to the door, he moved quickly and had lifted her off her feet and over to a bench in front of the bed. Michael firmly, but carefully settled her across his knees, as he sat down. “Do not spank me,” She yelled, struggling as she was face down over his knee, “I didn’t ask someone to come in our yard, I was just making sure they knew I was aware of them!!”
“Seriously?” he said as he tightened his arm around her waist making sure she wouldn’t be able to fling herself off his lap. Then assuring himself she wouldn’t hurt her arm or bang her ankle, he yanked down her underwear to her knees. 

That, SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! , is why you are getting spanked. “Why didn’t you just call 911?” SMACK! SMACK!  SMACK!
“Because I wasn’t even sure that something was happening at first.” She was twisting and turning trying to avoid his smacks. STOP spanking me you… you… JERK! She knew her bottom was turning a bright pink! 
 “What? Claire not smart when you are across my knee.” Five more fierce smacks fell on her rounded cheeks!
 “Ouch! That hurts Michael!” Oh why did she have to fall in love with a spanker she asked herself as he continued reddening her behind? Each smack built on the one before and it was getting harder to stay on his lap!
“You could have broken your neck!” SMACK! SMACK! SMACK!   Ouch! Ouch! Michael put his right leg across both of her legs to keep her from wiggling so much. 
“You do not seem one bit sorry Claire! I told you the porch was dangerous!” Spank after spank fell on her sore behind. 
“Owwwwch she shouted!”
“I am sorry I worried you,” that was as far as she could concede! He quickly brought the spanking to an end, cautiously satisfied she wouldn’t put herself in danger like that again.
When he pulled her up to sit on his lap she was not happy and she refused to meet his eyes, and crossed her arms sitting stiffly. “Claire? Come on look at me. This should not be unexpected to you. I told you I would spank you if you went out on that porch.”
“No I am really upset with you. Spanking me was an overreaction to your worry.” She pulled her pants up and got off of his lap. She wouldn’t give him the satisfaction of rubbing her butt. I hurt myself, which should have saved my butt!”

“Alright then let’s go take a look at the porch,” he said. She looked at him and said, “okay” thinking she would show him! He would see that it wasn’t that bad out on the porch. Then he would feel guilty for making her suffer even more. Hmph!
They walked downstairs and into the kitchen. Michael held Claire’s hand as she looked out the large window. What she saw made her cringe. The front railing was gone, and it was right above the concrete basement stairs. Where she twisted her ankle the wood was cracked and almost created a hole in the porch floor. That was bad enough, but as she continued she noticed places where the wood decay looked like white powder. She really was foolish to have walked out on that death trap. It was easy to see the danger in the morning light.

He looked like he was getting scared and angry again. She knew she needed to give over on this. Then she thought, God if someone larger walked out on that porch they may not have been so lucky.
“Well I still am not happy and still a LITTLE upset you spanked me but maybe I understand your reaction a bit better. I really am sorry for being impulsive. I understand why you were so scared and upset with my actions.” Claire softly touched Michael’s cheek and kissed him, looking directly into his eyes. “However trying to lighten the mood, she smiled, if you ever spank me and I do not deserve it…run for the hills!”
“Claire I will spank you whenever I feel you need it, and that is a promise. However, I will always listen to you and not think I am omnipotent.” 
“That isn’t exactly reassuring, dear!” Mood was not lifting she thought.
He pulled her close and hugged her tight kissing her passionately enveloping her with his love.
“Well enough of this, let’s have a big breakfast and start our morning off right.” He smiled. Claire answered back with a smile of her own, starting to feel her anger melting away.
“I can think of a much better way to start off our morning…..unless you are not up to it?” she suggested.
“You sure your bottom is up to it?”
“As long as you are”….Wink! wink!
 Michaels answer was to sweep her off her feet and make his way back to the bedroom for some morning fun!

I'm loving this! Don't forget to go by My Breath tomorrow for the rest of the story.


  1. Hello you two, great story and great pics. I am glad fantasy Friday is here today!
    love Jan, xx

    1. Thanks Jan! I’m glad to see FF too!

  2. Minelle, I loved your story and wonderful pictures, You are one talented lady. I'll be over to read the rest later.
    PK, thanks.


  3. Loved the story Minelle. Will be back to read the ending.

    It was nice having a story today - it's been a while.

    1. Hi Sunny, glad you liked it. It has been a while!

  4. Thanks for the story, Minelle. I think it's amazing that you can find the time to write when you have such a busy life! Your artwork is really good.
    Rosie Dee

    1. Hi Rosie Dee, I’ve been running all day making sure the story is finished properly!

  5. Looking forward to part 2 Minelle. Love the drawing of the woman looking over her shoulder to see the result of her spanking ❤️
    Rosie xx

    1. Hi Rosie, glad you liked that drawing! Hope part two is fun!

  6. Oh, this is just a peachy story, Minelle! Almost a book for goodness sake. My absolutely favorite line is "for the love of testosterone." Must remember that one!

    Much Love,

    1. Hi Ella, thanks! I love that line too! ;)

  7. hugs to you both...glad to have a little time this morning to catch up reading a bit...such a fun story and love the art that goes along...love the image of the tree with the lanterns...