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Friday, June 24, 2016

Fantasy Friday - Rules are for Real

I didn't want to leave you all without a story for today. But as for me I'm winging my way home from a great trip.  This is  a story that was sent to me several years ago - the author wanted to remain anonymous and she will because I forget who sent it. But I still think you will enjoy ...

Rules are for Real    

I knew this was going to be the worst spanking of my entire life. I knew before I could even stand up to walk to the bedroom. I knew it not because he was angry or yelling but rather because he was calm and collected. And determined.

It all started at the stupid grocery store. I HATE shopping for dinner alone. It's so stressful trying to plan the whole week's dinners and make sure to get all the ingredients and stay on budget. I got stuck on a decision so I called him. He was just getting off work and his work happens to be close to the grocery store so he told me he would come to my rescue and help me shop.

I was a little snippy just because shopping stresses me out but he let it go and soon we loaded up the groceries and began on our way home - each of us in our own car since we had arrived separately.

We stopped at a stoplight and my phone buzzed. I looked down to see a text message from one of my best girl friends! The cars ahead of me started moving and I started driving as I casually typed an answer to her question.

As soon as I hit send I stopped suddenly and realized what I had just done. I quickly glanced around to see where he was and wouldn't you know it - he was driving right beside me. I hoped he didn't see - even though the look on his face told me he did. I knew there was no way out. He takes texting in the car EXTREMELY serious.

I pulled in the driveway and stayed in my car for a moment. I didn't want to ever get out. I knew he was going to be so upset and so disappointed and I didn't want to face him. After he parked, he got out of his car and walked over to my car door. He opened it and reached for my hand to help me out.

"Help me with groceries and then we'll talk."

That gave me some hope that maybe he would show me mercy. Maybe just maybe somewhere in his heart there was a small piece of understanding and mercy for me. We carried the groceries up and put them away together. I dreaded the second they were all put away. I would have done anything to go back in time and not send that stupid text.

"Go sit on the bed please" He told me as I put the last bag away. I looked at him sadly for a second before I nodded and walked towards the bedroom. That's when I knew I was going to get the worst spanking of my whole life.

A few years ago his cousin died in a horrible car accident caused by people texting and driving. It was a very hard time for him and his family and I knew he was very afraid of something similar happening to me. Ever since that time he has been very strict about my cell phone usage in any capacity in the car.

He came in to the room a few minutes later and I looked up at him with the most pathetic eyes I could muster.

He stood in front of me, his arms crossed and asked "What happened?"


"Tell me what happened. Who did you text and why."

"Well Olivia text me and asked if we could talk tonight since we haven't talked in several weeks. I just wasn't thinking and I told her 'yes tonight.' I'm sorry!"

"You just texted two words?"

I wanted to say yes but I couldn't lie to him.

"No sir. I said 'Yes. Tonight. What time is best?' That's all I said."

"It was just one message?"

"Yes sir." Hope was building. Just one message! Maybe he'll let it go!

"What bothers me the most is that you did it out of habit which means you have done it more than this one time. Is that true?"

I looked down at the ground for a moment trying to compose myself enough to tell the truth.

"I was really really good at first after we made this rule. For months I never even looked at my phone while driving and then I just started checking it at stoplights and then I was texting again. But I know it's wrong. I'm sorry. I swear I won't do it anymore!"

His shoulders curved in ever-slightly. "You know I have to spank you right?"

"No you don't!"

He could let it go this one time! I swear I won't do it anymore!

"Yes baby. You know you broke a really important rule. You know how big of a deal it is to me. It's not something I can take lightly. This is life or death serious - do you understand that?"

"Yes sir." All my hope of mercy was fading.

"It just takes one second baby. One split second to look down and miss something and die. Or kill someone else." He shook his head. "Do you realize you could be in jail for years for manslaughter for killing someone just because you were texting? You could kill someone's innocent child. Or yourself!" he paused and I could tell he didn't want to do this. "Now, this isn't going to be easy. I am going to ask you please to cooperate and not make this any more difficult then it needs to be."

"Yes sir." I mumbled, tumbles of anxiety churning in my stomach

"Go get me the loopy please."

I stood on shaky legs and retrieved it for him. I had a mind to fling it at him but I knew that probably wasn’t a great idea.

When I brought that HORRID implement over he took it and pulled me forward so he could kiss my forehead. "I love you very much."

He took my hand and gently guided me over his lap. I felt a wave of anxiety wash over me. I clenched the sheets in front of me and buried my face in the pillow.

He began with his hand, warming me up for a few minutes. When he paused, I braced myself for that first loopy hit. It came. And then another and another. It STUNG! Oh I hate that loopy!

"Please please no more!" I started crying after just a few smacks.

"Baby we are just getting started. I want to make sure you never ever ever EVER do this again. It's that important to me."

I was suddenly sobbing and the burn was building substantially.

"Texting and driving is just as WHAP bad as drinking and driving!" WHAP WHAP "I want to make sure you never WHAP do this again. Your life is too important to me." WHAP WHAP "Do you understand?" WHAP

He kept going. I was squirming and desperately trying to get out of reach but his arm was like a stone wall holding me tightly in place. I sobbed and begged, pleaded, bribed him to let me get up. I swore I would never ever even look at my phone in the car again.

He stopped for a second after I had been wiggling and struggling especially hard. "Baby, remember you said you were going to cooperate with me?"

"I'm trying!! It hurts! Please!! I swear I learned my lesson!!"

"We're almost done."

He continued about five more swats and then stopped for a second and I felt so relieved that it was over. I literally felt like my butt was going to fall off.

"Sweetheart, I want you to think in your mind right now about texting in your car. Picture in your mind picking up your cell phone. Got that picture in your head?"

"Yes!" I sobbed, unsure of what he was going to ask.

"You can see it? You are driving and you reach for your phone...Every time you picture that - I want you to feel this."

That loopy came down even harder then before, which I didn't think was possible. Several extremely fast and hard swats one after another with no break. I panicked for a moment and then I allowed myself to just take it. I know how important this issue is.

I stopped struggling and just laid over him.

Finally he stopped. He rubbed my back for a moment, letting me cry.

"I know you hurt right now, but baby your life is so important to me! I hope you see how you staying alive is more important to me then your comfort right now." his voice was stern but very kind.

"Yes sir! I'm sorry!"

He let me lay on the bed on my tummy and he held me for a long long time. I cried for a little bit and swore to him he would never ever have to spank me for texting and driving again.

“I know I won’t. You’re a good girl.”


 Thanks Anonymous, you did a great job.  If there is anyone out there with a story you would like to share please send it to elisspeaks@yahoo.com


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    Safe journey home.


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