I have been a wife and mother for over twenty years. Now I am becoming my husband's lover, too.
We owe it all to my fellow bloggers who gave me the courage to come out to my husband as a spanko.
I do feel like this is a New Beginning for us.

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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

I'll show you mine, if you'll show me yours

That title isn’t exactly the proposition I made to Bas, but he saw my picture quite a while ago, and I’ve seen his. So I want to give you a bit of a description of the man we blame everything on.  I mean he got to give his thought on what we ladies here look like.  So turn about it fair play.

Ladies – he’s hot!  He really rocks the dom look, handsome, white haired, dignified – maybe a little bit like Cassie’s Tom would look.  You know he’s going to disagree with me, men just can’t see their own beauty, but in his case, trust me – it’s there.

Now as Bas fan’s his face to get the blush to go away let me tell you about another man out here willing to talk to us.  Bob has his own blog up and running now.  It’s Thought’s on TTWD.  Bob has written some Fantasy Friday stories for us and I’m really happy he’ll be blogging too.  Hopefully we can get his wife Bobbie to come out and talk to us too.

So lets here it for the men here and one other guy is being heard from today – check out what Nick has to say about canes over at Ronnie’s


  1. I bet he's a handsome guy. I know one thing he is beautiful on the inside and that's what shows on the outside.

  2. HI PK, I'll just say Amen to what Sunny said above. She is so right.

    Thanks for the heads up on Bob's blog. Will definitely check it out. His stories are fantastic! Welcome to blogland Bob!


  3. PK,
    trouble is, us tops are expected to look the part, which at times can be difficult.
    Love and warm hugs,

  4. Now PK, what did I tell you repeatedly about having your glasses checked?
    Ladies, don't you believe her! Do you remember those Troll pictures? That's more like me.

    It is clear we men are taking over the blogosphere. We let Nick and his cane lead the way!

    I visited Bob, and now I think Lisa was not an only child. That Bobbie must be her sister.

    1. The description is exactly how I thought Bas would look!

  5. i love when the men write.. i'm still on BIKSS's case to write a little more... i can hope right?

  6. Thank you PK, for you stumping for my blog
    Bas If Lisa is like Bobbie then your spanking arm must be sore most of the time and life with them is any thing but boring. LOL


    1. Welcome to blogland Bob! I linked to your blog and will come over and say hello officially... when my life gives me more than 5 minutes!

  7. I agree with sunny about Bas!

    Bob I love your blog and cannot wait for more!

    PK, read about what Nick has to say over by Ronnie's....Yikes!

  8. I also agree with sunny...and welcome to blogland Bob.
    hugs abby

  9. I thought Bas would be handsome and have to agree with SG.

    Thanks for the link to Bobs blog (waving to Bob) will pop over when I have a little more time.

    Thanks to your husband, excellent description of the cane.


  10. Anonymous7:35 PM

    Oh you can tell that Bas is handsome in how and what he writes. There was never a doubt in my mind, that the quintessential HoH of blogland wouldn't be a dashingly handsome man. *wink
    But thanks for the confirmation, PK
    And Welcome Bob!

  11. Bas sounds just as I imagined.
    Dropped by to say hello to Bob.

  12. I enjoyed reading the post on Ronnie's blog that Nick wrote. I will go by and check out Bob's blog, too. Hugs.

  13. Anonymous2:25 PM

    I love Bob's stories, so I'll go check his blog out for sure! I think it's way past time I checked out Bas' too.

  14. Anonymous7:07 AM

    I don't mean to be a crank, but please proofread your posts! The typos make them difficult to read...

    1. LOL! You're welcomed to stay, but if typo really bother you that much you may want to leave, cause I have a feeling the typos are here to stay.