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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Stressed? Who me??

Just a quick post, I guess everyone out here knows I teach and this is crunch time. I’m being observed at school sometime this week. That always make me tense. I don’t mind being observed, administrators are welcomed to come in any time – just don’t tell me in advance. I keep thinking I should be doing something else or doing it differently. I should be immune to that after all this time but I’m not. The ‘extra’ stuff that must be done at this time of year is piling up. Worrying about the final test becomes a constant worry and I struggle to review the kids yet not stress them out about it. Wish the boss could learn to do that with the teachers. Meanwhile the behavior is deteriorating rapidly. It’s hard on the kids after Easter. They can almost taste summer (I can too) and their minds are just not on fractions. Sigh… all this is normal but it’s still not fun.

I’m still waiting to hear about Mollies second blood test and to see how my vitamin D levels are doing. But something else that has me concerned is my blood pressure. I went on bp medicine about 6 months ago and it came on down but in the past few days that hasn’t been the case. The last couple of mornings it’s been around 130/90 – and that’s on medication. About 90 minutes after my aerobic class last night it was 179/117 I know exercise will bring it up but that worried me. This morning it was 134/95 so I’m calling the doctor today.

I know writing and blogging relaxes me (most of the time) but for awhile I’m not going to have as much time as I would like. Summer can’t get here fast enough to suit me!!


  1. Yes..get to the DR! They may have to change , add or adjust the dosage. Hope you and Mollie can get some answers. The teaching process is having those type of issues everywhere. It's got seem to unjustified after all of these years. So much depends on those test scores...even to graduate. You know you're a good teacher..i know you're good and i'm sure the powers that be that! Hugs!

  2. PK: We understand if you can't post much now even if it does relax you but we'll be patient to wait for you.

    And it's a shame after 20 years that you need to be observed.

    You're fortunate you don't live in Flroida. They passed a bill to strip teachers of tenure and to put their future on one test. The governor vetoed it but the poliicians may bring it back.

    And Florida is near the bottom in funding for schools, too, and they want to blame the teachers. handicapped. I also think parents play a big role in whether the kids do well in school.

    OK< off my soapbox, Kind of got off topic but, again, hope you don't have too much stress, which probably doesn'[t help your blood pressure. Hope the doc can fix things.


  3. Impish18:13 AM

    You are right to call the Dr. Your BP should have returned to normal after exercise much faster than 90 min. It can and will be well controlled by medication; it just takes some work sometimes to figure out what"s best for you. Many times instead of a large dose of one medicine, Drs will use a small dose of two different medicines to do the job. That way they can use less medicine overall so don't think it means you are worse if he should suggest something like that. He may just increase your dose if you are not on very much. The most important thing is to be treated for optimal numbers!

  4. Mthc sister,
    I went to the doctor all will be well. I fear for the future of our school system. It's not pretty.

    I am so grateful that I am at the end of my career and not at the beginning. I have confidence in my ability to teach. Sadly many administrator feel if you aren't doing something brand new you are just wrong. I don't mind trying new things I just want someone to realize that some old tried and true methods still work too.

    I appreciate you coming by. I went to the doctor this afternoon and we did some tweeking. I was on something that cause part of the rise and I can come off that now so things should be getting better.

  5. PK, good news about the BP, it can take a while to sort it, I had a similar problem about ten years ago, now I'm fine.
    I hope that Mollie is all sorted as well.
    We have the same problem here, civil servants who know very little about teaching, judging teacher, it makes me spitting mad.
    Love and warm hugs,

  6. I'm glad you are contacting the doctor.

    Debbie :)

  7. And apparently I should read all the comments!

  8. Shoot! I just hate stress! Hang in there.

    Love ya!

  9. Paul,
    I hope it all settle quickly got medicine for me and Mollie both today.

    I get alternately mad and sad when I think about teaching.

    Thanks for coming by Debbie. Yes I've been to the doctor now lets see if every works.

    Theresa - you and me both girl!