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Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Have you had a problem with

lately? I took the word verification off years ago cause I just hate it. But lots of my older posts are getting spammed. Not tons but one or two every day. I don't want to put the word verification back because I don't want to inhibit anyone from commenting but I might put it back for a while if this keeps up. Anyway I was just wondering.


  1. Anonymous10:05 AM

    I've never had a word verification up and I've had no issues with spam - however, my blog's only been up for about a month. I don't think word verifications are annoying enough to worry about reusing them if the spam is getting out of hand. Do whatever helps and your readers will always be here, ready and willing to comment either way :)


  2. PK, as one of you longest readers, I agree with Maggie.
    There is another solution, it's always possible to moderate first time commenter's, that would catch most spammers.
    Love and warm hugs,

  3. PK, I get plenty of spam emails but not on blogger.

    Put your word verification up for a while, it wont put people off PK, if they want to comment they still will.


  4. No, but I have seen plenty of blogs that do, because I get an email followup each time I leave a comment.

    Perhaps word verification will solve your problem.


  5. Comment moderation appears to be the best solution for your spam woes. Blogger has three options for moderating comments: always, older than, or never.

    By setting moderation for posts that are older than a fixed number of days, you'll get them before they publish. I'd suggest setting moderation for 45 days.

    Here's how::
    From your Dashboard
    Go to Settings
    Choose the Comments tab
    Scroll to Comment Moderation
    Select 'only on posts older than ____ days'
    Key number of days in the box
    Click on 'Save Settings'

    The comments will appear in your email, and I believe you can delete them from there.

    Hope this helps. Those comments feel so intrusive, and opportunistic, don't they? I guess the spammers think no one watches their older entries.

    Love you!

  6. I can't do word verifications. Every now and then Google can't recognize that I am human and makes me do the test. I can't. I give it the old college try, but usually just give up.

    I'm pretty sure I'm human, so it must be the word verication that's screwy. Or maybe I'm just special!


  7. Maggie,
    We all used to have them up it seems and they were a pain in the butt. I don't want it back!

    I liked that idea even less cause commenter can't always see what someone else has said but as usual CeeCi to the rescue!!

    Thanks Ronnie,
    It's feels nice to know folks would still stop by to visit.

    I think spammers should get their butts beat and I mean with the hateful, wicked back scratcher!!

    My wonderful, beautiful geeky sister comes through! I thought that would be my last choice because I didn't know about the ability to do it just on older posts. I'll do it!! Thanks girl!

    I know for sure you are a special human - a little screwy too! No word verifications for me in the near future.

  8. What would we do without Ceeci? I have been having some spam in my older posts also. Why they would target posts that will probably not get read is beyond me!

    I'm going to take Ceeci's advice right now!


  9. Grace,
    I guess no one ever said spammers are bright!! I thought that was weird too.