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Monday, June 18, 2007

It's Carye's day!

Happy Birthday Carye!

Carye I am here to wish you the happiest birthday ever. May your kids get along all day long! May Papa Shrek do all the cooking and cleaning and mostly may you get the best birthday spanking ever! We love you girl, you are one of us! And speaking of that this next part is written to Papa Shrek so Carye you stop reading – this is private!

Papa Shrek, how about a birthday present for Carye that I think she really wants and it won’t cost you a thing?? How about letting her start her own blog?? I know she doesn’t have time, I really do know that. But none of us would expect her to post all that often. We would be happy with a few times a month. We love her comments, we love the stories the both of you have shared, really we all just love Carye and want her to be our here with us if possible! Come on give her the chance, if she abuses the privilege you could always spank her!

I have had another birthday on my mind today, one that took place a long time ago. So let me tell you about a wonderful evening I had with the family Saturday night. My sister had taken all my parent’s old 8mm movie film to have it put on a DVD. The movies started just before my parents married in 1948 and went through my 2nd birthday in 1958. It was a little sad but mostly it was funny. My kid howled at the way I crawled (sitting up and scooting on my bottom instead of on all fours).

LJ and Mollie got to see, for the first time, many of my aunts as young vibrant women. Fashionably dressed in the forties style, looking truly elegant. My children had only known them as ancient little ladies in the nursing homes. It was such fun to point out all the different people that they know know now but would have never recognized. Five sisters, several of whom still attend our church, all playing around as little girls with their parents looking on.

We saw so many things I remembered, toys, furniture, dishes, figurines many which we have recently disposed of as we had the job of empting my folk’s house. But two things I saw really caught my imagination. They were filming my first birthday party. Mama sat my cake with my little candle in it and instead of going for the cake I held out my hand to my mom. I felt that way all my life. I just wanted her close. The second thing was one of my first birthday gifts. It was a soft, plush, lovely pink teddy bear. I had not remembered when I had gotten it. I do remember the bear being one of my best friends through out my childhood. As my kids watched me open the rest of my gifts I went back in my bedroom, reached up on my closet shelf and retrieved this same pink bear. It only has one eye now, it’s really not soft any more, it’s not plush and it’s barely pink but Mollie was fascinated to see this particular antique.

Like I said it was a little sad but mostly happy and funny. All in all it was a great way to spend the afternoon with my little family.


  1. Aren't old home movies fun to watch?! The kids are surely entertained. Especially by the black and white ones. My kids joke that when I was little the world was all black and white. Goofballs!


  2. PK, if you had your way we would all have blogs. *G*
    I inherited some 8 mm film of Mel's family, I must look them out and see if they can be saved.
    It's good that you can do that for the children, it gives them a sense of roots, which is good.
    Warm hugs,
    P s Happy birthday Carye.

  3. Happy Birthday Carye! Here's one to grow on! Enjoy your special day!


  4. Sounds like you had fun. My sister has boxes of slides my dad took of us growing up. I haven't seen them years but now I'm thinking of them.

    *hugs and grins*

  5. Anonymous7:49 PM

    I just love looking at old movies, and my boys react the same way as Mollie and LJ. They can hardly conceive of a world before cell phones and the internet.

    Fun post, PK.

    Cheers! ☼ SuZQ ☼

  6. Thank you PK!!! Thank you for the wonderful birthday surprise!!!! It was a wonderful one!!! :-)


    PS: I did get my birthday spanking and a special gift from my youngest two! They didn't come into bed with us last night! (That was a true gift!) I awoke to PS giving me a loving tushy massage followed by a wonderful birthday spanking and wonderful love making! What a wonderful way to wake up!