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Sunday, May 27, 2007

Just a little rant

Here is a plea for sympathy. I have to work tomorrow. It’s Memorial Day for pity sake!! It seems like every body in the world is off tomorrow but me! Next week is probably my hardest week at school – End of Grade testing. Of course it is stressful for the kids but it’s stressful for the teachers too. Once the test starts all we can do is watch the children. In the past we could work to get our grades completed, go through student’s files and purge as I will need to do before the end of the year. In the past we could even read provided we also kept a close eye on the children.

No longer! Now we are supposed to be up and walking around for the 2 hours they are testing. Now we are to only watch the children. They even have people walking the halls checking on teachers to make sure we are watching the kids! This is in addition to have another adult, a proctor, in each room to help watch the kids and the teacher.

Can you feel the trust? I am to the point of telling them if they feel that they have to watch me that closely why not just tell me to stay home and relax that day and they can bring in someone trustworthy to give their stupid test!

Ignore me, I am just whining. I get that way this time of years. I will be much better by Thursday afternoon. Testing will be over. And like I told Eva, as annoying as all this is in one way it does bring back fond memories. Last year while watching the children testing I was mind blogging. I had just found Bonnie and I spent the test thinking of how I might actually open up to Nick and tell him all that I wanted. So maybe three mornings to do nothing but think won’t be so bad after all look at what wonderful things have come in to my life since then.


  1. Mind blogging sounds like the only way to make it through the next few days. Wow, it seems more like torture than testing for the kids and for you. Just a few more days and you'll be make the rest of us as jealous as Eva's making us!

    Let the mind blogging begin. I can't wait to read what you come up with.

    ciao bella~

  2. Anonymous6:59 AM

    Just to help you out twin, here's some mind blogging ideas/topics for you.




    Super hero outfits

    Crotchless undies

    Pasties and castanets

    Lap dancing


    Outdoor .. ummm... activities

    That enough?

    Oh and btw, it absolutely SUCKS that you have to work today. It's wrong, wrong, wrong.

  3. PK dear one, I agree with Eva, it absolutely stinks that you have to work today. What no armed guards to prevent the marines giving the answers to the kids. Hasn't your twin got a fertile imagination, one wonders what she was doing at high school. :-)
    I actually popped over to congratulate you on your F/F story, fooled me completely. It was excellent dear girl.
    Warm hugs,

  4. Loved your story but poor, poor PK... just don't get too PK at the kids, cause of course it isn't their fault. (I know I never have to worry about that, lol)... I hate bureaucracy just as much as you do!!!

    Eva's given you tons of great ideas... but let us know when you are on short supply and I'll gladly think of a few more...

    And yes, it REALLY sucks that you have to work today... NO FAIR... so point me in the direction of someone to scrath and claw and bite for you!!!!!! Lemme at 'em!!!!!

  5. PK, I'm so sorry you have to work today. That really 'sucks'!

    But mind blogging is lots of fun, huh? And like the others have mentioned, Eva gave you some great ideas...

    I hope this day goes by real quick, so that you're soon home and able to come on here and have fun!

    Big hugs
    Em x

  6. PK, I've just read your comment to Sar at Pieces, nice one.
    I've been a fan of hers for ages.
    Her fiction is just out of this world, I suspect that a lot is autobiographical.
    BTW Sar gave me the nickname zealous voyeur. *G*
    Warm hugs,

  7. You are in good company PK. I had to work today too!

    Mind blogging for three days??? Wow! That means we have losts of great post in store for us.

    Great FF story! You had me fooled!


  8. CeeCi it's is the only way to make it! Summer is by far the best part of teaching!

    Thank's for always being there for me!

    I love the way your mind works!! Maybe I could just copy this to Nick for my assignment this week!

    I am expecting the armed guards any minute!! I am glad you liked the FF story. I like to write fiction but I rarely do.

    I do love everything Sar writes!! I dare not start one of her stories in the morning before work because I could not possible leave before I finished it.

    Thanks for offering to attack for me! I am trying to be sweet and kind to the children since testing starts tomorrow. But since Mollie is testing too I have to be nice to her too!! That is way too much nice for me!!!

    Wonderful party!!

  9. Jeez, are they trying to make the kids massively nervious so that they do poorly? I'd tell the kids how irriated I am by it but a good lesson is that we all have to put up with stuff sometimes. You'll make it! Mind blogging is Definitely what you need to do!


  10. Em,
    It was wonderful getting home from school today. Just three days of testing and the rest will be a breeze! Can't wait until you are here!!

    I know in your work someone always has to be there! And you are very loved for it!!

    Glad you like the story!

  11. My kids know how I feel about all this. I have told them to just chill. I have no doubt that they will do fine. And it is just one test!