I have been a wife and mother for over twenty years. Now I am becoming my husband's lover, too.
We owe it all to my fellow bloggers who gave me the courage to come out to my husband as a spanko.
I do feel like this is a New Beginning for us.

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Sunday, September 03, 2006

The Meeting

As promised, my guest post --

My name is Emma, call me Em. Since coming out as a spanko I have found great satisfaction in blogging and emailing my new friends. I find comfort in knowing that there are many others with the same feelings that I had hidden for so long. They make me feel so normal!

I was excited to hear that on one of my closest confidants (from blog world) and her husband would be vacationing in our area. I had hoped that one day we would have the opportunity to meet. It looked like the opportunity had arisen. Jan and her husband Bob had reservations at a secluded two bedroom cabin with another couple who had subsequently canceled. Ned and I were now invited to join them for the weekend!

Ned was not overly enthused. For one thing he is more comfortable spending time with old friends or just hanging around the house. Meeting new people is just not his thing. He also has some misgivings about what he sometimes sees as my addiction or compulsions. He worried that we might be getting stuck in an awkward situation without a graceful exit. I told him flatly that I was going with him or without him! That caused some raised eyebrows – but he wasn’t about to let me head off alone to meet those he though of as strangers but I thought of as close friends.

We followed the directions and with a little difficulty found the cabin. It was small, not too fancy but it was in a lovely secluded area and very peaceful. Jan and Bob stepped out onto the porch to greet us. They seemed to be warm and friendly although not exactly as I had pictured them. Jan seemed about as excited to meet me as I was to meet her!

After a little general chit-chat about family members we had heard so much about on each other’s blogs we sat down to steaks that Bob had prepared. At first we stayed far away from any discussion about spanking, but after months of sharing so many intimate details it was inevitable. When I thought back about some of the things I had revealed I realized I would never have shared so much with Jan if I had ever thought I would ever see her, and even worse her husband, face to face.

But finally after a couple of glasses of wine we began comparing notes about things such as favorite toys and toy shopping. From there the discussion between Jan and I got even more personal. We discussed our sex lives and how they had taken such a dramatic turn since we had dropped our inhibitions and come out as spankos. Ned was fairly quiet through most of this but he was taking in every word.

At some point, probably after my third glass of wine, I turned to Bob and said “Jan tells me you really know how to swing a mean paddle!” At this point Ned shot me a warning look but with the excitement of the evening and the effects of the wine, I foolishly chose to ignore the warning. I even turned to him and said “What’s the problem, I didn’t say anything about you, but you know, Ned, you have always been a little overly cautious. You always seem afraid of actually hurting me.” Jan spoke up and said “Be careful honey, you may be pushing your luck.”

At that point Bob spoke up and said “You girls insist on comparing notes and Em seems to feel that she may be missing the thorough spankings that she thinks you have been getting. Whether that is true or not it’s hard to say. However in the interest of education I think I’ll just give Jan a good demonstration spanking so you can see first hand.”

At this a look of surprise came over Jan’s face and I’m sure my mouth was hanging open. Was Bob serious? My pulse quickened! Bob removed all doubt when he instructed Jan to get the toys. Jan just stared at him and said “You’ve got to be kidding!” Bob stared right into her eyes and said “No back talk or it will be worse.” With a look of stunned resignation, Jan went off to retrieve the toy bag. When she returned to the porch where we had been enjoying the great evening weather, Bob instructed her to lean over the porch railing which was at about waist height. At least the porch was totally secluded.

At this point I was thinking “it’s actually going to happen; I’m going to see someone else get a spanking!” The second thought that crossed my mind was “at least Ned would never consider putting me through this.” As these thoughts crossed my mind I turned to look at Ned knowing that he would probably be very uncomfortable with all this. But he seemed surprisingly relaxed and seemed to by perfectly content to take it all in. It was then that the frightening thought began to creep into my mind. “Ned would never do this … or would he?” At that point it felt like a swarm of butterflies were loose in my stomach.

Was it the excitement of watching Jan get a spanking? Was it the fear that Ned might consider doing the same? Or was it the jealousy of knowing Jan would soon be experiencing something I never would. Possibly yes to all questions!!

At this point Jan was leaning over the rail and Bob was lowering her jeans. Again my pulse quickened. Bob began spanking Jan by hand on her modest but stylish black panties. Bob pointed out that a warm up period was frequently used. The blows started slowly but became faster and harder.

After a thorough hand spanking Bob picked up the leather slapper and instructed Jan to lower her panties. What? Could he possibly be serious?? Jan turned with a questioning look but apparently saw nothing in Bob’s expression to provide any doubt. Jan lowered her panties to just above her knees. My pulse was absolutely racing! Ned seemed entranced.

Bob started in on Jan’s backside with the slapper covering both cheeks from the top to upper thigh. Jan’s butt began to glow pink then red. You could see her flinch - rising to her toes at times, and occasionally gasping at the impact. Bob paused for a moment and I thought that it had been a thorough spanking. Bob gently rubbed her butt for a minute. Then he picked up a hair brush and started in again. After several hard swats he sat down the brush and to Jan he said “You can stand up now.”

Jan turned to him and buried her face in his shoulder not even taking time to pull up her panties and jeans. She whispered something in his ear that I couldn’t hear. Bob replied “Later, Dear”. Jan looked drained holding onto Bob’s neck. Bob turned to us and said “Well, that’s about it. What do you think?” Well I for one had no answer to that!! Ned did. He replied slowly “Very educational indeed, I may have underestimated what these girls can handle. Jan reached down and pulled up her panties and jeans and asked Bob “Now – can we?”

I was shocked to hear Ned say “Wait a second it’s Em’s turn”. I sputtered “Are you out of your mind!? Forget it! No way!!” Ned said sternly “Em you’ve been asking for this one for a long time and Bob and Jan have given us a great demonstration. Now you are about to find out if I’ve learned anything”. Another swarm of butterflies took wing. Was this actually about to happen? Was this what I feared or was this the way I had hoped Ned would respond? Again maybe – somehow – both.

Ned stepped over to the railing and motioned for me to join him and he didn’t appear to be joking. I hardly remember getting up but I found myself standing next to him at the railing. Ned told me to lower my jeans and I unsnapped them and let them drop. After positioning me over the rail Ned began a thorough hand spanking similar to what Jan had gotten. Whap – Whap – Whap. Ned doesn’t usually hand spank that hard but this time it seemed pretty firm. Ned gave me a brief break and then started in with the flogger producing a major sting even through my panties. I was just relieved that he was giving me some slack and sparing me the humiliation of taking it on the bear in front of Bob and Jan.

Ned again paused, rubbing my butt briefly before picking up the slapper. Before I knew what was happening Ned’s thumbs were inside the waist band of my wine colored panties. All I could do was gasp and shut my eyes tighter as I felt my panties lowered to just above the knees. I clinched my knees tightly together trying for what modesty I could retain. Ned started on my ass with that damn stinging slapper and the strength and cadence increased. My ass was on fire! I was biting my lip. I didn’t want to cry and I was not about to use a safe word after seeing Jan endure. After a while I couldn’t help but release short gasps as each new blow landed on burning skin. I don’t know if this spanking was actually that much different or if the nerves were more than ever on edge due to the extraordinary circumstances and the added element of humiliation.

Ned finally asked Bob and Jan if that looked about right for a good spanking. Jan agreed that it had seemed pretty thorough and Bob said that Ned had certainly gotten a great red tint on my butt. I was reaching to grab my panties when Ned commanded me to stay put. “What about the challenging attitude you exhibited, Em?” Ned asked. Jan agreed that she could probably count on a little extra disciplinary action for such an outburst and Bob simply nodded.

I heard Ned’s belt slide through the belt loops of his pants. Ned said “Hold still honey – 10 with the belt. Crack – crack – crack! These ten were delivered with gusto on flesh that was already on fire. “OW – OW” I couldn’t help but gasp. When these were over Ned helped me get redressed and gave me a big hug. My knees were weak and I just hung on.

Bob asked “You guys about ready to call it a day?” Ned said “Yes I think I’m about ready to turn in. What about you Em?”



  1. Anonymous9:24 AM

    Wonderful story. We did this a couple of months ago and wrote a guestpost on Smartnaughty's blog.In two weeks time we have another meeting now at the house of the other couple. Already looking forward. They gave us a leather slapper as a gift and you have to be polite and use it, isn't it? When you have done this you are not shy anymore to do it again. You'll love it.

  2. Hmmm wonder what happened next??

  3. Anonymous10:57 AM

    Great story, indeed!

  4. Anonymous11:06 AM




    I'm entranced... and pretty much speechless.

    Awesome writing, Nick!!!

  5. Elis, Eva speechless, can you believe that. *G*
    Great story Nick, thanks, glad you guessed who wrote My Little Fantasy.
    Nice Post Elis, thanks.
    Big hugs,

  6. Anonymous2:57 PM

    Very recognizable story. When a couple first visited us I'd planned a spanking already. While Tom thought this would be odd to do. So I played, I forgot to thank them for the present. And earned a spanking for this misbehavior. The couple liked it. They didn't come for only a drink.

  7. Tom,
    I can not imagine ever not being shy in those circumstances!

    I got "the rest of the story" this afternoon!

    Thanks, I sure liked it!

    It was just such a surprise coming from someone who was vanilla as of May of this year!

    Thanks Paul,
    He still can't tell me how he knew it was you. I like having him so interested.

    I can't believe we would ever actually be in a situation just like this. If the time ever comes we'll wing it!


  8. Anonymous4:12 PM

    I KNOW I left a comment here. I just KNOW I did.

    NICK!!! Fabulous story! Can you write more please...I want more.

    MMMMM, I'm just imagining what happened when they went to bed. I'll be there wasn't much sleeping going on.


  9. Grace,
    You can see why I was blown away! He as written one more that he has shown me. I'll post it soon, its different!!!