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Saturday, June 08, 2024

Saturday Spankings - Rough Day

Welcome to Saturday Spankings. Today’s snippet comes from Cal’s Law. When Jenny got back to her dorm after talking with Cal she found her room vandalized and got into a physical fight with several sorority sisters. Both the campus cops and Cal came to restore calm. Cal got Jenny a room at a local boarding house until other arrangements could be made. But she could tell he was mad as he drove her to the new place.


What was wrong? Was this his work mode? Whatever it was she didn’t like this side of him. Quickly she blurted out, “If you’re mad at me, tell me why. If you act like you’re pissed all the time you’re working, it’s no wonder everyone hates cops.”

Cal glared at her just before pulling up to a large clapboard house. “You didn’t tell me how bad it was. You never said you got in a fight this morning and slapped someone. When you said you wanted to move you never told me they were violent.” Cal’s voice got louder, “You never said that I was sending you back into a dangerous situation.”

“Don’t yell at me!” Jenny snapped back. “It wasn’t violent until tonight so don’t take that tone and try to blame me. You don’t need to get your panties in such a wad.”

Cal realized he was blaming the wrong person and his face showed it. “All right, I’m sorry. And I don’t wear panties,” he growled.

“Really?” Jenny grinned, “Me either sometimes.”

Jenny was happy to see a slight blush on Cal’s face before he exited the car. “Let’s get you settled for the night,” was his only comment. 




 As he was getting ready to leave he asked, “You need anything else before I go?” Jenny shook her head no, still not looking around.


Jenny’s sudden sobs startled Cal. “Whoa, whoa – what’s wrong?”

“I don’t know,” Jenny answered, sobbing harder. “I never cry, this is stupid!”

“Come here,” Cal told her pulling her into a bear hug, “you’ve had a hell of a twenty-four hours. You broke into the sheriff’s house, nearly got arrested, got your butt spanked, slapped someone in your dorm, found out all you’re going to have to do for me, had another fight at the dorm and moved into a strange place. Heck, you even had to do laundry. No wonder you’re a little emotional,” Cal told her, laughing.

Jenny laughed a little too. The hug felt amazing. Her parents didn’t hug and the few hugs she had gotten from boys were basically attempts to cop a feel. This was different – protective, caring – and she stifled the need to sob again as Cal broke off the embrace. “You gonna be all right?”

“Yeah, I’m fine. Like you said, it’s been a weird day.”

“You should go to bed early, you’ve still got class in the morning. All this is no reason to be late.”

Jenny laughed. “Is there any reason for being late in your book?”

“Sure,” Cal told her, grinning. “Compound fractures, arterial bleeding… I can’t think of anything else at the moment. I have to go. You go to bed and I’ll be in touch tomorrow.” There was another awkward pause at the door and again Jenny felt like this would be a good time for a kiss, but Cal just gave her a smile and left.

Cal’s Law, Book One


Jenny is the typical rich-kid, sorority girl. Getting good grades isn’t high on her priority list. In fact, that sits well below getting into the secret faction of her sorority. To do that she must pull off a daring bit of mischief. 

Cal Bennett is the town sheriff. He’s a relatively young, no-nonsense, kind of guy – with a good heart. He is the moral center of this small town in North Carolina. But when his and Jenny’s paths cross unexpectedly, things get complicated and he questions his morals and his heart. 

His plan to save Jenny from herself by enforcing strict discipline seems like a sound one.  To both of them. At first. He enacts a touch of martial law and Jenny agrees to learn more than English Lit. Cooking, cleaning and laundry are but a few of her new subjects. Along with time-management, telling the truth and doing homework. Breaking any one in this new set of rules will result in a sound spanking. It all sounds simple enough when she signs on the dotted line of the contract between her and her sheriff. 

But, life is messy and she is faced with one tough decision after another. She’s a college student! Shouldn’t life be easier than this? Less complicated? But she is pulled in two directions: her moral, upstanding sheriff leads her down one path, and a cute frat boy leads her down another. In one direction lies maturity, and a future. In the other, the simplicity of being a rich kid in college where Mommy and Daddy pay for everything. Now she must choose: Will she continue to let her parents pay for it all, or will she learn to pay the price for her own actions? 

Cassie’s Space series


These ten books introduce Cassie. She is my friend and has been since she wandered into my imagination fifty-four years ago. She is married to Tom, the man who loves her in a way that makes my heart nearly burst with happiness for the two of them. He loves her, guides her, protects her and when necessary, spanks the fool out of her. I’ve been told that their adventures are exciting, funny and realistic. Their love-life is passionate and fulfilling – but you’ll hear no graphic details, Cassie is a lady and giving too much detail would not be proper.

Cal’s Law series


Cal and Jenny are one of my younger couple. The spanking in their relationship began mere minutes after they met, and Cal hasn’t let up much since. There relationship has it’s struggles, but these two are meant to be together. They live in the same town as Cassie and Tom and there is a lot of interactions among the character of both series. Jenny is not as reluctant as Cassie to openly discuss her sex life, so you’ll find a little more spice in this series.


On the River series


In this, my latest series, everyone is around – all the characters I’ve grown to love over the years are living on the area of the river that they call The Landing. Their lives, their adventures, even their spankings sometimes intertwine. By this time in the series, I’m just typing as my characters tell me what’s happening. And I love it!

These books do take you through time as it passes, but please don’t think you have to read them in order. Start anywhere. Just grab one and give it a try. If you are a spanking enthusiast, I know you'll enjoy it.


I’ll close today with a review on the latest book. This is one of the finest reviews I’ve ever had. 


Starting with the first Cassie book until now, I have never been disappointed or failed to wait expectantly for the next one.

And, of course, the links -

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Cal's Law (book one)
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On the River (book one) 

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  1. Anonymous3:21 AM

    This was sweet. Poor Jenny , after the day she had it's no wonder she cried. Love how supportive and tender Cal was and glad he calmed down quickly.


    1. Cal is a sweetie and the kind of man Jenny really needs.

  2. Hmm. I wonder if Cal was thinking the same thing about a kiss. Inquisitive minds want to know.

    1. Cal's all business when it comes to discipline. Well, maybe in back of his mind...