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Monday, June 10, 2019

Writing - TBT, part 3

This is the last part of my TBT from six years ago. If you haven't read part one and two you're welcome to look back. 

You all know I push for everyone to write fiction.  The reason I push for everyone to write a story is that I’m pretty confident that everyone has one.  We spankos daydream about this stuff.  Most of us have had these daydreams for years.  Our Fantasy Friday stories are these daydreams written out.

I think I should have said assignment 5 should have been think about writing fiction. Writing should be fun – creating those things you’ve dreamed and making them come alive should be something you enjoy doing.  I wouldn’t want this to be a chore for anyone.  If you want to try it, just write it for yourself.  There is no dead line for ‘turning it in’.  Just think about it.

Some have said that you’d like to write a Fantasy Friday but you worry about spelling, grammar, whatever… and just don’t think you can write.  Boy, are you going to fit right in!  I wrote the first story I cared about when I was 15 and made the mistake of turning it in to the teacher who assigned it.  She ripped it to pieces, figuratively.  I was devastated.  The next time I tried a story I cared about was thirty-four years later when I started blogging.  I look back at that first story I posted on my blog now and find tons of mistakes.  No one pointed out a single one, no one cares if I misspelled something, used quotation marks wrong or missed a comma.  They were reading the story and they seemed to like it fine.

I’m no editor (think math teacher, not English teacher) but if you should sent me something and I see a simple error I can correct I will. Some of my contributors are true writers most of us aren’t.  Cathy told me I could use her as an example.  Her writing style is very simple but some how her stories have touched me as much as any Fantasy Friday stories I’ve ever published, you can see one of her stories here.  

Please write your fantasy. Write if for yourself. If at some point you're willing to share it with us, send it to, elisspeaks.yahoo.com


Now, in 2019 I'll say - 

Since I don't post all the time anymore, I've been thinking of bringing Fantasy Friday back. Although I'd love it, I don't expect tons of new stories to pour in. But I will post every new story I'm sent. I used to go back and pick and choose which ones to repost, but I think I'll just go back to the beginning and start through them again. Anyway, it will be a free story to try and start your weekend off right. And hopefully someone will be inspired to write.


  1. Hi PK, I really enjoyed reading this awesome series of posts again. Yay for Fantasy Friday. I love your idea of re-publishing the stories from the beginning :)


    1. They will be new to many and who doesn't love a good story?

  2. Oh goodie. FF again - that's how I started. Maybe it will even inspire me to write a story.

    1. Well THAT would be nice for sure!

  3. Anonymous12:03 PM

    Dear PK,
    I was so happy to find your blog a few years ago. Like many, I felt kind of weird because of the way I’m wired. I’ve read some other excellent blogs, but I mostly read this one. You’ve helped me understand myself and I have learned to open up to my husband more from reading about your brave journey. Sometimes I even print a post and give it to him to read.

    The fact that we can comment on your posts is great. It’s really nice to have someone I can talk to and ask personal questions. You are so open and honest. And, so often, funny. I love your writing, both here and, of course, in your books. I was afraid to comment at first. I felt like everyone I know would see it or something and my big ‘secret’ would be exposed. But I did what you suggested and used a different name. I also learned that we’re all just regular people.

    I’d encourage anyone who wants to know more or who is nervous about leaving a comment, to take advantage of the opportunity to email you. I did that and you were so nice to me.

    I’m glad you’re going to put the old FF stories out again. They were really fun. You’re right, they don’t have to be perfect. We’re not expecting professionals.


    Rosie Dee

    1. You are more than kind! I love talking to people here. I enjoy offering advice - I love getting advice from others. I really hope more people will try a FF story. I do love reading new ones.

  4. Hey PK,

    Like usual, you post things just when I need them most. I think I might start my own private blog, just to work through my thoughts.

    Thanks for always being there when I need a friend who understands where I am at in this crazy world.


    1. Boo, I'm glad this spoke to you. I think we need one another out here. I hope you'll try blogging any way that makes you comfortable. But I get my biggest joy from blogging by having it public and making new friends all the time.

  5. It's so nice to revisit a post that you think might be relevant again right now. Anon certainly thinks so! PK, you should never doubt how much your blog and your books mean to people.

    On the other hand, it's silly to think that ttwd between 2 people will remain static and never change. It is the same with blogging and fantasy stories.

    Hugs From Ella

    1. I love knowing others like things I write. It makes me want to keep going. I'm ready to re-read some of these old stories.