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Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Blogger question

Can anyone tell me why my comments on blogger are no longer coming to my email? I don't know if blogger has changed something or if I've  accidentally done something to shut it off. I'd really like it back so I can see when someone comments on a post that might be several days old. Is the same thing happening to anyone else?


  1. It's happening to others as well, me included. Hermione wrote the following on a post a few days ago ....
    "If you use Blogger, you will by now have noticed that you no longer receive email notifications of comments on your blog. This is likely due to the new implementation of the warning about cookies that Blogger has put on all blogs. There is no relation between the two, but often one feature breaks when another is added or fixed. The technicians are aware of this problem and are working on it."

  2. Hi PK, what Nora Jean said :)


  3. i've not been getting comments either. the was Jz got round to fixing hers was by changing the "allow comments from" to just google ID instead of "anyone (including anonymous)"

    however when i tried that it didn't work. It either has something to do with my setting which requires moderation or that it's an embedded comment instead of a pop out box.

    either way, i think for now we just gotta go to the blogger dashboard on our own accord instead of relying on the email notifications.

    1. the *way* Jz got round ... sorry bout the typo.

  4. I had no idea until I saw Hermione's explanation which Nora Jean has posted it for you.


  5. Same here....ugh blogger. hugs abby

  6. I've wondered why it was happening to me. Thanks Nora Jean and Hermione for the explanation.
    Hugs Lindy xx

  7. Hi PK,

    That latest word is that the problem should be fixed within a week. Since changes are rolled out on Thursday night, maybe the problem will be fixed by Friday for many of us.


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  8. Thanks to Hermione for filling us all in. I sometimes picture Blogger as this really big green monster stomping through the Land wreaking havoc!


  9. Hermione, thanks for trying to keep us updated on this. We, me included, spend a lot of time bashing Blogger. It can be a pain at times, but it is free and it's brought us all together so I guess I'm pretty grateful too.