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Friday, September 09, 2016

Fantasy Friday - In Days of Olde...

I'm having a hard time adjusting to school this year - it must be old age. I come home so tired I can barely keep my eyes opened, much less write something coherent. Actually my kids are pretty good this year. But I definitely need more sleep.

I think you will love this story - the time period is a romantic one and the story just carries you along. It's written by Slightly Naughty Princess (SNP) who blogged in the past. I haven't heard from her in a while. I'd love for her to pop up again.

Please enjoy ...

In Days of Olde...

Marcus was training with his men. He thrust his sword forward to show how to defend in battle. The sun was beating down on them and it was hot. Marcus walked over to get a drink from a jug of water. He glanced down the cliff to the sandy beach below. He did a double take. Surely that was not Gwendolyn walking alone near the water? He stared for a long moment and realized it was indeed his wife. There was no mistaking her hair flowing in the breeze and her ruby gown. She looked beautiful even from high above.

Damn! He had been over this with her many times. She was not to leave the safety of the castle without an escort and certainly not alone. It was just too dangerous. They had enemies all around them. It was best to stay close to the castle walls. Henry was standing nearby. He had recently been injured and could not train with the rest of the men. Marcus gave Henry an order to ride down to the beach and collect his wife. He would continue training and speak with her later. Marcus marched off and started shouting orders to all his men.

Henry approached Gwendolyn on his horse with caution. She was resting in the sun on the sand. He did not want to disturb her, but he had his orders. He cleared his throat in hopes to get her attention. Gwendolyn glanced over to him and sighed. Her peaceful sanctuary had been invaded.

Henry spoke up “My lady, your husband asked me to escort you back to the castle.”

Gwendolyn replied “Very well, but I shall walk.”

Henry nodded and waited for her to start. He tried to be respectful of her space and follow at a distance. Gwendolyn got up and started up the path to the castle. Damn! Could she not even have a few moments alone? She knew there were risks leaving the castle walls, but in daylight hours she felt secure. She loved the feel of the wind and waves and walking on the beach. She could escape for a just a little while.

It was just her luck Marcus had seen her. She should probably engage in conversation with Henry. He was a loyal friend of her husband and a fine knight. But, she somehow resented his presence and so she did not want to talk to him. She approached the castle walls and turned to say a curt thank you to Henry. She went inside and went to their chamber. She called for a bath to wash off the sand and sun. Refreshed she went down to the main hall to help with the evening meal. The men would be returning soon and Gwendolyn knew she would have to see Marcus at that point.

She kept busy with helping with food platters for the tables and lighting around the hall. Finally the men came in. They wasted no time in crowding around the tables. The women were busy in serving food and ale. Marcus saw his wife from a distance. He nodded to her and she smiled a thin smile back to him. Gwendolyn turned to help with more food and Marcus listened to the joke being told by one of his men.

They stayed apart for most of the evening. Slowly the men started out to their quarters to sleep. The women were cleaning the platters and the hall. Gwendolyn helped longer than usual. She was not looking forward to talking with Marcus. Marcus could tell his wife was unusually “busy”. He took one last drink from his mug and placed it on the table. He got up and announced he was retiring to his chamber with his wife. Gwendolyn smiled to her female companions and bid them a good night. She joined her husband on the stairs. They walked the stairs in silence.

Marcus opened the chamber door for his wife, she stepped into the chamber, and he closed the door behind them. The moment of truth was upon them. Gwendolyn walked over to get her brush from the dressing table. She started brushing her hair to have something to do. Marcus watched his wife retrieve her brush. He knew she needed something to focus on besides being alone with him. She had such beautiful hair. No! He needed to stick to the task at hand. He needed to speak to her about the events of the day and not focus on her beautiful hair. He spoke up more forcefully than he intended. “Gwendolyn, what in the world were you doing walking alone on the beach away from the castle walls today? We have been over this subject many times and so I am at a loss why you would defy me in this?”

Gwendolyn looked up at her husband. What could she say to satisfy him? She paused to come up with something. Finally, she blurted out “I’m sorry, Marcus. I just wanted a little time to myself. It gets so confining in these castle walls and you are always training and busy with your men. It was the middle of the day and I was very careful to check out my surroundings. I think it is an unfair request of you to demand this of me!” Take that she thought.

Marcus listened to his wife speak her mind to him. Maybe she was right. As long as it was daylight and she could call for help. No, wait....she is not right. It is too dangerous and so Marcus spoke up. “Gwendolyn, I can understand that you want some time alone and that you enjoy the beach. However, you are not allowed to go away from the castle walls alone. You could be captured, taken, or any number of things could happen! I would never forgive myself if I did not see to your safety. You are my wife and I love you. This is most serious Gwendolyn. You will be punished this night and I hope you will never disobey me in this again.”

Gwendolyn felt her heart rate quicken. Suddenly she was not so strong. Marcus told her to remove her gown and under clothes and place herself over their table in their room. Gwendolyn did as she was told. She shivered as she walked naked towards the table. She bent over the edge and placed her head and arms in front of her on the table. The table was not too high, but had to spread her legs apart to make a comfortable fit. Marcus stared at his wife. He was thankful she did not protest or argue with him on this. He came to stand behind her as she bent over the table. He asked her to tell him why she was in this position. In a soft voice she said because she had disobeyed his rule and gone to the beach alone and put her safety at risk. He thanked her for her acknowledgement and then swiftly started spanking her.

His hand made contact immediately and she jumped slightly. He told her to stay in place and not move again. The assault on her backside continued. Gwendolyn had to rise up on her toes a couple of times. She cried out that she was sorry and for him to stop, but Marcus did not stop. He wanted his wife to remember this for a long while. After he saw a nice pink glow to her bottom he stopped. Gwendolyn sighed in relief. But, it was not over. Marcus told her to go stand in the corner of their chamber. The hand spanking was for disobeying a rule they had established. She would return when he called her and she would be spanked again for putting her safety at risk. Ahhh! Marcus was a big brute.

Gwendolyn went off to the corner none too happy. Marcus watched his wife go. He saw her fidgeting in the corner. He told her to be still and think on the events of the day. Gwendolyn faced the chamber wall and tried to get a grip on her emotions. Her backside already hurt and she did not want to get another spanking. Marcus was being overly cautious. Nothing had happened to her! Marcus called to his wife to return to him. Gwendolyn turned around and walked to the table again in a slow pace. Marcus asked her to once again lean over the table. She hesitated a moment, but then leaned over in place. This time Marcus held a leather strap. He told Gwendolyn he was going to give her 25 spankings with the strap. She was to count them out and thank him. Gwendolyn told him he could spank her, but she was not going to thank him. To that he started spanking her until she cried out. She asked him to stop. He told her the spanking would not stop until she did what she was told. Gwendolyn felt tears in her eyes, but gave in.

She started counting from that point and saying thank you after each swat. Finally, they reached twenty five. Marcus put the strap down and reached for his wife. Gwendolyn fell into him and cried. After several minutes they moved apart. Marcus picked up his wife. He placed her on their bed on her stomach. He walked to the chamber door and called for a servant girl. She came to the door and he asked her to fetch some of the special soothing oil. The servant girl returned with the jar of oil in a few moments. Marcus thanked her and shut the door. He immediately went to his wife’s side. He poured some oil from the jar and rubbed on her sore bottom. She was no longer crying, but still had a few lingering tears.

Marcus had a lump in his throat. He did not like to see his wife in pain, but he needed to make an impression on her. He could see her body relax. He stood and removed his clothes and came to join her in bed. He wrapped his arms around her and whispered endearments in her ear. He told her he would be lost if anything ever happened to her. He would try to make more time to take her out of the castle walls, but she had to wait for him or find an escort. If she disobeyed him again then her punishment would be much more severe. Gwendolyn felt safe in his arms and was exhausted. She fell asleep quickly.

The early morning light streamed in and woke her. She glanced over at her strong husband and smiled. He was beginning to wake as well. He smiled back at her. Soon they were touching and joined in an intimate embrace. They made love two times before Marcus said he must go. Gwendolyn stayed in their room for a while. She joined the other women downstairs where everyone was working on their chores. The noon meal rolled around. The men came in from training. Marcus smiled when he saw Gwendolyn and she smiled back. The serving girl next to her made a comment that Gwendolyn was so fortunate to have an attentive husband. She smiled and agreed. They went to take their place at the table. Gwendolyn grimaced as she sat down on the bench. Her behind was so sore! She thought to herself that she was indeed fortunate to have an attentive husband, but maybe he was too attentive at times!


Now doesn't that make you want a night with knight all your own? SNP thank you again for writing and for sharing your stories here with all the rest of us. If you're around come by and say hello.

If anyone else is willing to try a Fantasy Friday story please do, and don't forgot, we always love for you to leave a comment. Stories can be sent to elisspeaks@yahoo.com


  1. Hi PK, thank you for sharing this wonderful story. I love SNP and her stories and have missed her. I hope we do hear from her again.


  2. Hi PK, nice story. Hope that you can build up your stamina for the school year,
    love Jan, xx

  3. I am sorry this year is so hard for you. I also find my days long and exhausting!
    SNP and her stories are truly missed! I wish she would pop in and share how she is doing!

  4. Enjoyed this story. I don't mind reruns. Thanks SNP and PK. Bear in mind, there's a mere three months to freedom.

  5. Great story...love the time period. Just keep telling yourself when you get home tired...one less day to go.
    hugs abby

  6. Sorry you're having a rough time adjusting to the school schedule, PK...not too many more days to go. Thanks for sharing the story from SNP...would love to read more from her. Have a good weekend.

    Hugs and blessings...Cat

  7. Hi PK! I think this school year sneaked up on everyone. Summer was so grand, it just came crashing too an end to early. Hang in there and thanks for the story. Amy

  8. Thanks for the wonderful story PK and SNP. Hopefully things will settle down soon for you PK and you'll feel less tired.
    Have a good weekend.
    Hugs Lindy