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Friday, August 21, 2015

Fantasy Friday - My Sixth Happiness

I'm so happy to have Cassie's Ordeal out in the world. I hope you'll give it a read!

Today’s Fantasy Friday come from Toralei, she wrote a story for us long ago and I was happy to hear from her again. I asked her to share a little about herself and here is want she said.

I am single and I have never been married. I have never been in any type of long-term relationship. I could try to write stories that I know nothing about or have never experienced, but I don't like writing stories that I don't have any minuscule idea of what I am talking about. My spanking experiences are mostly from being involved in spanking groups.

This is how I get to experience a spanking fetish since I have had no other avenues open to me. It just didn't seem right anymore for me to deny what I needed to experience now that I am in my very later stages of my life and have had no significant other to pursue that with. 

The story is in two parts. Chapter one is my fantasy private session that I have never experienced. Chapter two is based on my first real life private session with my disciplinarian with some fantasy thrown in. It is odd how I meshed these two things together into one story line, isn’t it? Maybe not. Chapter one is how I always fantasized and wanted it to be when one joins a spanking group.

* Just a note, Toralei provided all the lovely pictures in the story.

 My Sixth Happiness

The Chinese wish each other five happinesses: wealth, longevity, good health, virtue, and a peaceful death in old age. The sixth happiness one must decide for oneself.

                                          CHAPTER 1: THE INTERVIEW

The word of a spankeresque being held in Cular City is delivered via email to Allison. It is hosted by a rich aunt of Allison’s friend.  Sondra’s Aunt Nancy is very eccentric and one can only get invited to one of these parties if one is willing to have a private session with Nancy first. Allison decidedly emails Sondra back and gets the date and time she is to appear for her interrogation in return.  It will not be the first time Allison will be spanked by a woman, but somehow this is quite different in its pretext.

Allison’s interview with Nancy occurs on a Friday afternoon in January. The sky is laden with snow clouds, but the forecast doesn’t call for snow. It has yet to snow at all this winter. The butler asks Allison to wait in the study. The study is gloomy. Victorian antiques are the main furnishings found about it. The fireplace is cold. As Allison stands there on hold, she gazes out the window of the apartment overlooking Spes Park. Her mind is free of any thoughts, but she cannot help but feel some trepidation. The trepidation passes with the ticking of the clock in the study. There are just her feelings, no thoughts. In the distance the sun breaks through the clouds, extending a bouquet of brilliant rays as a flock of snow geese pass through them. This makes Allison smile and she feels better for the moment.  It is a good sign.

A creak of a door behind her, signals she is not alone anymore. Allison turns slowly toward the creak. There enters Nancy, a physically fit woman of seventy-three dressed in a black pinstriped, Anne Klein business suit. Her shoes are beige, but Allison does not recognize the brand. Nancy is not wearing any jewelry or shirt under her jacket. Her short hair is light blonde which makes her interspersed gray hairs not noticeable. As Nancy’s medium form determinedly walks toward the desk, she commandingly points to Allison to take a seat in one of two chairs situated in front of it. Allison calmly moves to take her seat as Nancy takes her seat behind the desk.  The interview begins.

“How are you Allison?”

 “Quite well, thank you. How are you faring today?”

“I am well considering. My aches and pains come and go. You come highly recommended by my niece Sondra. She tells me you are a journalist for the Dougan Times. That is quite an accomplishment.”

“Yes, thank you, Ma’am. I also write novels and short stories in my spare time.

“Really, anything I might have read?”

“I am sure not, as I have not finished any of those stories to date, yet.”

“Ah! Too bad, well then, you must tell me when you are published.”

“Yes, I surely will.”

“I must say that I have heard you are a hard player. These mixers that I throw are not for the faint of heart.  I just do not let anyone attend them. Why do you think these would be to your liking?”

“I have been to other types of parties and they seem to be lacking in sophistication and seriousness. My desire for adventure so far has been unfulfilled. I have grown bored. They have lacked the hint of danger and excitement I need. My imagination needs to be set free and I cannot do that if I have to worry about how it might adversely affect new people. I was hoping to find that here.”

“These qualities are partly what we are about. I do not allow new people to attend my parties, as I do not want to have to worry about such things. It only inhibits the senses. We provide safe, sane play and fantasies are to be nurtured here. I am not opposed to two adults agreeing to more edgy play out in the open or in private. If someone doesn’t like it they can leave and not come back. All of our members understand they might not see something they do not like, but so far I have had no complaints. Nether have we had any bad incidents. We all have a mutual acceptance of other members to have the right to their fantasies as long as no one is killed or maimed in the process. Mystery, romance, the need for a heightening of our senses is undoubtedly inscribed in our true nature. Don’t you agree?”

“Well put. I agree, Ma’am”.

“Wonderful. I truly believe you see it that way. Now, if you don’t mind, I would like to see your credentials, as it were, for the rest of the time. Stand up please.”

Allison stands up, her arms to her side. She is average looking. There is nothing about her shoulder length brown hair or light brown eyes that are stunning. Allison’s body has no sensual curves. She is a tad bit overweight for an average five foot six woman. The only remarkable thing about her is she looks well dressed in a business suit.  

“Stand in the middle of the room please, Allison.”

Nancy rises from her chair and walks over to one of the long wooden cabinets located on one of the walls of the room. Allison watches from the corner of her eye as the woman pulls a cane and a riding crop from the recess of the cabinet and places them on the desk. Allison’s heart drops a beat and worry finds her brow. The riding crop and cane is something she has yet to taste the effects of. A minuscule bead of sweat forms on Allison’s right brow. Nancy then rummages through a drawer in one of the wall cabinets and brings out a medium sized oak wooden paddle and walnut wooden hairbrush from it. The straight back chair neatly tucked against another wall is brought next to Allison and those implements are laid on the seat of the chair.

All the time, Allison keeps her head straight and facing forward.  Her heart thumps in time to Nancy’s movements and seemingly it stops at the intervals of silence. Nancy presses on a button under the desk and the butler appears with two leather straps. He lays them on the desk and disappears from Allison’s sight. Nancy then picks up the implements left on the seat, places them on the carpet and takes a seat in the straight back chair.

“Allison, I want you to kneel in front of me.”

Allison does as she is asked.

“I want you to beg me to spank you and test your mettle to see if you are fit to attend one of my special parties.”

Bending her arms up to her chest, Allison puts her hands together, interlocks her fingers and folds her fingers down. Even though Allison feels the urge to tremble, she remains steadfast and stoic. She focuses on the task at hand to block out all ill-advised signals and emotions. Whenever Allison wants something badly enough, she has found that she can take control of her emotions and divert them to provide her with more suitable results. Allison looks Nancy bravely in the eyes and smiles.

“Please, Ma’am. I want you to spank me and push me to my limit to prove I am worthy to attend your special parties. I know that I will not disappoint you. I consider it an honor that you are even considering me and even more of an honor to be spanked by you.” 

“Excellent. Get up and take your skirt and panties off please.”

Allison performs the tasks asked of her.

“Yes, well. Very good. Now set yourself upon my lap like a good girl, Allison.”

Repositioning herself, Allison bends over Nancy’s lap. Nancy thrusts Allison farther forward so that Allison’s legs are dangling midair and so she cannot touch her toes to the carpet. Allison holds herself up by her hands and elbows to keep from tumbling off Nancy’s lap.

“Now Allison I want you to lift your hands and elbows off the carpet and place your hands on the legs of the chair.”

“Yes, Ma’am.”

Allison complies and in her new position she feels helpless and vulnerable. She worries that she will not be able to avoid putting her hands in front of her to prevent herself from falling.  Allison lowers her legs as far as she can to give more balance to her position. The skin on her bottom is stretched fully in effect and a hard quick hand spanking ensues.


The smacks are thankfully rhythmic enough so that Allison can anticipate the amount of strength she needs to keep her position. She closes her eyes and grimaces with each blow, but does not make a sound. Allison’s breathing grows rapid as the pain in her buttocks grows deeper with each blow. She tries to kick back her legs, but finds her muscles will not heed her as they are content to just keeping her properly positioned. Allison wishes she could count the number of blows, but her mind disregards this request because it is overwhelmed with happily dealing with other sensations at the moment. Time floats and is not possible to calculate.

Nancy stops the spanking and rubs Allison’s reddened checks. Panting deeply, Allison relaxes all her muscles and opens her eyes. She lifts her eyes, only to see the paddle and hairbrush lying on the carpet beside her. Not wanting to view this site any longer, Allison closes her eyes again. Her brain is throbbing and she now feels the adrenaline rushing through her body. The heat radiating from her bottom is felt more significantly now and it is soothing.

“Oh, your bottom is so sunburn my dear. Maybe we should stop.”

“Please, no Ma’am. I am fine. I would like more, if that is not too much of a bother.”

Nancy smiles widely and pats Allison’s bottom. She can hardly contain her urge to giggle a little as she resumes sweeping her hand in a circular motion over Allison’s well spanked cheeks. Nancy’s eyes grow wider with glee as she admires Allison’s glowing bottom. The softness and warmth she feels touching Allison’s skin excites her. Nancy’s arousal speeds up her breathing.

“Very well, Allison. I must warn you, though; there is no turning back now.”

“I understand, Ma’am.”

“Hand me the hairbrush.”

“Yes, Ma’am.”

Holding Allison’s upper legs and then bending her lower legs, Nancy gruffly shifts Allison toward the right. Lifting Allison’s legs in the air and twisting her, Nancy wraps Allison’s legs around her waist, then pushes Allison forward on her lap and spreads Allison’s legs as wide as they will go. Allison is shocked at the quickness and roughness of the movements and blurts out some shocked moans and miffed “ahs” in response. Nancy has Allison in a wheel barrel position on her lap and Allison’s wetness is in full view of Nancy now. Nancy hikes her skirt up farther so she can spread her legs apart to make herself more comfortable. Taking one of Allison’s lower cheeks, Nancy spreads it back and begins thwacking the parts of Allison’s inner cheek that has been spared any onslaught from the hand spanking. 

Thwack after thwack falls as Allison’s moisture collects in her crevices. The stings are unbearable. Allison’s shoulders are tense throughout the process of absorbing the painful blows. Nancy then leans her elbows on Allison’s lower back and pulls back Allison’s other cheek to treat it to the same punishment. Now that Nancy is satisfied that the red coloring is perfected all over every bit of Allison’s cheeks, she stops to observe the spasms in Allison’s buttocks. Allison pants heavily and relaxes in hopes of calming her breathing. The relaxation releases Allison’s juices from her gullies and Allison’s juices run down her belly making her shiver. She has lost control of the muscles in her lower body and her genital area. Fighting her urges is no longer an option.  Allison’s shivering discharges a heavy flow of sweet nectar that drips to the carpet. Nancy is watching all this intently and smacks Allison’s bottom with her hand twice.

“Naughty, naughty, Allison. Look what you are doing to my carpet.”

“Sorry, Ma’am. I ….can’t help it.”

“Not to worry, dear. Jacob will clean it up. Jacob!”

The butler enters the room with a sponge, a bucket full of soapy water and a plastic bag. Allison’s mind reels with embarrassment at the thought of the butler seeing her in this predicament. Nancy takes the wet sponge from Jacob and runs the sponge from Allison’s vagina up toward her anus. She repeats this a few times then, hands the sponge back to the butler. Jacob tends to the cleaning of the carpet directly underneath Allison. Before the butler leaves, he places a white tapered candle, a box of baby wipes, a garbage pail, a turkey baster and a jar of Vaseline on the floor next to Nancy.

“Now, Allison. You must not let that happen again. Is that clear?”

“Yes, I will try Ma’am.”

“I think we need to clean you up a bit more.”

Nancy takes the turkey baster and smears it with Vaseline. She spreads Allison’s lower lips apart and slides the turkey baster into her urethral opening and squeezes the bulb to extract whatever moisture is left. The pain from the intrusion makes Allison’s eyes bulge and she tries to close her legs to grasp the baster, but Nancy smacks her buttocks. The baster slides out and across Allison’s clitoris, then quickly back and forth.

“Is this what you want Allison?”


Nancy giggles in her delight. The power she has over Allison’s body doubles the amount of saliva in Nancy’s mouth. She makes sure to swallow more often to compensate.

After teasing Allison’s clit, Nancy cleans the baster and reapplies Vaseline to it. She spreads Allison’s vulva and inserts the baster into Allison’s vaginal orifice, twisting it, thrusting it and letting it suck the honey as if it were a feast.  Allison is writhing in pain and pleasure throughout the process and cannot contain her body’s jerking and flourishing. Nancy leaves the baster in place and grabs the paddle. The whomps of the paddle cascade relentlessly upon Alison’s already reddened buttocks. Allison rises and falls with each attack of the paddle as the baster slips farther into her stretched vagina. Allison can feel the tip of the baster tickle the edge of her erotic spaces. Allison is almost there, but then the paddling stops and the baster is pulled out. Allison gasps.

Taking a baby wipe, Nancy cleans Allison’s genitals and resumes the cleaning up toward her anus. Nancy then gently takes Allison’s legs, bends them at the knees and slowly lowers Allison to the carpeted floor. Allison rolls herself into a fetal position and lays there motionless. Nancy promptly gets up and walks over to the desk. She starts clearing off the desk of everything except the straps, riding crop and cane.

“Allison, I want you to get up and kneel by the chair. Then I want you to lean yourself over it with your bottom facing the desk.”

Allison complies.


After finishing the removal of unwanted items from the desk, Nancy stands in front of the desk and leans back on it with her legs crossed. She then crosses her arms and watches Allison. Nancy is moved at the sight set before her. She marvels at the redness she has produced on Allison’s bottom and the silence of Allison. There is no whimpering or crying, only the now deep slow breathing of a contented woman kneeling before her. Nancy raises her eyes to the ceiling to fight off the welling of some tears and to find the strength to carry on with this test. Nancy is exhausted from the emotion of it and wishes there were an easier way to appease her obsessive needs.

Feeling overwhelmed with her implicit power over Allison, Nancy walks over to the table that holds three decanters of liquor and some glasses. She chooses the blackberry brandy, pours a good splash of it into a glass and quickly drinks it down. Placing the glass back down on the table, Nancy takes a deep breath and turns back around to face Allison.

“Get up Allison. Take your blouse off, bend over the desk and pull yourself up over the top so you can grab the other end please.”


Allison slowly gets up and stumbles in her high heels towards the desk. She is still a little weak, but manages to perform what is asked of her. Allison’s bottom is raised up to allow a pillow to be placed underneath her. Because of this, Allison can no longer touch the carpet with her feet.  Nancy takes the tapered candle and applies some Vaseline to it. She then walks over to Allison, spreads Allison’s bottom crack and begins rubbing Allison’s anus opening in a circular motion. Nancy then inserts the candle as fair as it will go into Allison’s anus. Alison elicits a soft murmur and a low groan.

As Allison breathes, the candle ever so slightly twitches back and forth. Allison grasps the other side of the desk harder. Nancy then takes the wider strap in her hands, doubles it over, pats Allison’s lower sit spot with it and measures the position she wishes to take.  She leans the strap back and releases it full force on Allison’s lower bottom, alternating the trashing between the lower bottom and the upper thighs.  Allison keeps her mouth slightly open to draw in more oxygen. Her brain is tingling and heat is seething from her brow.  The candle is waving vigorously to and fro like a conductor’s wand in time to the strapping. The sensation makes Allison cringe with shame. The licking she is receiving makes the blood rush to the cheeks in her face and makes her tighten her grip on the desk. Allison is drifting toward the edge of her limits and she now cries out in her mind for mercy, questioning the sanity of her needs. The utterings of ‘ows’ now slip past her teeth. It is audibly wretched.


The sweat pours down the sides of Nancy’s face. She cannot stop her onslaught and with each newly raised utterance of Allison, Nancy brings the strap down harder to answer the level of Allison’s vocalizations.  The burning of Allison’s buttocks is at twelve alarms now. She is pushed over the edge of her limit and held there dangling. Allison does not utter a sound and lets go of the desk. Seeing this, Nancy stops the licking and wipes the sweat from her face. Both are panting exhaustively. Feeling faint, Nancy walks quickly over to the sofa to rest, dropping the strap halfway there. Both women fall asleep in their respective places.  

An approximate hour and a half has pasted as Jacob enters the study. He walks over to the still sleeping Nancy on the sofa and attempts to wake her.

“Madam. Madam.”

Nancy does not stir. Jacob places his hand on Nancy’s shoulder and ever so slightly shakes her, calling to her louder this time.

“Madam. Madam. Your dinner guest will be arriving in an hour. Please wake up, Madam.”

Nancy opens her eyes and blurry looks up at the butler. She sits up quickly and rubs the left side of her face, still not quite aware of her surroundings.

“Madam. Your dinner guest will be arriving in an hour. The girl is still here. Shouldn’t we wake her?”

“What? Oh! Allison!”

With that, Nancy springs to her feet and assesses the room.

“Jacob, clean all this up. I will attend to Allison. Poor girl!”

“Yes, Madam.”

Nancy rushes over to Allison. She is still in the same position as Nancy left her, except that Allison’s arms are tucked under her head to lend some comfort.  An angelic type smile adorns Allison’s face and she is slumbering soundly. Nancy sees that the candle is still situated in Allison’s anus and she gasps.

“Oh my!”

Slowly Nancy removes the candle and Allison stirs somewhat. Nancy walks over to Jacob and hands the candle to him to discard. As she walks back, Nancy notices that Allison’s buttocks is not quite as red anymore, but still none the less cherry red.  There are some welts and bruises that have formed on her lower bottom and upper thighs from the strapping. She is momentarily tempted to touch the welts, but she focuses on waking Allison up instead. Nancy leans over to look into Allison’s face and gently strokes Allison’s hair to awaken her gently. Allison stirs and opens her eyes. A single large tear drop falls from one of Allison’s eyes onto the wooden desk and splatters. Allison gazes up into Nancy’s eyes and Allison smiles dreamily.

“Good morning.”

“My dear, it is not morning. Get up please your interview has concluded. Now, please dear get up and get dressed.”

“Not morning? Oh! Heavens! Yes, of course, Ma’am. I must have conked out there for a bit.”

“Yes, well. That makes two of us. Hurry now. Jacob will show you to the powder room so you can further prepare yourself for the trek home. I am sorry, but I must leave. I am in a rush. It was lovely meeting you. I will make my decision about your invitation to the party in a week’s time. So sorry I must rush off like this. Good day.”

Before Nancy leaves, she takes a moment to kiss Allison on her forehead and give her a grateful smile. Nancy then quickly strides across the room and disappears through the door of the study. 

Pushing the pillow that still lies underneath her to the side, Allison carefully slides sideways off of the desk and begins to put her clothing back on. Her panties are a struggle to put in place, the skirt less so. Jacob kindly ushers Allison toward one of the guest bathrooms down the hall from the study.  Allison’s first order of business is to relieve herself and the process of taking down her panties makes her wince. The toilet bowl seat is cool and affords some minor relief to her plight. She lingers there for some time with her elbows on her thighs and hands covering her face absorbing the emotions of pain. Getting back up, Allison glides over to the full length mirror to assess the damage to her buttocks. The bruising is contained to her lower buttocks and upper thighs. The completeness and uniformity of the redness of her bottom astonishes Allison. Now noticing the welts and bruises more, she reaches to rub some of the sting away from them. Allison’s mouth silently mimics some ‘ows’ and she winces, then contently smiles as she gathers herself further together. Jacob is waiting there when she exits the bathroom, he hands Allison her coat and escorts her out of the grand apartment.


The new fallen snow wisps in the wind as Allison exits out onto the street. She bundles herself tighter as the doorman flags a taxi down to take her to the train station. All the way home Allison mulls over her emotions and thoughts about what she has just experienced. She wonders if she will be invited to the party. If not, it was an interview she will always remember and that is worth the warmth in her heart and bottom she feels right now. Allison glances out the train window and is left watching the snowflakes dance a fitting snow fairy waltz in time to her heart beats and sighs.   


You'll be happy to know that chapter two is coming next week. Thank's Toralei! I love being able to host a good story and I really enjoyed yours. If anyone else is writing please send your story to elisspeaks@yahoo.com


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