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Friday, April 17, 2015

Fantasy Friday - Talk To Me

You cannot believe how happy I am that Friday has finally rolled around again. It was a long week trying to get back into the swing of things after a wonderful vacation. But the end it almost in sight and that's always exciting.

We have another brand new story today! Today's story in from a new friend, Bloom. Bloom is from Asia and although she is not currently in a spanking relationship, like many of us she says she fantasies a lot. She says writing is her hobby so I really hope we'll be hearing more from her. For today please enjoy…

Talk To Me

I stared at the screen of LCD, not really watching the movie , just lost in my own world, and I could tell that Brandon was doing the same. My thoughts were clouded, I am angry, because I feel like he doesn't care. I am scared because he had the power. He could force it out of me, he could force me to tell him what the problem was and I knew this was exactly what he'd do. 

I had it in my mind that I won't surrender. He had to know it himself. How can he feel like its all fine? How can he think that I'm having no problem at all with him gone for all day long, sometimes week long on stupid business trips? Even thinking about it made me feel infuriated, but what did he care?
 I felt him shift beside me, probably he was facing me now. But I won't talk to him. Just like I didn't when he came back yesterday from his two days trip from Seattle.

"I'm going to ask you once more Emily Roberts. What is the problem?"
His tone was firm.
His voice deep , like it had always been, when I first met him in bar, when he first took me to date. 
I moved in with him after we engaged. I didn't move in with the furniture. I needed him, to be with me, to give me time, attention, care. But these all were consumed by his work load. He has numerous workers in his firm, yet he never comes home before 10 at night. 
Its been going on for over 3 weeks now. Before this at least he was home early, at least once a while he stayed home, at least he didn't go to business trips twice a week. Still he wants me to tell him what is wrong. 

I try to keep my voice neutral as I answer him. "It’s nothing."
I know I'm being tough. But he needs to use his mind. 
I hear him sigh as he switches off the LCD. Anger bubbles inside me, the urge to fight and argue with him stronger than ever. 
I face him, "I was watching!" I say with a slight raise in my voice.

"No, you were lost in thoughts. I studied you for fifteen minutes your eyes didn't flicker. You kept staring at one spot." 

"Why were you staring at me like a creep?" I knew I was pushing him. Though I didn't know why. Maybe it was just the brat inside me. The brat who didn't get its dose for a long while now.

"Language, Emily. And because I was trying to think why are you behaving like this."

"There's nothing wrong with my behavior," I argue, refusing to look at him. I know he hates it when I don't look in his eyes. I know he'll be able to comprehend if he looks deep into me. This is exactly how he came to know yesterday that I was angry.
He was gentle in trying to know what is bothering me, but I didn't give it away. I kept making it harder and harder. Now I think he'll do what he does when he thinks I really need to be put in place.
His ideas of punishing me depend upon my crime. Testing his limits is something I never did before. 

"In the corner." He says sternly. He knows I'll do it all day if he doesn't take any action. I show no signs of surrender as I walk and stand there , facing the wall. It’s a rule not to have anything waist down once I'm in corner so I pull my jeans and panties waist down. I blush a little at the exposure, but I keep chanting don't give up like my personal mantra.
I stare at the cream coloured wall, a little voice in my head keeps telling me its not going to end up good. Not for my bottom. But I keep pushing that voice away. 

I hear him go towards the kitchen. Maybe to eat something? But at 3 in afternoon, and just after an hour of lunch, why'd he eat something? Maybe to drink water, I tell myself.
After some time I hear him come back. I can feel his eyes , on me, on the bottom I'm sure he'll soon turn red. 
I gulp, now planning to give up but then I think its too late.

"Come here." He says and I walk towards him, keeping my hands in front of me so as to cover my modesty, but what’s the point? I know soon I won't be bothering to contain my dignity. 

"Over my lap," he says calmly. Now I panic but I can't make it harder for myself.
I lay down and wait. I squirm uncomfortably as his hand roam across my bottom. My face is getting hot. This is embarrassing.
"Hmm, you want me to force it out of you, don't you?" He asks, tapping my bottom and re-adjusting it as it is jutting out.
"You know I expect answers, but let me get rid of this behaviour, maybe then you'll see the light." By the end of this sentence he smacks my bottom hard. 
I raise my head and clench my teeth, preparing myself for the wrath of Brandon's steel like hand.
I try my best to keep my mouth shut but five smacks later I yell "Ow."
He isn't moving to my left bottom cheek and it’s worrying me.
"Eouch!!" My feet kick a bit. Why is he not moving to other spots? I want to tell him to move but I know he will do just what he wants to.
"Oh God!" I gasp as the burn in my bottom is now becoming intolerable.
He doesn't stop and keeps spanking me. He really is spanking me hard and fast. My bottom dances on his lap but his blows never miss.
"Ahhhh!" I cry out. My butt cheek feels like it is on fire. And the pain never settles in because he never gives it a break!

"Ok ok! I'm sorry!" I yell. If this can make him stop then so be it!
To my utter disappointment, he continues.
I kick my legs furiously, wiggling and squirming "Oh please!" I plead but it falls on deaf ears.
"Brandon! I - I mean sir!" I gasp "Ouch! I'm sorry!"

"Not much arrogant, are you now?" He teases. 
"Oh my! It burns!" I cry and tears spill on my cheeks.
"You look better now, with a red ass cheek and much better behaviour." He says pulling me up.
Is it over? I don't ask though, I feel so embarrassed. "Kneel down on the sofa." He instructs and I gulp, my mind racing with what he can he be thinking of doing.
I reluctantly get on the sofa, one of my ass cheek still on fire and begging me to rub it,  but I know better and so I resist.
"I - I'll be good now." I say, scared for my life and trembling a little as I get into position and feel him parting my ass cheeks.
"Sshh." Is all he says.

"Please sir." I try once more trying to look over my shoulder.
I feel a tip of something cool on my butt hole. This can't be what I think this is. "Oh no," I say desperately, wiggling my bum.

He smacks it hard, "Sit still!" He says, his voice raised.
Tears sting in my eyes "Please don't!" I mumble. "I'm sorry. Please please!"
He pushes the ginger in and takes a step back to admire his work.
Do you know how humiliating it is to have a ginger in your half red ass? Very much!
"Fuck!" I say , not really realizing that it slipped from my mouth. My hand flies to my mouth "Oh no." I mutter.
One thing you must know when with a guy like Brandon, he doesn't tolerate swearing.

"I'll make sure to punish you nicely my little girl, for being such a brat." He says walking away and leaving me in misery.

"It was slip of tongue Brandon!" I cry out. The pain is too much "Oh please, please come back! Please take it out!" I shout and start crying harder.
"I'm sorry," I say even though I know he is not here but when he come back, my heart sinks. He's carrying a soap.

"Open." He orders but I shake my head, I'm in much pain already.

"I'll behave! I'll be super good!" I say, my legs kicking to manage the pain.
He stands there looking at me. He knows I'll do anything to make him get the ginger out and by not complying I'm prolonging my own misery.
I open my mouth and he places the soap in "Bite it and keep it in." He says.
I obey and watch him as he moves behind me. He sits somewhere. I know he must be watching me as I move my bottom left to right and up down to manage the furious pain.
"Now since you can't answer me back with that smart mouth of yours, I'll give you two options. Either you tell me what’s been bothering you after you take a hand spanking for your right butt cheek and then get a hair brush spanking after I take the ginger out or, you can have the ginger inside you while you get punished and stand in corner until you decide to spill the beans."

I know what my answer is. "Now go rinse your mouth and in meanwhile, decide what you want." He tells me and I immediately make a run for bathroom. But the bloody ginger is even more painful while walking.
I come back a few minutes later. I rinsed my mouth thoroughly and quickly so as to get it over with the punish but I still feel the bad taste in my mouth.

"Um. " I start , I know he expects me to ask for my punishment "Please sir, punish me till you think I've learned my lesson." I say staring at ground and watching as two tears slip from my face.

"Very well. Come here."
I take baby steps towards him. Fearing the spanking and trying to tolerate the ginger.
He starts as soon as I'm on his lap, his hand is now concentrating on my right cheek. I babble apologies and keep sobbing.
"This is SMACK SMACK for being SMACK so SMACK adamant SMACK SMACK SMACK and bratty SMACK SMACK."

"Yeowwww! I'm AHHH so-sorry!" I shout. I kick but it brings a spasm of pain from my butthole.
Finally he stops , he opens my cheeks and takes out the burning ginger from it. I swear I never felt so relieved as I did then
But to my sheer horror, he places the wooden brush on my hot bum.
"No, no please!" I beg. "I'll never do it again! Promise!" I start crying even harder but it has no effect on him.
He raises and brings the brush on my bottom hard.
"Will you ever swear again?"  He asks continuously whacking my already sore and sorry bottom.

"No sir," I hardly get it out "Ahhh!" I yell.
"Will you be a naughty little girl again?"

"No no. I'll be good!" I say and add, "Please, sir."
He knows answering is so hard during spanking yet he keeps asking questions. 

"Please, more?" He teases.

"No no! Please st- Ahhh!"

"Of course you can have more," he says making me cry out even more.
"This is exactly how frustrated I felt when you didn't give me straight honest answers." He says making ne duck my head in shame.
 "I'm so Oww sorry."

"I know you are. Just last ten for reminder," he says.
He smacks on my thighs and my leg moves up due to pain "Leg down!" He orders and smacks harder.

"Oww please! I- I'm try - Eouch! Trying."

"Have you learned your lesson now?" he asks and I nod "Y-yes sir," I sob.

He pulls me into his lap, "I hated to do this. And I wouldn't have to if you weren't being a bad girl."

"I'm sorry," I say. "Please forgive me."

"I do baby girl. I care about you.”
"You do?" I cut him off, pushing back from his chest to look up at him. 
The movement causes my bum to burn more and he notices as I wince.
He angles my bum in air. "Of course sweetheart. That’s why I just punished you."

"But I need your time also." I say.

"I'm trying to do as much work as I can so we can easily go on our honeymoon." He says making me frown.
 "Why didn't you tell me before?" I say with slight irritation. My pliable attitude is still there.

"I did. Don't you remember?" he asks.


"When you were on your cell phone a couple of weeks ago searching for best honeymoon spots and I told you that being a CEO means a lot of work load and if we want a nice honeymoon, you'll have to compromise for a month and that I'll be very busy. You also replied with a yes."

"Oh God it totally slipped my mind." My eyes are wide. Of course he told me this! I was too busy to pay attention.

"This was what it was all about?" He says a bit angrily.

"Eh. Kinda." I sheepishly say. 

"I so want to put that ginger back in." He threatens.

"Sowie." I say in baby voice and rest my head on his strong chest , "You know I often get too indulged in doing something. I didn't pay much attention to what you said that day."

He sighed. 

"I'm sorry," I say with my chin clamped to my chest.

"So what place did you like the most for our honeymoon?" He asked and I knew I was forgiven.

Thank you Bloom! This was a great story and I really do hope you'll be willing to write more for us. We have  more new stories to come, but we can always  use more so it you're willing to write one please send it to elisspeaks@yahoo.com


  1. Thank you Bloom for taking a chance on us and sharing a lovely story. Would love to read about their honeymoon.

    Thanks PK for FF.

    Wishing you both a wonderful weekend.

    Hugs and blessings...

  2. Wonderful story Bloom. Really enjoyed this and hope you will continue to write.

    Thank you for bringing us another great story PK. Have a wonderful weekend :)


  3. Bloom, wonderful. Thank you for sharing your story with us. I hope you will write more for us.

    Thanks PK.


  4. HI Bloom, thanks for writing such a great story for us.
    PK, hope you and Nick are okay
    love Jan,xx