I have been a wife and mother for over twenty years. Now I am becoming my husband's lover, too.
We owe it all to my fellow bloggers who gave me the courage to come out to my husband as a spanko.
I do feel like this is a New Beginning for us.

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Sunday, March 22, 2015

Your help is needed - and it should be fun!

I have a friend who is thinking of starting a blog. Now that’s not too unusual, lots of my friends write blogs – I even browbeat a few into it, but I’m really looking forward to this one. This lovely lady is in between relationships at the moment, but she is no stranger to spanking. She’s had a paddle across her bottom more than once and she has also been know to lay a stripe or two across a male’s behind when it was warranted.

Her interests mirror many of ours, but she has a bit more courage than I do – she should, she’s much younger. Her exploration have taken her to some ‘dungeon’ club’s where she as been a very interested bystander. But I have the feeling she won’t be a bystander forever. Whether she bends over or grabs the paddle remains to be seen. She may well do a little of both.

Now the purpose of my post – she wants our help as she begins blogging. She needs a name, and the blog need’s a name and she’s willing to have a contest if we’ll help her come up with these. Willing to give it a shot?

In comment, or an email to me, leave a suggestion for a name for her and one for her blog. She’ll be doing the picking and for fun I’ll offer a free Cassie book of your choice – including the one I just sent to the publisher, as a prize if your suggestion is chosen. Two books actually, one for her name and one for the blog. Come on and join the fun – this is for bloggers, readers and lurkers alike.


  1. Hey PK...this is a bit difficult without knowing more about your friend but I'll give it a shot...
    Blog name = Switch It Up
    Blogger name = Lady Inquisitive

    Hope you're having a great weekend.

    Hugs and blessings...

  2. I was thinking Switch like Cat but as blogger name and Top... Or... Bottom as Blog name :) worth a shot

  3. I struggled with my own, but here goes:
    Blog name Switched on to spanking
    Blogger name Rosie Cheeks
    Good luck to your friend, looking forward to seeing her blog

  4. Captivating Rebel.....CR for short.
    Freed Spirit
    Dove ( okay corny, but I get a visual of her being uncaged, when she steps to where she wants to be...like releasing the doves....she's probably releasing her lunch as she reads this)
    or perhaps something for the personality and hobby like....Wisecracker.

    Hope she has fun thinking of the possibilities.

  5. I went to sleep last night pondering this.....Hear are some weird ideas....
    what about...for blog name: crios-Chuchulainn --the phrase means,
    Meadow sweat, gueen of the meadow, "my lady's belt"
    Her name maybe...beach-eolais (with appropriate accent) it means queen bee.
    Just some kooky ideas.

  6. When I began to think of this I thought of uncertainty and curiosity
    Blog name: delightful dilemma
    Her name: darling

    You provided a lot of information someone who is seeking and gathering information... Doing her research....and curious about what role she would like to be.... That is why I chose darling for her name because it is an adjective that works for both depending on the emphasis

    I hope she finds her path and is able to decide on her name
    Thanks for the thinking game!!!

  7. Hmmm...
    blog name...from both sides.......both sides of the paddle.....
    her name.....Miss indecisive....
    hugs abby

  8. To Spank or Be Spanked
    Ms Demeanor

  9. Oh difficult one.

    Blog name - From Both Sides or Two Sides of Spanking.

    Her name - Miss Reality

    Good luck to her. Looking forward to reading her blog.


  10. Truly names and titles are not my strong suit; however, I love some of the suggestions above. I look forward to welcoming her and her blog whatever she decides it to be called and wish her the best of luck. PK certainly can be a persuasive friend when it comes to blogging...and I am so glad she is. :-) Hugs

  11. How about "Making the dungeon home" or "Paddle or be Paddled" or maybe "Releasing the chains" or "Bent Willingly" and she can call herself Fascination or Dark Lady or Marquessa.

    Who knows, maybe she should call it Jane Inquires and just call herself Jane. :-)

    Good luck choosing new blogger!

  12. I think all these are wonderful - I'll keep referring back to this post all week so you all keep thinking and if my friends makes her choice I'll announce it next week.

  13. Maybe....The Domesticated Domme (not sure if it already exists though)


  14. As was mentioned this is hard to do without more details or perhaps some additional hints on her characteristics might help. Those not being available, I offer the following:
    - Anita Spanks
    - Anita Spanks Takes a New Swing


  15. There are some GREAT suggestions here! However am I to choose?? What happens when a Rogue can no longer be a Rogue...

    1. Well, Rogue you could always go with Bruiser...

      Jo Jo

  16. In Search of Vision (double entaundra (sp) with Vision being the her name as well.

  17. This sounds like fun. My suggestion for the blog name is either Topsy turvy or Subminatrix. Which is both submissive and dominatrix combined. Good luck to your friends, hope her blog is successful.

  18. How about "My life as a spanko" for the blog name and ,one blogger suggested Rosie Cheeks so let me suggest Red Cheeks as the name.


  19. Anonymous10:32 PM

    Hi PK,
    I look at our new blogger friend as having a split personality of sorts- one gal who likes to give discipline and one who likes to receive it. This prompted me to think of that old movie, "The Three Faces of Eve." It's about a woman with three personalities, Eve White was the good girl (in this instance, the top), Eve Black was the mischievous, fun lover (in need of discipline), and Jane was the stable one who held them together (the narrator of the blog). Regardless of her name, I look forward to lurking on her blog!
    Pittsburgh Pam