I have been a wife and mother for over twenty years. Now I am becoming my husband's lover, too.
We owe it all to my fellow bloggers who gave me the courage to come out to my husband as a spanko.
I do feel like this is a New Beginning for us.

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Friday, February 13, 2015

Fantasy Friday - The Hat Trick

It's Friday and it's freezing - I think its safe to say that for most of my readers.  I'm hoping I won't have to leave the house all weekend, but that rarely happens. But we do have a story to warm us up - and as promised, it's a brand new story. And it's from a friend of our - Jan, from an English Rose. Jan has done a wonderful job, but i know everyone is a bit nervous sending in their first story.  I have no doubt you will love it as much as I did!

Please enjoy...

The Hat Trick

Damn and Blast it! How could my day be starting like this? Half naked (bottom half naturally) and facing the empty corner in our bedroom whilst awaiting my husband's attentions. By attentions I imagine you can all guess just what form those might come in, especially as he has and I quote, "been pushed to his limits with my idiotic behavior."  Really! How rude. I never do anything without my own good intentions and to find myself once more in this predicament is rather galling.
My husband is generally speaking a forgiving, placid sort of chap but sometimes he seems to me to have a very short fuse. Oh who am I kidding he has an extremely long fuse and I had accidentally just blown it. I do seem to have a knack for doing just this.
Married for many years and with the children grown we had decided as many do to spice up our life. With the advent of a certain book and hefty amount of fantasizing we introduced spanking to our love life. Wonderful, I hear you cry, Jolly good idea, you say. Well...
On the whole I have to agree, Nothing gets either of us going so much as an erotic, good girl spanking, lots of stroking, lots of fairly gentle wallops and a nice set of rosy cheeks all lead to a great time. However as time went on aforementioned husband realized that this lovely activity could also be used in much more useful way!
I am afraid I do have a few, shall we say bad habits, just little idiosyncrasies, that are harmful to few I come across but annoying to the one important man in my life.
My current situation has come about because of speed, more accurately my extremely fast speed in the
car and my extremely slow speed in getting to the mail before my beloved.
Unfortunately I had performed the first feat easily, in fact twice on the same day.  I had raced through two speed cameras. I somehow managed to catch the same camera on the same day just in opposite directions.  A disaster and to make matters worse this disaster happened whilst gossiping with a girlfriend on our way to spend far too much money (in his opinion) on a shopping trip in a nearby city. Can you see the offences piling up around me?
Back to today, approximately two weeks after the event. Honestly there ought to be a statute of limitations on spanking offences. If he doesn't catch me within a week I reckon I should be let off!  My darling has a day off and so after a leisurely lay in we began our day.
A while later and just as I am brandishing the mascara wand in a vain attempt to make myself look a few years younger, into the bedroom appears an irate looking chap.
"I wouldn't bother putting that on if I were you, you will only have to do it again in half an hour or so!"
"Tom! What!! Why?" And then I noticed he was waving the latest credit card statement around like the unite nations flag. Oh well perhaps I wouldn't wear make up for a while yet today. I do seem to recall buying a new dress on the same ill-fated shopping trip as I have previously mentioned. Unaware of the speeding tickets as you don't know until two weeks after the event when the ticket drops onto the mat I made the mistake of thinking this was my only misdeameanour. I was soon to be made aware of the rest as Tom handed me my post, two suspicious looking brown envelopes that at this point I had no clue about. I don't know about you but to me brown envelopes always spell trouble, bills generally, but always bad news.
"Been speeding have you Elly? Racking up the offences today love?"
I snatched the envelopes in what I must admit was a rather snippy fashion.
"Watch it babe, we aren't even started yet, don't go making more trouble, I think you are in enough already."
"Oh they must have made a mistake," I gaily said, "they have sent two tickets for the same day, that's not too bad then is it? Just one ticket, says I went through a speed camera a tad too fast. Maybe I could do that speed awareness course, might help me do you think?"
"Give me those,” he barked, holding his hand out. Oh please don't let him work out this is all on the same day I thought. My husband is nothing if not educated though and quickly put the whole picture together after reading my tickets and his credit card silently for a moment. 
"Get that new dress, yes the one you bought that cost as much as the national debt, and put it on right now. Then get in your corner (yes I do have a regular, kept clear just for me corner). Move. Right. Now!
I went, by this time I realized that there was pretty much nothing that would save me so it seemed better to take the path of least resistance and cooperate.
As I got dressed, and believe me it felt far too early in the morning to be dressed for cocktails his all seeing eyes narrowed. "Is that the new dress bought two weeks ago?"
"Err yes..."
"I see, so now we can add lying to this mornings tally because three days ago when you wore that and I told you looked beautiful and asked if it was new you said you had had it ages!! Well let me tell you ages is longer than two weeks!"
I opened my mouth to start some sort of defense, weak though it would be but…
"Do not open your mouth and I don't want to hear anything else unless it is ‘yes sir’ or ‘no sir’. Do you understand?"
"Yes sir," I know, raging feminist I am not. I know when I have lost and when to accept defeat gracefully.  Somehow I know this, but when it comes to the actual spanking gracefully is not how I will be taking it.
I retreated to my corner and hauled the dress above my waist. No Knickers either. See I can be quick when I want to.
Tom was furious and the lecture began immediately
"So let me see if I have this right. Two speeding tickets, " I opened my mouth to correct him, but he went on to say, "Shush, it is two. You managed to get one on the way to your little extravaganza and one on the way home with your ill-gotten gains! That is going to cost us both, me in the pocket and you won't be getting behind the wheel for a while. More importantly it is not safe and that is my biggest concern. I don't want you hurt in an accident or anyone else either come to that. Then there is the dress. I hope it is hard wearing because you won't be buying any more for a bit. Then there is the worst offence in my book. You lied to me, and you lied after I had given you a compliment too. Before we get to this morning's main event anything you want to say, any mitigating circumstances you want to plead. You usually try but babe I can't imagine there is much you can say to escape a hat trick of offences and a spanking to remember!"
I started to sniffle, more from guilt than anything, mind you there was a bit of apprehension going on as I usually only manage one disaster at a time not a handful.
" I am so sorry. I didn't know about the tickets until I opened the post just now. I would have admitted them truly. (Possibly out of fear but I would have confessed to them straightaway). The dress I bought because we were going to that fancy do and that revolting woman from number 23 was going and she has set her sights on you. I wanted to make sure that you would only look at me not her. I always feel so frumpy and inferior to her. I lied because I knew it was wrong to spend so much on one dress and I felt guilty. Still do actually. I am so so sorry. Sir."
He listened silently and I just stood there snuffling and sniffling for a few minutes.
"Come here now" I turned to him sitting on the edge of the bed waiting for me. The look in his eyes had softened somewhat but still I could feel a doozy of a spanking coming on. I went to him and he quietly removed the damn dress and bra. Oh no, it was to be a naked spanking then, somehow that always makes it worse.  Gently he laid me over his lap with my head and chest resting on the bed. Taking one of my hands in his he held me to him and pinned both my legs under one of his.
"I appreciate the explanation and the apology, but you need to be more careful with the speeding so the first spanking is for that. There was no need for any more lecturing and he began to spank every inch of my bottom. He wasn't gentle, but I did I deserve it, raining slap after slap down on my poor cheeks while I wriggled and squirmed trying unsuccessfully to free myself from his hard hand and pouring out promises of never breaking the speed limit again.  It felt like hours, but in actual fact was probably minutes and when he stopped I lay limply over his lap sobbing. Pulling me up to perch rather uncomfortably on his knee he rubbed my back for a while before instructing me to return to the corner for a few minutes.
By now if he had asked me I would have gone to the moon so the corner seemed the easy option and off I went sniveling and far more docile than my earlier trip. Left to myself I reflected on my adventure with no small amount of guilt. Two tickets meant a hefty fine and almost certainly a hike in our insurance fees and all he was concerned about was my safety. I felt even worse and cried harder. This blinking corner time is very effective...
"Come back to me and we will finish this now," I turned to him and could see the pillows piled at the end of the bed and two implements lying beside them. My least two favourite implements, really hard leather paddle and an even harder wooden paddle that I hated. I started to cry again but if I am truly honest I wouldn't have wanted him to let me off, my guilt now was overwhelming and I practically threw myself into position.
"In a hurry sweet cheeks," he chuckled. Knowing me so well though he knew exactly how I was feeling. "Let's sort these last two offences out then, I am going to use this leather paddle now and when you next think about spending enough money to feed a third world country on a dress maybe you will think again. Also will you please remember that I love you not the damn woman from number 23! If I didn't love you I wouldn't be here now doing this would I?"   He then said. "Ten with this paddle, you don't have to count it will take all morning to get through them if I have to wait for you." Bringing the paddle down as he finished his sentence I immediately began shrieking and begging him to stop. Have I mentioned how much I dislike this paddle?
To give him his due he didn't delay and it was over in a very short time leaving my bottom hot, throbbing and as sore as hell and me wishing for two things, one, that I had never bought the dress, and two, that I had never met the woman from number 23!
"I hope you are regretting the speeding and the shopping right now but babe for me all this pales into insignificance besides the lying. I would never lie to you and I expect the same respect from you.  Do. Not. Lie.To. Me. Ever. Understand?"
"I won't , I won't. I’m so sorry sir. Please , please, I am sorry. Sorry. Sir, " I was babbling by now and aware that Tom was holding the dreaded wooden paddle ready to begin.
"Last ten, I'll be quick, and you will never lie to me again."
With that the paddle slammed down into my backside, alternate cheeks ten times. I howled from the start and by the end I couldn't do anything but lay limply trying to catch my breath.  This was the worst spanking he had ever given me and I knew that I had deserved every bit of it.
As soon as he had finished the paddle hit the floor and he hauled me into his arms for some very needed cuddling. Lying on the bed beside each other (me on my tummy) I stammered out my apologies over and over as he murmured forgiveness."Gosh darling," he chuckled as he very gently applied aloe lotion to my scorched bottom, "your cheeks are as red as that new dress!" If you are a very good girl today I may take you out to dinner tomorrow, got to get my money's worth out of that new dress and you do look ravishing in it!"


Jan I really appreciate you not only writing this story, but for sharing it with us as a Fantasy Friday. I don't get many new stories and I was so happy to get this. You really did do a great job and I really, really hope you'll keep writing. Jan had the courage to jump in and try it - won't you think about it? Send your stories to elisspeaks@yahoo.com


  1. Great story, Jan. I think you have a knack for this.

  2. Jan, what a great story! I particularly liked the phrase "doozy of a spanking". Excellent.


  3. Anonymous3:10 AM

    Terrific story Jan, I hope you'll write more.

    Rosie xx

  4. Awesome story Jan! Really hope you will write more :)


  5. Great Jan. Hope you write another story too.

  6. Jan,

    What a super story, good for you. I really enjoyed it. Hope you will write more. Thanks.

    Thanks PK.


  7. Anonymous10:29 AM

    Loved your story ad this may be the push I needed to write one for PK myself.

  8. Great job Jan! Write more for us please!!
    Thanks PK!

  9. Anonymous1:44 PM

    Jan, what a great story!! Hope to read more of yours.

  10. Hi everyone, thank you all for being so kind. I hope you have a go Meredith. I think I have read so many I can't come up with something that hasn't been done already!!
    love Jan,xx

  11. Great story, Jan, love the opening statement, sort of thing I say all the time!

  12. LOVED it, Jan!! :) Oh the shopping thing... I think you did a wonderful job! Many hugs,

    <3 Katie

  13. You did very good Jan! Love the story and can really empathize...I also have a need for speed. ;) Now that the cat's out of the bag, you're gonna have to share more stories for FF. ;) Thanks PK for hosting.

    Wishing you both a wonderful weekend...stay warm!

    Hugs and Blessings...

  14. Thank you Jan and PK. Nice little story for Valentine's Day.

    Now, my wife believes that stop signs - you know, those red, octagonal things? - are optional.

    There is one at the end of our street. Easy to spot from our bedroom window. Should I save up the offenses for a week or two for a ince long "conversation" or ... enjoy "talking" to her about just one tonight?

    Says a grinning MontanaVega.

    1. I say talk straightaway, but then i am a spanko,lol
      Love Jan,xx

  15. Really well done story. Hope Jan does many more.
    Rosie Dee