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Friday, October 04, 2013

Fantasy Friday - Wyoming Bride, part two

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Friday again and I’m all alone. Nick is golfing – again. I really don’t mind too much. He’s having fun and I do like time alone in small doses. Cassie is tal again, so it’s not like I’ll be all alone.

As promised, here is the conclusion of Daisy Christian’s story. If you didn’t get to read the first part you can find it here. This part is just as good. Please enjoy…

 It was almost closing time and Lacey was in the back cleaning up. It was Friday night and her and Luke were going to dinner and shopping for the wedding.  She had heard talking and laughter in the front but didn’t know who it was. She walked out of the back room “Hey Luke you almost….” She stopped in her tracks stunned as she saw him kissing Elizabeth Suthers one of the richest prettiest girls in town. She didn’t realize he was pushing her away and not kissing back. She dropped the bucket and other utensils she had in her hand to put on the shelves and they made a loud crashing noise.
He swiftly pushed Elizabeth way and turned to see a tear coming down Lacey’s face and then her face turned fire red. No one said anything.  Lacey quickly picked up the bucket and things in a hurry and stomped over storming past the two of them stopping only long enough to throw everything in her hands at them hitting Luke square in the head with the plastic bucket.  “You…..you…..I hate you Luke Jackson!!! I hate you!!” She screamed as she was holding back tears running out of the store.
Elizabeth had a smirk on her face and grabbed a hold of Luke as he was rushing towards Lacey. He quickly pushed her arms away and ran after Lacey.  “Lacey wait I can explain.” He yelled desperate to get her to understand.
“Go to hell and leave me alone! The WEDDING IS OFF!!! AND…..AND….. AND……I HATE YOU!!! I never wanna see you again!!!” She screamed running as fast as she could to the restaurant first to see if Hailey was in there and when she wasn’t  she ran out the back door.  Luke was there waiting for her.  He put his hands around her waist picking her up trying to carry her off.  “Put me down let me go!!” She screamed hitting his back.
“Shush your making a scene.” He growled, “Just listen to me.” She had jerked so much he almost dropped her.  He swatted her bottom trying to get her to settle down.
“Stop that YOU BRUTE AND PUT ME DOWN!!” She screamed again as she kicked her feet and punched his back. All the while sobbing and red faced. She could barely see for the tears in her eyes. He did put her down and as soon as he did she slapped his face.  “LEAVE ME ALONE!!” She screamed and ran into Hailey’s house; who was now standing on the front porch with her parents.
He stood there stunned and defeated. He had decided to just let her go and calm down. They would deal with everything later. One way or another she would listen to him. He loved Lacey very much. Elizabeth had caught him off guard and forced that kiss on him. She needed to trust him!!
She had known Hailey and her family all her life it was a second home. She ran inside and up to Hailey’s room crying and Hailey and her mom Cathy followed. Hailey’s dad, Tom, stood on the front porch shaking his head.   He didn’t know what was going on but raising three daughters and having a feisty wife himself he was sure Lacey was overreacting about something. He stepped off his porch walking towards a drained and wore out Luke.
“You ok son?” Tom said with a sad smile on his face.
“Yes.” Luke said with a heavy sigh.
“She got you good on the face there, Lets go in and you clean up and settle down.  Let the girl simmer a while. When a woman is acting like an old wet hen even the rooster stays away!!!” Tom said.  Both men laughed and he put his arm on Luke’s shoulder leading him into the restaurant.
“Lacey what happened?” Hailey asked as her and Cathy sat down on the bed next to her sobbing curled up body.
“he….he…was….he….he was……OOO he was kissen Elizabeth…..that…..that….” She was trying to talk as she sobbed and neither Hailey nor Cathy could make out a word.
“Hailey go get her a wet wash cloth and some tea.”   Cathy started rubbing Lacey’s back. Lacey was like another daughter to them. Lacey’s mom Amy had been her best friend and when Amy and Lacey’s dad Rob were killed in a car accident when Lacey was only 10 she and Tom had helped Josh and Wade raise her.  “Lacey honey calm down.” Cathy continued rubbing her back. She was sobbing quieter then Hailey walked in and handed Cathy the wash cloth and set down on the bed.  “Turn over here sweetie let me wipe your face.”  Lacey turned over and was calming down as Cathy wiped her face.  “Set up and take some tea and tell Hailey and I what happened maybe we can make some sense of this.”
“I…..I….was in the back room getting stuff and I walked out and saw…” Lacey said and burst into tears again and then Hailey jumped up understanding what had happened.
“He was kissing ELIZABETH!!” Haile shouted. Lacey nodded her head.  “Well that little whore and that two timing weasel.” Just then a rough voice come at the door.
“Hailey you settle down and watch your mouth don’t go stirring trouble.” Tom said sternly standing in the door way.  “Hailey you go down and start supper and let your mom see to Lacey for a little bit.”
“But….. But….” He looked at Hailey and she knew she didn’t want to start anything with him.  “Yes sir.”
Finally Cathy got her settled down and got the whole story out of her. After they ate dinner Hailey took Lacey up a plate. Then   Tom told Cathy the story that Luke told him and as Tom suspected it was a woman jumping to conclusions because another woman was stirring up trouble. “Yup old wet hens.” Cathy still didn’t see how Luke could allow it to happen. Tom told Cathy it was best for her to stay out of it unless she wanted a visit with the belt. “Let the kids work it out” he said.
Wade was sitting down to eat when Luke came in the back door looking as white as a ghost and Wade jumped up because he knew that Lacey should be with him.  “What wrong? Where’s Lacey she not…..is she ok?  Speak Luke.” Wade said with worry in his voice.
“You won’t let me talk. Yes she’s fine well kind of.” He sighed throwing his hat on the table as both men sat down at the table.  Luke told Wade what happened and Wade just leaned back in his chair knowing his little sister she didn’t go down without a fight and Luke saw her tantrums and there were a lot more where those came from.  “Wade, are you listening? What do I do? You need to go get her and make her come talk to me.”
“Well I’m going to go get her but I’m not going to make her talk to you tonight.”
Luke looked puzzled at his friend “Why not, man?”
“Well, nothing we say right now is going to calm her down. She saw you kissing a girl that’s more than half your size and she’s probably wondering the same thing I am how could you let her kiss you?”
Luke jumped up “Look dude I didn’t know she liked me. She came in said hi, walked up to me hugged me and then leaned up and kissed me as soon as she did that I pushed her away but Lacey walked in before I could push her away. That’s the truth and if you don’t believe me then some friend you are.” Luke said ready to deck his friend for accusing him of cheating on Lacey.
“Sit down and calm down Luke. I gotta little brother you know so squaring up with me will only land you on your tail. I’m not accusing you and I do believe you.” Wade said calmly chuckling at his friend.
Luke sat back down and rubbed his hands threw his hair. “Dang it Wade this is not funny. She said the wedding was off and she HATED ME!!”
Wade chuckled again “Do you know how many times she said she hated me? Well I can’t count that high, and I know my little sister.  She is over reacting and when she settles down she will hear you out because I know she loves you. She can’t stand Elizabeth at all when I was dating Elizabeth Lacey went crazy because Elizabeth is needy and demanding and I let her do whatever because I didn’t feel like I could do anything about it. Elizabeth doesn’t like you she did that to get back at Lacey. She blames Lacey for us not being together because when we dated and Elizabeth came over before I got home Lacey wouldn’t let her in the house. She locked it all up and stood at the door sticking her tongue out.”
Luke looked at Wade “I didn’t know that well that little girl definitely needs a spanking.”
“Yes she does and I’m thinking soon I will give her just that.”
Both men laughed and ate dinner. Luke felt calmer. When they were done eating Wade told Luke to go home and he would go get his sister and when he felt it was time he would call Luke to come talk to her and he assured Luke he would make her listen if she wasn’t ready soon.
Wade got to Hailey’s house and Tom greeted him at the door.  Cathy was up checking on Lacey.  “Good evening, Tom.” Wade said as Tom let him in shaking his hand.  “I hear you got something here that belongs to me.” Wade chuckled.
“If you’re referring to that little fiery blonde that is madder than an old wet hen up stairs then yes I do.”  Both men Laughed.
“I have to say it was pretty funny reminded me of Cathy out in the yard squawking at me when Irene Vanderbelt kissed me like that and Cathy walked in. I learned then why the roosters get so defensive.” Tom Chuckled.
Chuckling Wade said “Yeah Luke came to my house and told me everything. I think he would promise her the world and let her do whatever right now if she would just hear him out.  But I know my little sister right now she doesn’t hear anything.”
“I told Cathy what happened but told her not to tell the girls. These kids need to work things out.” Tom sighed as he went over and yelled up the stairs telling Cathy that Wade was here to get Lacey and they both sat down in the living room.
“Yeah but I’m not going to let her stay in and fume and pout very long. I will make her hear him out but I will let her mope for a few days.  That’s if I can keep Luke away. I told Him I would call when she was ready.”
“You would think Luke would know how girls are.” Tom said puzzled.
“Well Kayla has always been an easy going girl. He doesn’t know what he’s got himself into. Better to get it out of the way now.” The men laughed as the Cathy brought the girls down stairs.
“I thought we were leaving let’s go. I want to go home Wade.” Lacey said storming out the door.
Tom put his hand on Wade shoulder as they stood up “Good luck son.”
“Thanks, that I need.” Then Wade walked out the door before Lacey took off without him.
Before they left town he asked Lacey if she wanted anything she said no but he stopped by the store anyway and got her some chocolate ice cream to take home. He knew that fixed everything for women.
It was all quiet and they passed Luke’s house on their way home. “Stop.” She said.
Wade stopped real fast because she startled him.  He thought something might be in the road. “WHAT IN THE WORLD!! You scared me to death Lacey.”
Ignoring Wade she looked up at Luke’s house. She saw a light on she was making sure Elizabeth wasn’t there then she really wanted to talk to him.  “No Lacey you’re not going stomping in there yelling at him. If you want to hear him out and act like an adult fine but no tantrums.”
“No forget it take me home.” She demanded. She was confident he had a good explanation and it probably was a misunderstanding but she was still very hurt and had mixed emotions.
They got home she went straight up to bed. Wade knocked on the door then went in and sat on her bed.  She was crying a little. He handed her the ice cream.  “Here this will make it all better.” He smiled at her as she sat up. Wade might be strict with her but he didn’t like seeing her sad.
She smiled back and kissed his cheek. “Thank you Wade you always know how to make me feel better.”
            “Not a problem little sis.”  Wade said, studying her.  She had been ready to go and see Luke that same night; that was more than Wade had expected.  “Lacey, I know you are hurt and mad right now.  I know you need an explanation and I know Luke wants to explain everything to you.  While you are sitting in your room, sulking…please remember who we are talking about here.  It was Elizabeth….just think about that please and I know you will see the flaws in what you assumed at first.”
            Lacey blinked several times, trying to keep back the tears.  As she thought about it she had so many mixed emotions.  She loved Luke and she knew he loved her, so it made no sense for him to be kissing Elizabeth.  He had never given her the slightest indication that he was with anyone else.  To be honest she was with him so often she wasn’t sure when he would have had any time to see anyone else unless he never slept at all.  Then there was Elizabeth.  She couldn’t stand her.  She was spoiled and bratty and everyone always gave her anything she wanted, including Wade.  She scowled as she thought about her.  She was so confused.  She ate the chocolate ice cream while Wade sat on the bed watching the warring emotions play across her face.  Then he took the bowl and left her alone to think. She laid in bed curling up as a tear left her eye. She was looking at her engagement ring. She knew Luke didn’t wanna kiss Elizabeth. Or did he? Elizabeth was very beautiful and well everyone thought she lit up the room. “Maybe he’s just bored with me. Maybe I’m too much to handle? Maybe I’m not what he really wants.” She thought to herself. She kissed her ring and fell asleep.
Luke lay in bed trying to sleep. He wanted to call Lacey but he knew he shouldn’t he should just march over there tomorrow and make her listen to him. He’d spank her till she listened. He shook his head knowing he couldn’t do that. He had a picture of them together in his hand just staring at her. He put it on his chest and went to sleep.
The next day she laid in bed most of the day Wade brought her up some breakfast and told her he was going to town. Hailey and Kayla came by and told her to get out of bed. Kayla told her she knew her brother did not want to be with Elizabeth and she should just get out of bed and go see him. Then Hailey piped in “How do you know he didn’t want to be with her?  Just because he’s your brother doesn’t mean he can’t be a dirty rotten.”
Kayla jumped up putting her hands on her hips interrupting her. “Don’t you talk about my brother like that HE IS NOT!!”
Kayla rarely got loud but when it came to her brother and her friends she got loud to defend them.
Lacey started laughing and threw a pillow at them both. “Stop fighting you too seriously. I can only be mad at Luke and the three of us be mad at Elizabeth, Ok.”
“Ok.” Kayla and Hailey said in unison and then they all three laughed.
Monday came around and she had to go to work. She didn’t know if Luke would be there or not and when Wade dropped her off and Josh said he was staying with her till 3 but she had to close up she knew that meant Luke wasn’t coming in. She was sad. It had been three days and he hadn’t come around to talk to her and he wasn’t working with her. She wanted him graveling at her feet. “Maybe he doesn’t want to deal with me anymore.” She sighed to herself.  
She didn’t know that He had stopped by twice when Lacey was sleeping but Wade told him to give her space not yet. If she’d known that she may not have been feeling as down as she was. She really was ready to hear him out she thought.
The day had gone by smoothly but every time the door open she was hoping it was Luke. She was inside sweeping getting ready to close and she had the front door to the shop open she heard a truck that sounded like Luke’s so she ran to the window to see.  “What a good time to flaunt myself to him.” She thought to herself. Since She was supposed to meet Hailey over there to give her a ride home.  She hurried to the back to put the broom away and lock up. She wanted to try to run in fast past him. She walked out the door and saw Luke and Dalton getting out of the truck. She turned to lock the door and heard squealing of tires and a door slam she turned back around to see Elizabeth bouncing over to Luke.
“OOO NO She doesn’t.” Lacey said to herself out loud.  Lacey then took off running and screaming “Get away from him you stupid little whore!!!” Just then Luke looked up to see Lacey coming at Elizabeth with vengeance. Elizabeth’s eyes got big and she hid behind Luke grabbing his shirt he shrugged her off to let go off his shirt. Lacey was trying to barrel right through him “Lacey stop!!”
“No let me at that whore right now!!!!”
Lacey was trying to reach around him to smack at her she managed to get a hold of her hair and Luke pushed Elizabeth back almost knocking her down. “Way to protect your knew girlfriend Luke!! You almost knocked the little whore down you ba” Lacey screamed and was about to slap his face again when Luke grabbed her by the waist. Putting her in his truck she squealed and squirmed in his truck “Let me go you!!”
Just then Look interrupted her rolling her onto her stomach smacking her bottom three times “NOT THIS TIME!! WERE GOING TO TALK!” He growled and they took off in the truck.
Dalton shook his head as they drove off not realizing he still had a fight on his hands.  He was getting ready to open the restaurant door as Elizabeth was gathering herself to go to her car. Apparently Hailey heard the commotion and was running out but Dalton caught her around the waist and picked her up putting her back inside the restaurant shutting the door and standing between her and the door. “You and I we will have dinner you don’t need to go messing.”
Dalton scowled at Hailey, “Get out of my way Dalton!!!” Dalton grabbed her by the arm and plopped her down on a chair. Her dad was watching them and came over with a plate of food he knew they both liked. He was smiling the whole way. He liked Dalton taking control. After her dad walked away Dalton pointed to the plate “Eat!!”  “What is he some kind of caveman. Eat!! He says.” She thought to herself quietly.
Meanwhile Elizabeth got into her car squealing off. Wade had been watching from a distance he was driving up on the restaurant when everything went south. He didn’t want in the middle of a cat fight he was leaving that all up to Luke. However, he had decided it might be time to take on an old wet hen himself. He drove off after Elizabeth’s car.
“This is kidnapping you know.” Lacey said huffing looking out the window.
“You are my fiancé and not a kid. Even though you were acting like a child five minutes ago. We have to talk Lacey.”
“I don’t have anything to say, but I know you do so TALK!!” Still glaring out the window.
“I love you very much and I miss you and were supposed to get married in two weeks and you wont talk to me.”
She turned and glared at him as he’s still driving towards his house it seemed “MEEE You’re the one that should’ve been graveling at my feet you didn’t stop by once in the three days mister!!!!” She turned back to the window.
“I did so, I stopped by three times. Wade told me to give your space. You were asleep!!”
“I haven’t slept for three days. I was not asleep!!!”
“Well in your bedroom anyway!!”
They went back and forth and then pulled into his driveway. He stopped the truck and turned to her.
“Lacey, look at me.”  He said quietly grabbing her hand.
“What Luke?” She asked with a tear down her face
“Lacey, I didn’t kiss her. She must have heard you walking to us because she grabbed me hugged me and kissed me and I didn’t have a chance to push her away.”
“I know.” Lacey said quietly “But you should’ve pushed her on her behind.” Lacey then giggled.
Luke was looking puzzled at Lacey. “You know? You know I didn’t mean to kiss her?” He was getting out of the truck stomping over to Lacey’s side “You know I didn’t mean to kiss her and you have put us threw this for three days!!!” He growled pulling her out of the truck marching her to the back trying to put the tailgate down and she knew what he was thinking she started squirming.
“Wait, wait I thought I knew but since you have made me talk to you I knew!!”
He looked at her with eyebrows cocked. “Explain!!”
She got quiet and he let go of her arm crossing his across his chest as she was biting her lip.  “I went back and forth with things in my head. I know you love me and I know you didn’t want anything to do with Elizabeth and I knew you wouldn’t do that to me, but I.” she paused for a minute.
“You what Lacey?”
“I, well I…” She took a deep breathe  “I thought you were just tired of my foolishness and thought I wasn’t grown up and maybe Elizabeth was more grown up for you.” She blurted out and started crying and feeling foolish turning her back to him.
He came up behind her and turned her around kissing her first softly then deeply.  She embraced him and didn’t fight it. She was happy to be back in his harms again. He then stopped and put both hands on her shoulders pushing her back so he could look down into her eyes as she looked up at him.
“Lacey, I’ve known you our whole lives.  I never thought of you in anyway except for a little kid until the day you ran into me at the restaurant and I watched you the whole way and in the store when you poked me in the chest I knew I wanted you to be my feisty little thing to settle down. I just didn’t want to push you into anything. When you told me that night you wanted me to kiss you even though you were drunk I felt like that was exactly how you felt.” He smiled at her
“Yes it was of course. I started liking you the day we started working together. Well honestly my body and heart did but my mind was saying run!! Run from this dominant Neanderthal!!!” They both laughed
“Neanderthal, huh?” He said picking her up putting her over his shoulder smacking her bottom.”
“Hey stop.” She squealed laughing as he sat her on the tail gate. He embraced her in another long kiss and hug then back up and said “Bend over.”
She looked at him puzzled “Why Luke? Its done we’re good, let’s go eat.”
“No we have something to settle before we go on with the wedding.” He gruffed quickly turning her over and yanking his belt off.” 
She hated the sound of the belt coming off “WADE!! WHY?” She squealed bracing herself the swoosh
“WHY? Because the next time you jump to a conclusion and don’t talk to me. This could’ve all been settled days ago had you just talked to me.” He said as he laid swat after swat down on her jean bottom she was sobbing and giving him.
“I’m sorry, Luke I’m very sorry.” She said as his words came on her and she wasn’t sure what hurt more the belt or his words.
“Enjoy having something cover your bottom because after were married these come off.” He stopped using the belt and emphasized these with a swat on her jeans.”
“Owww Yes sir.” She said half smiling and laughing.
He stood her up and sat on the tailgate letting her stand between his legs and pulling her chin up to look at him. “Now do you understand why you got spanked?”
“Yes sir, I’m sorry.” She leaned into his chest crying.
They sat there for a few min and he took in the smell of her hair and was so glad to have her back and soon make her his wife.
“Ok lets go get something to eat.” He said, smacking her butt.
“Oww hey!!” She giggled.
He started to put her in the truck and she stopped him pulling his hand back “Luke can we find something in your house? I don’t feel like going into the restaurant and explain everything to all the busy bodies. Hailey is already going to ask me fifty questions.” They both laughed
“Yes we can find something inside then get you home and into bed. We have a wedding to finish planning and were going to go get a lot of it done tomorrow. I think I’m going to talk to the reverend and see if he will marry us this Saturday. Is that ok.”
She smiled up at him “Well yeah but well we have to talk to Tom and Cathy to see if they can get the food together and the flowers and the dresses. Oh Luke, I don’t know.”
“Shhh calm down I’m going to help you. I’m not waiting any longer Lacey. All I need is your beside me. I don’t care if you’re wearing a plain dress or nothing at all.”
She smacked his chest “Luke Jackson I can not getting married naked.” She giggled
“Easier for after the wedding.” He chuckled.
 She then took off running into the house and he chased her. They had a quick put together dinner talked a bit and he took her home. When they got to the house Wade was sitting on the couch. Luke and Lacey to told him of their plans to marry on Saturday. Wade was fine with it. He wasn’t sure if Lacey was going to make it. She was going on and on of all the things they needed to do and Luke finally told her all she needed to do was go to bed. Of course she huffed and Wade smiled knowing Luke had his hands full.
When Lacey went up to bed Luke got ready to leave. 
“Luke, I told you everything would work out.” He smiled
“Yes you were right, but you know she was mad because she thought I didn’t come around.”
“Yeah she didn’t need to know that because then she wouldn’t have been thinking about you as much.” Wade Smiled
“Well, I supposed.”
“Well, just remember big brothers know best.”
Luke started walking out of the house and Wade said, “Oh yeah, and if you have any more problems with Elizabeth let me know.  I will be taking care of her from now on.”
Luke just shook he said “Oh boy this should be exciting. And I don’t even want to know.”  Both men laughed as Luke left.

The rest of the week flew by.  They were able to get everything arranged for the earlier date but it took both of them working nearly full time to accomplish it.  The day of the wedding was bright and Sunny and perfect.  Lacey was excited for the wedding, she was going to be with Luke forever now.  Kayla, Hailey and Tessa were going to be the bride’s maids and Scott, Josh and Dalton were to be the groomsmen, Wade couldn’t be a groomsmen because he was going to give the bride away.  All of their friends and family were at the wedding.  Luke promised to cherish and protect, Lacey promised to honor and obey.  Traditional vows for a traditional wedding seemed quite fitting.  After the wedding and all the pictures they headed to the restaurant.  Hailey and her parents had set up the back of the restaurant very pretty it was actually their front yard as well. They were going to have dancing, finger foods and cake.  The wedding cake was chocolate because it was Lacey’s favorite, but they had some guests that were allergic to or didn’t like chocolate so Luke and Lacey had several small cakes made in various flavors.  They were only big enough for two or three slices each but Lacey thought they would be really pretty around her wedding cake and it gave people a choice.
When they got to the reception everyone wanted to talk to them and congratulate them.  They greeted all their guests and had the first dance.  After Lacey had danced with both of her brother’s it was time to cut the wedding cake.  She and Luke cut it together and fed each other a piece.  She had intended to shove it in his face but a warning look from him stopped her and she was nice about it.  After this Lacey noticed that there were only about half of the small cakes on the table.  She decided to go in the kitchen and see if she could find the others and find out why they were not out on the main table yet.  She excused herself from Luke and headed for the kitchen.  She found the cakes on a spare table and figured that they must not have had room with all the other food, but they really should be moved out there soon or they would have all of these left over.  As she was considering who to get to help her move them out to the reception hall, she heard the back door of the restaurant open and she looked up to see Elizabeth coming in.
“What are you doing here?”  Lacey demanded, ready to fly into Elizabeth given the slightest provocation.  She and Luke were married now and there was nothing Elizabeth could do to break them up.
“I came to let you know something.  It didn’t work.”
“What didn’t work?”
“You didn’t keep me away from Wade.  We are dating again.  And you won’t stop us.  He will be mine.”
      Lacey was mad because this girl was not good enough for her brother.  But she didn’t want to get in trouble on her wedding day.  Her face was red with furry but she had determined to walk away.  “You should leave now.  Or didn’t you notice you weren’t invited.”
      “The only reason that I wasn’t invited was because Wade didn’t want to upset you before your wedding.  He wanted to wait till after to tell you.  It’s after.  Besides, I wanted to show you that you didn’t even prevent me from coming to your wedding.”
      Lacey ground her teeth.  “You really need to go you who...”  Before she could get the word finished Elizabeth flew at her to slap her.  But Lacey pushed her back before her hand made contact and Elizabeth fell into the table with the cakes on it.  She squashed one with her elbow and cake got all over her.  She screamed in outrage as Lacey started to laugh at her lying on the cake.  This only made Elizabeth angrier.  She had intended to ruin Lacey’s day and here Lacey was laughing at her.  She picked up another small cake and hurled it at Lacey’s head.  Lacey saw it coming and quickly ducked right as Wade came in the kitchen, followed closely by Luke.  Wade caught the cake in his neck and chest.  It made a loud splat and cake covered his dress shirt and went down the neck of it as well.  Elizabeth had grabbed a second cake and was taking aim again, but Lacey wasn’t paying attention to her, she was looking at her brother and started laughing even harder.  Wade strode past her and grabbed the cake out of Elizabeth’s hands.
      “You will have to excuse me from the rest of your reception sis.  Miss Elizabeth and I have to have a little discussion.”  Elizabeth huffed but didn’t resist as Wade led her out of the back door.  Lacey was smirking because she knew what a little discussion with Wade was likely to be.  Good, it was about time she got what she deserved.  Lacey thought.
      Luke touched her arm and she looked up into his stern face, “And just what did you have to do with this little fiasco, Mrs. Jackson?”  He asked her.
      Butterflies came into her stomach from his look and tone.  “Nothing.  I came in here to check on the other cakes and Elizabeth showed up.  I didn’t do anything but ask her to leave. But I do need to speak with my brother. Did you know that they are DATING AGAIN??” She said getting huffed up.
Not wanting to discipline his wife on their wedding night he quickly pulled her to him and took her into a passionate kiss. “Now Mrs. Jackson this is our wedding night. I would like to go say goodbye to everyone and get to the hotel and make you my wife. Something we been waiting for a long time. I would rather not have to bend you over here and have you ride uncomfortable for four hours.”
She was blushing and gave him another kiss grabbed his hand and lead him outside. They said their goodbyes and headed out the door. Luke didn’t tell Lacey where they were going for their honeymoon. They drove four hours the first night and stayed in a fabulous hotel. They swam a little and there was a hot tub in their room. He first made her his wife in the heart shaped bed with roses all over that he had set up. Then they found themselves in the hot tub. Everywhere he could make her his wife in that room he did that night.
The next morning they woke up early and drove another six hours. Along the way she asked several times “Luke where are we going? Tell me Please!!!” The last time she asked there was a “TELL ME NOW!!” In her voice and he quickly told her to look around that they were up in mountains and no one was around and there were plenty of trees. He went on and told her that he had no problem pulling over and cutting a switch. She quietly huffed and looked outside.
It was so beautiful she had seen nothing like it before. They kept going deep into the Rocky Mountains. The scenery was so beautiful and calm. They finally pulled into a long drive. There were beautiful white picket fences going up the drive. On the right side there was a waterfall that went into a little spring and brick around it. It was bubbling. Then next to it was a beautiful log cabin. Flowers were all around it with a beautiful wood porch and a swing on it.
She smiled ear to ear and He was smiling too. He stopped up by the cabin and she was still speechless. He got out and then went and opened her door her mouth was still wide open and he grabbed her hand. “Well do you like it?”
“Do I like it I love it its beautiful!!” She squealed grabbing his face giving him kisses all over his cheeks and then took off running inside the cabin. He grabbed her before she can get inside and he picked her up and carried her over the threshold.  He sat her down. The cabin was big and open the living area had a fireplace next to it and setting beside the fire place was fixings for smores!! He knew she loved smores!! She looked into the kitchen and it was big and beautiful and it was stocked with enough food for them and fruit on the island. He grabbed her hand and took her back towards the bedroom and there was roses real roses leading to the bedroom and when she went into the bedroom there was a huge old-fashioned queen size canopy bed with white ruffles.
“Oh Luke ITS BEAUTIFUL!!” She squealed again and ran and jumped on the bed. He lay on top of her kissing her.
“Luke when did you set all this up? How?”
Luke kissed her passionately, “I set it up a week or so after you said yes to marrying me.  I was looking around for a wonderful memorial honeymoon for you. I was combining all the things I knew you like and of course I had some help from Hailey, She helped me set this all up.”
“Hailey kept a secret?” Lacey gasped laughing “Well I never!!”
“I had to threaten her that if she told you I would have Dalton spank her good.”
“O what did she think about that?”
“Oddly she didn’t say much and just blushed.” He chuckled
“Well I have been noticing the two of them lately and well I wouldn’t be surprised if Hailey has a lot to tell me!!” She giggled and then Luke kissed her passionately. He whispered in her ear “I love you Lacey Amelia, I will protect you and love you for the rest of our lives I’m so glad that you are my wife.”
With a tear down her cheek he made passionate love to his wife once again. Knowing that they are going to have a long loving and fun marriage and she will have a hot bottom in bed and out of bed. 


Daisy, thank you so much for sharing your story with us. I hope others are also willing share stories. I do have a brand new writer for next week. Please consider it, Fantasy Friday is for everyone. Please send your story to elisspeaks@yahoo.com


  1. Wonderful story Daisy, entertaining and sweet. I love a happy ending :)

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  5. Thanks ladies ..yes there is more to come Minelle