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Friday, October 11, 2013

Fantasy Friday - Second Time Around

It’s Friday again, feels like Fall for sure now and I like that. Not a full, hard on Winter fan – but Fall, I’ll take it as long as it wants to stay.
 Today’s Fantasy Friday come to me from a friend who wished to remain completely anonymous. I love the story – is it pure fiction, is there some real life here? It’s hard to tell, but the story drew me in.
 My friend hasn’t written much before, but I think she has a knack for it and I hope to hear more from her. Lets give her some support. The weekend is here so sit back and enjoy…

Second Time Around

Sarah looked over at her boyfriend John sleeping next to her and then put her face back in the pillow as she cried softly. She found herself restless and unable to sleep again for the third time this week. Her work and personal life were suffering. She sighed to herself and thought if only I was getting a spanking right now….
She reflected on her life the past several years… It had been five years since she met John on a spanking site. When she found herself single after moving around a bit after college she promised herself this time things would be different… And then she found John.  For the first few years things had been wonderful. She got spanked all the time and they had a great relationship. They were very active in their community and loved their life. Everyone they knew talked about how they would be the next to be married. All their vanilla friends liked them together. They had the “how we met story” (like most other spanko couples who met on the internet) down with all the details, so good they almost believed it themselves.
Then for what seemed like no reason at all, their life was shattered. John became increasingly depressed and distant for what seemed like no reason at all. Sarah struggled to understand. She knew he was facing some personal struggles with work and such, but the level of depression he had seemed unbearable at best and dangerous at worst. She had suggested counseling, she had tried everything she could think of. He barely spoke to her when he didn’t have to and things spiraled down for about six months.
She felt neglected. There had been no sex in weeks and no spankings in months. She longed for the hours she used to spend over his lap anticipating, getting spanked, and then rubbed with lotion afterwards. She missed the closeness. She missed her lover. She had come to realize over the past few months it was over, but she put on her happy face for the families and friends.  After seeking counseling by herself, she had realized that John didn’t want help. She suspected there was substance abuse involved too, but she had not been able to prove it tangibly. She felt abandoned and alone.
As her mind drifted back to the present moment in bed, her crying turned to sobs. Something just wasn’t right anymore. This was the person she had wanted to spend the rest of her life with but in her heart she knew this wasn’t going to happen. She decided in that moment that she wouldn’t allow herself to go down this path any longer with someone who didn’t care about themselves or her and had given up on life.  
She stayed up late that night making some arrangements on her iPhone for all the things she knew she needed to do the next day. The next day she moved in with her sister without bothering to explain much to John. She was pretty sure he wouldn’t care anyways. (Sadly enough she was right.) He was like an empty shell of a person just going through the mandatory motions of life.
But Sarah had a secret . . . A secret she had never told anyone ...
Seven years ago as she was making her way through college she had met a man named Michael at a local fetish dinner party. It had been her first party and he immediately made her feel comfortable. After the party Michael had invited her over to his apartment to talk some more. After a little encouragement from the other girls at the party (He is not an axe murder, we promise….) Sarah agreed.
Back in Michael’s apartment he asked her about her interests and they talked until nearly four in the morning. She talked about her family back in NY. He talked about his job and how he would be moving out west soon. She ended up sleeping in his bed that night while he slept on the couch. She couldn’t help but be charmed by how nice he was being.
The next morning he made her a delicious breakfast that they enjoyed on the balcony. The tension between them was building. He finally touched on the topic she had been waiting for. He took her hand and squeezed it.
“Sarah, I know you have never been spanked before, and I know this is new to you. I know that was your first party last night and you might be feeling overwhelmed but…”
“Yes” She interrupted as his voice trailed off.
“Are you sure?”
“Yes, I want you to spank me.” By the time she finished that sentence her voice was barely above a whisper.
Since they had already talked about limits and safewords the night before what followed felt like a well rehearsed scene out of a movie.
Michael sat on the sofa and patted his lap and she eagerly laid across it. He flipped up her skirt and started spanking her with his hand on her panties. Sarah was surprised how much this relaxed her.  He pulled her panties down and continued spanking her gradually increasing the intensity. After about ten minutes of applying his hand to her backside he stopped. It was her first time after all and he didn’t want to scare her off.
So it wasn’t the hardest spanking world, but it was her first one… her first ever real spanking. It was in every way perfect to her. She couldn’t remember when she had felt so happy.  She loved it.
In the months that followed she got some more spankings from Michael until he eventually had to move to Oregon for his job. She never told a soul about the spankings they had shared. Shortly after Michael left, she graduated college and relocated for her job. A relocation she was excited about because it meant living near her sister.  It was then she started a search for a spanker for a long term relationship that ultimately led her to John and the situation she was currently in.
A few days passed living at her sister’s house. Sarah went to work, and carried on with her regular routine. She finally worked up the nerve to call Michael. She wasn’t sure why she was so nervous since they had texted nearly every day for seven years at this point. When he picked up the phone they got through all the normal chatter like it was scripted. How are you, your sister, you parents, your job, the weather…. It went on and on.
Finally the line went quite.
“What is it?” Michael asked.
“I left John.” Sarah responded. When she said it out loud it seemed real, and she was fighting back tears.
“Why?” He asked softly.
“I’m not even sure what happened.” She said miserably. “It isn’t right.”
“I want to come see you.” She then panicked. She hadn’t meant to say that out loud.
“Okay” he said.
“You mean you don’t think I’m crazy?” Sarah asked in a quiet voice.
“No, I don’t think you are crazy. Do you have any plans this weekend?”
“You want me to fly all the way across the country for the weekend?”
“People have done stupider things.” He responded. She could hear the delight in his voice.
He went on, “I want you to go lay down and rest for a while. I can hear you crying. I wish I was there, but I’m not. So give yourself a rest, and I will call you back in two hours.”
When he called her back later that night her plane ticket was booked and everything was ready to go. She felt the most happiness she had in months.
“Are you sure you aren’t crazy?” her sister asked.
She knew she was going to have a hard time explaining to her sister why she was suddenly leaving her boyfriend of so many years and a week later flying across the country to visit a different guy. She just shrugged and said she needed to get away. She couldn’t give her sister many details anyways.
With her sister off to work, Sarah was finally able to focus on packing without feeling like she was being interrogated. She opened her desk drawer to find it still full of all the things she had shoved in there during her quick move out. As she removed the contents of her drawer to find her luggage tag, she sorted through the contents of the drawer. When she tried to close the drawer back it caught on something.
An initial search showed nothing but after getting a flashlight she saw that a pencil sharpener was wedged in the track the drawer was on. She removed it, assuming it had somehow shifted in there during her move.  When she moved it, the contents inside it made a clicking noise. Before she even opened it she knew her worst fears had been confirmed.
Sarah stood there staring at it like it was a snake in her hand. She finally worked up the courage to open it after a few minutes and looked inside. There they were, small round pills. Whatever it was that John had been abusing... Without even thinking she poured them down the sink and sat in the bathroom floor sobbing. Her worst fear was a reality.
The next few day was rough but Friday finally came. Sarah paced the airport terminal wondering if she had made the right choice. For a moment she considered going home, but ultimately, she knew she had to go. She boarded the plane.
“You look nervous. Have you ever flown?” a kind looking lady sitting next to her asked.
“Yes, I fly all the time for work,” she responded. “I’m just visiting an old friend I haven’t seen in a while, and I am a bit nervous.”
The woman talked to her the rest of the flight. Sarah was delighted to have a distraction. Before she knew it the flight attendants were preparing the plane for landing.
By the time that she got to the baggage claim area she was practically running with joy. She didn’t have a checked bad, and she had already called Michael to let him know she would be out in a minute. He pulled up right as she was walking out the terminal door. He jumped out the car and hugged her until the security guy outside shouted at them to move the car. They drove away together, and Sarah was the happiest she had been in recent memory.
They sat on the couch at Michael’s house and talked for hours and hours. As time went by, they snuggled closer and closer. Sarah ultimately flopped herself across Michael’s lap. He started rubbing her back.
“Are you sure it isn’t too soon for this?” he asked.
“I’m ready.”
“Are you sure?” he asked again.
“Yes, Sir,” she replied. (Where did that come from? She had never said that to anyone spanking her before.)
He slid down her shorts and panties and started to spank her slowly with his hand. She squirmed a little, and he could tell it had been a while since she had gotten spanked. She relaxed over his lap and thoroughly enjoyed the hand spanking. With each swat, she began to feel more positive about life. After about thirty minutes Michael started to run her back.
“Have you had enough?” he whispered.
“Not really,” she answered.
“Well,” he said, “Tonight is for you baby so tell me what you want, and I’ll try to make it happen.”
“I want you to spank me like I’m a naughty girl,” she replied. Sarah blushed. She could believe she had said that out loud. Michael sure did bring out her inner spanko.
“Okay,” he said, “but naughty girls get paddled.”
Michael gently slid her off his lap and walked out the room for a minute. He returned with a paddle in each hand. For a moment Sarah felt panic stricken. It had been a long time since she had gotten a real spanking and those paddles looked pretty mean.  He could see the fear in her eyes.
“We don’t have to do this right now if you don’t want to.”
“I do, I’m just nervous,” she replied.
“You sure,” he asked.
“’I’m sure.”
He gently reminded her, “Don’t feel pressure to take more than you feel like. You can always safeword with me. Remember that.”
Sarah nodded. She was having a little trouble looking the man that was about to paddle her in the eye. No matter how many times she had gotten spanked it always made her blush to talk about it.
“Okay, pick a paddle.”
She handed him the lighter of the two paddles still not making eye contact. A few seconds later Sara was face down over his lap. He lifted the paddle and brought it down on her ass, which was already bare and pink from the hand spanking. She squealed, but he could tell it wasn’t really hurting her that much. He brought the paddle down several more times and by that point she was really starting to squirm. After ten more strokes, he could feel her breathing start to get frantic. He paused and rubber her for a few seconds.
“How are you doing?” Michael asked.
“I want it hard enough to cry,” she said.
He didn’t need any more encouragement. He put one leg over her legs to pin her in place and began to paddle her hard. She screamed so loud for a moment he wondered if the neighbors would notice. He kept on spanking, bringing the paddle down hard over and over. Finally he heard her burst into a sobbing mess. He threw the paddle down and pulled her into his arms.  She cried into his shoulder for quite some time.  Once Sarah had calmed down, he reached over to the coffee table drawer and pulled out some lotion. After he rubbed some lotion into her flaming ass, they snuggled up on the couch together. They fell asleep that night holding each other. The rest of the weekend went wonderful and before she left Sunday they had already purchased three plane tickets to visit each other in the next two months. Sarah had a feeling she may have found the right one this time….
My thanks to my friend for sharing this story with us. I really do hope you’ll write more for us.  And I want to remind everyone reading that Fantasy Friday is opened to everyone. Some of our finest stories have come from people writing their very first story. Please consider writing a story for us. Whether you’ve been writing for a long time or whether it’s your very first story attempt, you will be most welcomed.  Please send your stories to elisspeaks@yahoo.com


  1. Nice story. Hope your friends writes some more. Thanks to both of you for sharing.

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    Thanks as always for FF!!

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    Hi Elis.
    Love and warm hugs,

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