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We owe it all to my fellow bloggers who gave me the courage to come out to my husband as a spanko.
I do feel like this is a New Beginning for us.

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Friday, January 04, 2013

Fantasy Friday - Taxes

Happy Friday!  We have begun 2013 and what better way to get it going than with a brand new Fantasy Friday story from a brand new writer.  Our story today came in back in December from one of my male readers.  I always ask my contributors to share a little about themselves.  This is what he told me.

My name is Bob and I've been married more years than I can count.  We're been doing TTWD for three years.  So far it's still in the bedroom, but it's slowly leaking out the bedroom door.  I'm sixty and I've been a spanko since I can remember.  This is the second time I've ever written to any blog and my first story.  So I guess I'm finally coming out to the lurking world and into the light.

I hope Bob is going to come out and talk to us our here.  I have a feeling he and his wife would both enjoy it and be an asset to our community.

Please enjoy ...


“No Jeff, let me go and get away from me you’re not going to spank me anymore.” as she freed her hand from his grip. “I don’t care what you say on how much you think I need to be spanked and if you try spanking me again I am going to call the cops and press charges against you.” as she pushes him away from her.

Like a predator tracking its prey, Jeff with a half-smile, starts walking towards Sara and slowly backs her up against the hallway wall with no place to go. Jeff blocks any escape by placing his hands on either side of her shoulders and then leans close to her face saying  “Sure baby I won’t spank you but I can tell by your actions that you were made for this DD relationship because you are always so out of control. I am tired of playing your silly games.”

 The bright light beaming in from the window wakes Sara from a restless sleep, her eyes start to focus as she starts to roll out of bed, sees the clock on the nightstand reading 11am.  As she is getting out of bed, her mind starts to race on how she is going to fix this mess. Jeff was mad at me last night because he never sleeps in the guest bedroom no matter how mad he has gotten.

While taking a long hot shower, Sara starts smiling to herself as she starts to formulate a plan on how to get into good graces with her husband. I can make his favorite meal. A huge New York steak with sautéed mushrooms and all the fixings, and wash it all down with a cold bottle of wine. I will be very compliant in whatever he wants and then when it is time for bed I will give him some mind-blowing sex.

Sara puts on her fluffy bathrobe that was hanging from the door and starts to walk down the stairs to the kitchen all the while thinking that this is going to be a walk in the park and have Jeff eating out of her hand as she always did.

At the foot of the stairs, she sees Jeff sitting at the kitchen table tightly gripping a letter in his hands. Jeff hearing her come down from the bedroom snaps his head in her direction and with a chilling calm voice said “What is the meaning of this” as he is waving the envelope in his hand. “I want an explanation from you right now or I am going to make you a very sorry girl and I don’t care what you said last night, this will end one way or another this afternoon.”

Sara stopping in mid step after hearing his threat, she quickly recovers her posture, sashays right pass Jeff and goes to the kitchen to pore herself a cup of coffee and hearing Jeff say, “You better start talking to me now or this is going to be one sorry day for you.” Sara never did see Jeff starting to get up to go get her because when she turned around to sit at the table he was falling back into his seat.  

Sara is still not noticing how upset Jeff is, her temper started to get the better of her, but before she can speak, Jeff slides the letter to her and sits back while she reads the contents. Sara opens the letter and it is from the Smiths County Accounting Department saying that the house is in foreclosure and will be put up for auction for defaulting on the winter back taxes from the year of 2010. As Sara is reading the letter, her face losses all its color, she slowly looks at the man across from her. “I don’t understand how this can happen, there must be some mistake. I will call them right after they get back from lunch and give them a piece of my mind for them making this horrible mistake, why we could lose everything how dare they make a mistake like this.”

Jeff with his hands folded so that Sara could not see him shaking from anger leans towards his wife “Don’t bother I have already called this morning and it seem that the taxes got paid in 2009 and 2011 but someone forgot to pay the winter taxes in 2010.”  And do you want to guess who that was sweetheart, go ahead give it a try let’s see if you can guess who it was?” He said sarcastically.

 Sara trying desperately to gain back some semblance of control of the situation sarcastically said. “Well how do you expect me to remember from so long ago? Maybe the check got lost. Or the check never was delivered, it got lost, yes that has to be it, yes that’s it, it got lost”

Jeff said, “Try again sweetheart I checked the check book and called the bank and no check was ever written, in fact in 2011 I found out there were 6 late fees for bills that didn’t get paid on time. So you want to try again?”

“Well maybe they, they…” and then a tear appeared and another tear then the dam broke behind her eyes as she openly cried before she could finish her sentence. Looking totally lost now, asking Jeff, “How am I going to fix it, what can I do?”

While Jeff was watching his wife cry, his heart started to soften, his heart was breaking for her because he has always hated to see her cry or hurt.
However, not today because if truth were to be told he felt it was just as much his fault as hers because he allowed her to manipulate him into doing nothing, so today he made a promise for both of them that he would be strong and follow this through until the end. Then he unfolded his hands and reached across the table and took hold of her hands.

“Listen to yourself honey, please just listen to what you’re saying, you always say I or me instead of us or we. When we got married, I wanted us to be as a team so that we could face the world together not to face it alone, and for me to look after you and you look after me. We were supposed to protect each other not fight against each other. This has to stop. It cannot go on like this. That is why I started to spank you; I never meant to demean or humiliate you, but to bring you back into our little circle so that we can work together as a team. I know that the spanking hurt. They are supposed to hurt and that’s the only way I can bring you back to me when you start to wander away from me.”

Sara crying harder now because she realizes how this has been destroying their marriage, all the time she was trying to take control she was hurting Jeff. She stood up so fast she knocked the chair backwards and ran to Jeff grabbing a hold of his neck as if it was a lifeline and burying her face in his shoulder.

She pulls back to look at Jeff and asked him “How are we going to fix this without losing the house? I am so, so sorry.” As tears run down her face.
Jeff gently cradles Sara’s face with both hands and softly starts to kiss her tears away. Then he looks at her and tells her that he has paid the taxes and all late fees this morning so that the house is still theirs.

Jeff pulls Sara away from his lap and stands up saying, “But we cannot continue to live like this. You are going to have to decide if you want to work as a team or by yourself. If your choice is by yourself then I am going to move out because I cannot live this way anymore. However, if it is as a “team” then be forewarned that every time you go off the reservation I will spank you no matter how much you protest and any other time that you need reminding you that we are a team. Therefore, I am going to stay at a motel for a couple of days until you decide what is important to you.”

As Jeff starts to walk towards the door, Sara puts her hand on his shoulder and tells Jeff to stop. She has made up her mind. “I want to try it your way because I know that you truly love me and want the best for the two of us and I can’t stand the thought of living without you and I want to work as team.” Then very quietly, she takes his hand and asks him if he will help her not to be so independent and spank her to make amends for the way she has hurt him.

Jeff, looking deeply at Sara watching her nervously rubbing her hands together, biting her lower lip, he slowly reaches out to her face and gently removes a tendril of hair from her eyes. Then he turns her around points to the stairs and tells her to go and sit on the bed until he gets there.
Sara with her head down like a condemned woman slowly walks up the stairs to their bedroom. Sara sitting on the bed lost in her thoughts thinking about how everything got so out of control hears a noise looks up and is startled to see Jeff leaning against the bedroom doorframe looking at her
Jeff leaning against the door watching his wife sitting at the edge of the bed sniffling deep in thought, thinking how is it possible that I can love this woman so much and yet I want to ring her neck at the same time for the trouble she gets herself into. Shaking his head, he sits next to Sara looking at her and said “Sara I want you to stand up and take off your robe”. Sara sighs, stands up and faces Jeff, then she unties the cloth belt around her robe, pulls the robe from her shoulders, and lets it pool around her ankles.

Taking Sara’s hand Jeff gently guides her across his lap adjusting her body to make sure that her butt was the focus point on his knees, putting his right hand around the small of her back and his other hand resting on her left cheek.  

Jeff taking a deep breath raises his left hand and swings it down hard with a sounding splat on her ass and said, “Tell me Sara why are you getting a spanking today?”

But before Sara can answer, Jeff starts to pepper her behind as if he is on a mission from God. Sara swings her hand back to protect her butt from the onslaught, but Jeff with his right hand grabs her hand and pins it to her back without missing a beat.

Sara is now pinned down and she is swaying her torso to the right, left then up and down to no avail and then she hears Jeff asking her again why she is here getting a spanking. Through gasping breaths, she shudders, “It’s because I didn’t pay the taxes, please Jeff not so hard.”

Jeff grips her harder bringing her closer to him and pins her legs with his because she almost fell of his lap moving around so much, as he is raining fiery slaps on her molten butt “Yes, but what is the main reason you’re getting a spanking for?”

Sara is beside herself, thinking she will never sit again and tries to think of what Jeff is asking her but all she can concentrate on is trying to get away from that evil hand slapping her butt and all she can do is cry.

Jeff watching Sara’s body language knows she is getting near her limit on the spanking so he lightens up on his spanks and then asks her the same question. Why else is she in this position?
Sara, thinking that her butt is going to explode into flames from the heat that Jeff has generated from just his hand. “It’s—sob-- it’s b…because I was n…not working as a team and hurting us by making all the decisions without consulting you. Jeff I am so, so sorry that I have hurt you so and I will never do it again I promise.” After she said that she just went limp all resistance was gone she just laid there accepting the spanking Jeff was giving her.

When Jeff felt Sara relax, he stops the spanking, releases her hand, legs, and starts to rub her butt and the small of her back to calm her down and Sara hisses from the touch on her backside. A little while later, Sara slowly gets off Jeff’s lap with his support and he guides her on his lap to let her regain her composure, telling her that it is all over but that if ever she does something like that again she will be back over his lap for another good spanking.

Sara with her head deep in the crook of his shoulder crying less now and getting her composer back, suddenly realizes that this is the first time she has felt at peace with herself since they have been married.


Thank you so much for the story Bob, now remember, you promised to talk to us our here and I'm going to hold you to that promise.  Bob was kind enough to share a story with us, how about the rest of you.  I do have several new stories coming up, but we can always use more.  If you are willing to share a story please send it to elisspeaks@yahoo.com.


  1. Thank you PK as always for bringing us this story.

    Great story Bob, I enjoyed it and liked how you captured the emotions.


  2. Bob,
    I enjoyed the story, yes the introduction to D/D can be quite fraught, even when it has been agreed.
    Thanks PK.
    Love and warm hugs,

  3. Great writing Bob...glad you decided to share it with us!
    PK...Thanks for all you do!
    hugs abby

  4. Bob, thanks so much for sharing the story. Enjoyed it very much. Hope you will write more for us.

    Thanks PK.


  5. Thanks Bob - I could really feel the emotions!

    Thanks PK for continually finding new writers and bring us so many stories.


  6. Great story Bob. Very realistic.

    Thanks PK for sharing.

  7. Great story Bob...I also love the explanations and emotions. Hope you share more with us.
    PK thanks for giving us FF, as always!

  8. Thank you PK, for always getting people to write stories.
    Thank you Bob, yes working as a team and not against each other, that's what you get from DD.

  9. Bob, what a great story this is. Are you sure this is your first attempt? Please, keep them coming.


  10. Anonymous9:54 PM

    Wow. Thank you all for the kind words that have been said about the story and hopefully I can return the kindness to the other authors in the future.
    A big thanks to you PK for putting this on your blog and does this count as my first post here? :)


    1. Thanks Bob! Yes this can be your first post, so when are you starting your blog???

  11. Great job, Bob. Welcome to the Fantasy Friday family! Thanks PK. Bob, you are in good hands with her encouragement and help!

  12. Loved the story Bob