I have been a wife and mother for over twenty years. Now I am becoming my husband's lover, too.
We owe it all to my fellow bloggers who gave me the courage to come out to my husband as a spanko.
I do feel like this is a New Beginning for us.

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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Well if he all ready knows...

Nick commented on my most recent post last night. If you missed it here’s what he said,

Some missing items include the tawse, the bamboo back scratcher, the cane, and a shower brush. Care to categorize?


Well shoot, if he all ready knows I might as well show you the OSNTA category. It’s really hard to say which of these hideously, horrible implements of torture might be the worse.

I do hate our tawse, and I really don’t know why. Leather is usually one of my favorites. Ours has a plastic-like quality instead of being good quality leather. But yep, ours I do hate. Maybe we need a better quality one.

The bamboo back scratcher and the cane are equally yucky! Made of the same material, they are just awful! They sting like hell. That’s especially bad with the backs cratcher, (even though I know its my friend Grace's favorite!) that is, it hurts like HELL, but you have absolutely nothing to show for it later. I mean anything that hurts that bad you should at least be able to feel the next day. The may be a tiny bit better because it can leave a little line of fire that you can at least enjoy once it’s over. But it’s still vicious!

The absolute worse is the acrylic bath brush – the wooden one is bad, but nothing like the acrylic one! I just can’t take it. It hurts worse than anything we have and thankfully it rarely sees the light of day. (Mostly because I hid it so well, even I don’t know where it is!)

The other two that would be on my list (although I’ve never felt either) are the silent, but deadly ones like a bungee cord or the loopy Johnny. I can just imagine how they would feel and I just think they would be awful.

So this is my s-hit list! What’s on yours?


  1. PK, I don't have a s-hit list, as I'm not on the receiving end, but see my previous answer.
    Love and warm hugs,

  2. Ouch, ouch and ouch !

  3. Anonymous9:35 AM

    My shit list includes only two... one is a rubber ruler that makes me cringe to even think about and the other is a piece of wooden edging (think decorative edging in a house) that was once grabbed in haste and I was paddled with.

  4. I haven't experienced many of the items you mentioned. So far, I don't hate any of our implements. The only one that really makes me call halt is a heavy wooden salad spoon. I can take it over pants but bare-bottomed is definitely a WHOA.

  5. Anonymous1:01 PM

    Daddy used a bungee cord on me ONE time, at my suggestion. I really didn't think it would hurt that bad. He stopped very soon because I couldn't take it.

    That's one reason I thought of a bungee cord as an implement for the letter o in iPhone. I thought that would be a serious deterrent for me to NEVER use my iPhone while driving. It really has helped! I've not messed up since I got punished with the first three implements.

    1. i-riding crop
    2. P-paddle
    3. h-hand
    4. o-bungee cord
    5. n-wooden spoon
    6. e-belt

    Daddy promised I'd get the last three implements on the list if I disobeyed him again about the iPhone, which would be the bungee cord, the wooden spoon, and the belt!

    It makes me cringe to think of them so I've been very, very, very good!


  6. Wow! You really need to stop saying the BS is my favorite! It is sooooooo not my favorite!

    Nick...if you are reading.....I would appreciate it if you would maybe do an experiment. I think we (the readers) would like you to test each of these implements again....just to make sure everything is in the right category. Please use the backscratcher an extra amount of time.....just to be sure she really doesn't like it. I mean, I would just like to be doubly sure! Thanks Nick!


  7. Big bertha, our lexan paddle, is my most hated. Hated, hated, hated.

  8. Did he read this post and did that make him decide to use some of them?


  9. Paul,
    I’d take the hand any day!

    I think you summed it up quite well!

    I would have to say both of those sound nasty. May I borrow them to send to Graces’ husband? LOL!

    I know what you mean. There are so many nice implements that feel great over pants. Unfortunately Nick says he liked to see what he’s doing.

    I love the belt, but I’m not really a fan of any of our wooden implements. And the bungee is definitely out! You and your family have been in my thoughts and prayers this week.

    You might want to take into account that I know where you live. Although being a switch is not high on my ‘to do’ list I could make an exception in your case!

    We don’t have anything lexan, but the bath brush is similar. We won’t be getting one.

    Not yet! And if he does Bossman, Graces’ husband, will be receiving a gift from me!

  10. Anonymous3:45 PM

    I always have liked the way you think.

  11. Aw shucks Nick, I'll always have a sweet spot for you!

    PK....Is this what it's going to take for you to visit? If so, please bring the results with you. I would like to study them for future reference....plus I'd like to give Bossman a copy.

    Love you!!
    grace ( with halo firmly in place)

  12. Grace if Nick follows through on any of his idle threats I'm take that halo and beat your butt with it!

  13. Anonymous7:50 PM

    I got the idea of a back scratcher here. I recently had to give my wife a hard punishment spanking today. I told her to get the back scratcher, the one that we bought at Wal-Mart. I must say, I was rather impressed with it when I applied it to her bare bottom. She was starting to reach back after the ten swat, she was squealing, clenching and kicking. She pushed her face in the pillow and bit down trying muffle her screams. However, some of this is normal because for discipline spankings, she gets no warm up, and I always spank in rapid fire successions. But I was very impressed of a simple back scratcher can be used as a implement for paddling. This is now my default implement for now on

  14. Anonymous3:00 AM

    Just about two weeks ago, I accidentally clipped my boyfriends motorcycle just enough to tip it over. I felt so bad and he was so upset I agreed to take a real spanking (no specified number of swats, no specified time limit, no warm up and no safe word) bare ass with whatever he decided to use. That's what he calls a real spanking. It took him at least three days before he was calm enough to give it me. He never touches me in anger. I have only gotten a few of these in our three years being together.
    I pushed my pants and panties all the way down to my knees as he asked me too. He picked up a bamboo backscratcher he got from the dollar store. I laid over his lap and he placed it on my backside. He waited for at least a minute and out of no ware just tore into me. He used the flat part of the handle and literally paddled the living daylights out of my bare ass hard and fast with rapid fire whacks (no pauses between swats) from begining to to end. It went on on for like forever. He didn't stop until my entire reer end was welted from the tops my cheeks to my upper thighs.
    When he finally let me up I was crying out of control and I did that embarrassing spanking dance. I arched my back, pushed my hips forward, flew my hands over my ass and started rubbing fanatically as I was hoping up and down and turning about in all directions. He said he got so turned on watching me do that spanking dance performance.

  15. Anonymous12:59 AM

    I have major controlling issues. I always want to be in control. Than, I fell in live with Brad. We been together 2 years. We been involved with DD for about a year now. The thing is that I have a very high pain tolerance. I have struggle with control especially with my Brad. There are times when I've earned punishment spanking. I trust him explicitly with all my heart. I've never cried during or after a spanking but I've been topping from the bottom. Even for punishment spanking, I have and use a safe word all the time, I always want to know how many I'm going to get and I tend to stand up on the inside and mentally count the swats until he reaches the specified number. For punishment spanking it sometimes goes as high as 60 the last 20 are a flury (rapid fire) but that what I told him I couldn't to take anymore than that in a flury, which isn't true. But I do hate flurry swats. He always respects my boundaries but than, I still feel bad. I know I can a lot more and than some but I don't want to give up my control. Secretly, I want to give it all up, I just want just once go past my pain threshold and spank me until I'm bawling, secretly I don't want to know how many, I want it to keep going until I am a sobbing mess of emotional release. But I'm to much of a control freak. Sometimes I don't even like myself inside. If I give it all up, I won't know how many I getting, I won't have a safe word to stop it when I want, but its also what I want. I want to be in control and I don't, aren't I a mess. I know it will hurt like all get it but I wouldn't be standing up inside towards him anymore either. I feel really bad inside. Am I making sense? What should I do?

    1. When I get a comment on a post this old I never know if you really want to talk or if you are just looking around for answer to some questions you have. I'll be more than happy to talk with you about any of these questions. I can't promise answers, but I always have suggestions - you can email me at elisspeaks@yahoo.com I hope to hear from you.

  16. Anonymous2:40 AM

    Sometimes when my boyfriend starts backing off when I start to struggle feels like counterproductive in discipline punishment style spanking. If it that type of spanking and my boyfriend back off or stops, I feel I’m letting him down even though I have relinquished control of this spanking to him. Sometimes I actual asked for a real no nonsense spanking about every other month or so. I like this power exchange that happens and I feel the of energy and cathartic release from being spanked beyond being able to make words. It’s that feeling of not being in control anymore and while the pain is intense and physical I want it to stop and I and I’m yelling, begging and for it to stop, deep inside I want need him continue and turn it up notch and keep going until I change from yelling into a pillow to crying hard and getting that endorphin release. Sure I have burses and welts but that tranquil feeling of being centered again is wonderful. The pain from the spanking is catalyst to release negative emotions. So, sometimes I do ask for a no-nonsense no safe word spanking with no specified number and keep going until I really sobbing. As I am pushing my jeans and panties down, sometimes I have to remind my boyfriend before the spanking start to not to back off just because I am starting to struggle and to actual start the non stop rapid fire swats with no pauses between whacks until I get that sobbing release. I have to remind him that for this one, he gets to decide when I had enough and I trust him explicitly and I really want this. I have to remind of that because he is always so gentle and has always stopped when I yell out safe word. He's big softy and doesn’t ever want to hurt me. But every one in a while, I need and want a real blistering with his office belt or the flat part of the handle of a bamboo backscratcher from the dollar store he has, or a combination of both.

  17. Anonymous11:19 AM

    I like a real spanking like the kind that goes on until I am bawling, sobbing and crying.

    I finally opened up to boyfriend of 8 month that I like spanking. So we tried a few times. He spanked me until he was comfortable once. Than he spanked me until I safe worded out a few times. He gave me a timed 2 minutes hand spanking a few weeks later which was pretty good. Than I told what I really wanted to try.

    Told him I wanted a very long no-nonsense real discipline punishment style spanking until I am crying beyond my ability to make words. I want no safe word, no time limit, no swat limit, no protection absolutely bare ass and no warm up this time. I told him I want to try to experience the thrill and adrenaline rush of making the choice to submit to it and to see if I can will myself to do. I just wanted to be held afterwards. He was very reluctant at first and we talked about it for days. I asked him for the rapid fire hard and fast style whacks but not at beginning. I wanted him to start off slower and build up so that that the spanking last longer. At first he wasn’t wanting to because he was concerned welts and bruises. After telling him that I expected that. Its still took him over week before he realized I was serious. He finally decided to give it a try.

    We had to wait for his roommate to leave for the weekend like he planned to do. We got to his place. I pushed my jeans and panties all the down to my knees. He put me over his lap started spanking me with his hand really hard for a really long time. He let me up and I did that post spanking hop. Stiffened up, flew my hands over my ass as I pushed my hips forward and began rubbing frantically as I was hoping up and down. I was far from crying but I sure was fussing because that was the hardest and longest hand spanking I had ever got. After I calmed down enough stay in one place. He went to his room and came back with a pillow. He handed it to me and than pulled off he leather thin office belt doubled it half and asked me. “Ok, are you sure, no safe word, no time limit and no swat limit?” I respond with a yes. “Ok, that means I decide when this whippin stops not you, you sure that’s what you want, a belt thrashing until you are crying so hard you can’t make out words?”

    There I was jeans and panties down to ankles now. As I was still rubbing I looked directly into his eyes, I shuffled over and gently put my arms around him and hugged him. I kissed him ever so gently and I and said, “Yes, please, I really do want to try this. So please don’t hold back but just start of slowly before you tear into me with those rapid fire ones ok?” “You'll get quit a few before I finish you off. Remember, your safe word is nullified the moment you lay over couch.

    I laid over the arm of the couch sweezed his bed pillow like a teddy bear. He started in hard and continuous about one whack per second and it just seem to go on and on. I was fussing and yelling and kicking quite a bit every time the belt came down. Than right no where he was tore into my ass really fast. It took my breath away. I shoved my face I to my pillow and started biting it trying to muffle my screaming. He wasn't stopping, instinctively I tried shouting my safe word but he ignored it and he kept whacking away. I was kicking and screaming and it went on and on. I don’t know how long it lasted but I finally broke into sobbing but he still kept whipping my ass hard and fast. When he stopped I was bawling so hard I was hiccup crying and my eyes were all puffy and stinging as tears were flowing and my noise was running. I just laid there sobbing. I couldn’t believe I was actually able to will myself to accept it. Its was pure release and he held me until I calmed down and afterwards I felt so tranquil and centered. I thanked him for giving me what I asked for.

  18. Anonymous1:44 PM

    Here's a good story:

  19. Anonymous3:58 PM

    Here are a few of my favorite spanking stories
    1. http://www.saxon-web.co.uk/spanking-stories/htm/novels/engagement/index.shtml

    2. http://www.fantasies.com/fetish/no-physical-sex/spanking-my-friend-and-neighbor/