I have been a wife and mother for over twenty years. Now I am becoming my husband's lover, too.
We owe it all to my fellow bloggers who gave me the courage to come out to my husband as a spanko.
I do feel like this is a New Beginning for us.

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Saturday, January 31, 2009

Nick's Day

In the past few years I think Nick would say we have been very, very happy. I know I have been! But I know he is happy to have gotten rid of his ‘lets just be roommates’ wife and instead had a passionate lover in her place. But let’s face it we are in our 50’s and we have been spanking for going on three years now so we can’t be expected to jump on each other every single time Mollie gives us a free afternoon.

My mind, my thoughts, my fantasies drive my sexual desire. When my mind is consumed with other things I don’t feel very sexy. So lately the libido has not been very strong. It is coming back a little however and I have been think that it was time for another ‘Nick Day’. The other day I sent my honey the following

Admits One
PK's House of Pleasure

You are invited to 'Our House' this Saturday morning anytime after 10:00 AM.
All activities are pre-planned but request are accepted. Dress optional.

As you might have expected Nick was willing to take me up on my invitation. I am confident that he enjoyed himself thoroughly (he said it was a good thing he had a free pass because he could never have afforded it!) ! He began in silk boxers and a blindfold. His only requirement was to lay back and take it! Although I enjoyed myself very much – this was Nick’s day. I did everything I could think of to please my man, beginning with a full body massage and ending with a warm sponge bath. I will let you decide what I might have done in between!

Nick is such a quiet, strong presents in my life. We don’t have a DD marriage. At one time I thought I wanted one but I realize now that that is not for us. I think of us as having a ‘spanking relationship’. I would say that 90% of my spankings are just for fun or the erotic pleasure of it. Maybe 6 % is for stress relief or what I call mock discipline - things he may really wish I could work on improving but nothing he is really upset about. He just throws in a little discipline feel because he knows I like it. And then maybe 4 % is actually discipline in nature.

Nick may have been surprised at some of the things he recently found out, but he is just too easy going to be really shocked by anything. I did receive one discipline spanking in the past few weeks but I have to tell you that the reason he gave for this particular spanking really surprised me and made me feel more cared for and loved than ever. This one I have only shared with a few people but his caring was very special to me.

So for my Nick, PK’s House of Pleasure will always be opened. If any of you would be willing to share the special things you do for your guy (or guys if you would like to share what you would really like your lady to do) maybe I can tuck these ideas away for Nick’s next special day!

BTW, looking at these two pictures which do you think looks more like the 'real' me?? Yeah, I was afraid you would pick that one! LOL!


  1. Anonymous3:20 AM

    Lovely posting. Times like this are so important aren't they? Whenever we manage to set aside 'us time' we come away from it renewed, relaxed and energised.....and definitely 'in sync'. And 'us time' can definitely be had from making the focus the pleasure of one....because, as you've written here, there is such pleasure for the other in creating pleasure for the one they love.

    love and hugs xxx

  2. Anonymous6:03 AM

    PK, how lovely for Nick as well as you. All these things you do, including the spanking, help to keep you connected. I am pleased it is working so well for both of you.

    Your comment on being room mates was interesting, I know how that is. It is a comfortable feeling but we can't help but yearn for more.


  3. Anonymous6:59 AM

    What's the rolling pin for? And how many times do I have to tell you not to post real pics of yourself on here? I know you're trying to throw people off by saying it looks "like" you but come on... take it down before someone starts stalking you!!

  4. Anonymous10:56 AM

    Hi PK:
    A great post, is that a rolling pin in one hand and a box of chocolates in the other? Both pictures are great.
    I love your invitation to him, so very creative and sweet. Did he have any requests or did he just go with what you had planned?
    I think Nick is a very lucky man. And you are a very lucky woman. And Eva is hysterical.
    Enjoy the rest of you weekend...and guess what I'm drinking?
    Take care

  5. Where on earth did you get that picture of me in my nightgown PK, I thought I'd thrown it away.

    Seriously, what a super invitation, how lovely for both of you. Lucky Nick.

    Enjoy the rest of your Sunday PK.

  6. Ah Nick! Aren't you the lucky little devil????

    Don't tell Bossman....I don't want him getting ideas. I'm selfish that way! ;)


  7. ditto what Grace says..!!

  8. sounds like a lovely way to spend the day together... :-)

  9. M:e,
    It was a great day. Nick and I are really learing to enjoy our almost empty nest.

    We were roommates for way too long. And it could have easily lasted the rest of our marriage. I really think spanking and the closeness it brought save us.

    Watch those comments TWIN!!

    Yeah my twin is a real scream! LOL! Nick had a small request or two but mostly he let me have my way with him.

    Do you really think we look that much alike?? Bless your heart! Have a good week.

    Grace and Mthc,
    Nick and I are both lucky. But you should each give your guys a day - it can really be a lot of fun!

    I miss my kids being around more but there is something to be said for privacy.

  10. One more thing,
    AG, in case other reading her can't read over at Eva's I think we better them it's coffee you are drinking!!

  11. PK, sounds like a very nice day.

  12. PK, since I barely understand that last comment, I'm certain there is more than coffee that you guys are drinking!


  13. Anonymous3:38 PM

    I think maybe u need some coffee? I thought it was just me, I'm glad Grace said something!
    Take care,

  14. LOL! Maybe I do need the coffee! I just re-read my comment myself and I am sad to say I was completely sober when I wrote it! Okay, maybe I was a little tired. It made sense in my head!

  15. Anonymous7:03 PM

    That was too funny I had such a good laugh today with that comment! I'd be happy to send you some coffee, if you change your mind :)
    Take care

  16. Love how you have a Nick Day! I"ll have to remember that when we have kids off to college and high school! Sounds wonderful. And Please share with me? By email or whatever! hehe! :-) You know me! I think you look more like the 2nd picture. And I've seen your picture!



  17. PK, that is such a lovely thing to do for Nick. I hope he reciprocates and gives you a PK day soon.