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Friday, January 02, 2009

Fantasy Friday -Mrs. Claus

I have been with my Twin all this week. I wish it could go on forever but this Friday not only means time for a new story it also means we are headed home. I hope your Christmas has been a fine one and that you have many great memories. I love the holidays and I am very sad to see them come to an end. A large part of that is because I will be headed back to work on Monday. But I am not quite ready to let the good times go just yet, we have one more Christmas story to round out our Fantasy Friday holiday season.

Please enjoy...

Mrs Claus

Santa's Grotto looked fantastic this year. Bob had worked hard for three months to get it just right or maybe perfect would be a better description. The snow looked real, the Reindeer moved, the wolves howled, the music played merrily, the lights twinkled and the gifts were wrapped. All that was left to do was to move it to the front yard and wait for the kids.

Inside the house Mandy pulled the last tray of cinnamon cookies from the oven and set them on the wire rack to cool. She loved this time of year. Singing carols, buying and wrapping presents, decorating the house and tree, baking Christmas goodies and spending time with the family. It was all so magical and loving.

Glancing out of the large bay window, Mandy watched Bob and their twin sons as they moved the Grotto into its correct position. Come five o'clock the yard would be filled with the neighborhood kids all itching to see Santa and get their gift. Santa and one of his elves would be inside the Grotto, the other outside sending the kids in and Mrs Claus would be handing out hot chocolate to the kids and mulled wine to the adults accompanied by her cinnamon cookies.

At a quarter to five the yard filled up with excited kids and patient if not worn out parents. Mandy grabbed one of her girl friends to help with the drinks and was pleased when she saw the look on her face.

"Mandy, are you crazy? Bob'll do his nut if he see's you in that!" Spinning lightly in a circle to give her friend a better view, Mandy gave a mischievous giggle.

"Awww come on Chris, where's your sense of fun?"

Chris gave her a wide eyed look. " There's kids out there, Mandy!"

Mandy giggled again as she picked up a tray of cookies and flounced outside.

Ten minutes later saw a surprised Mandy heading back to the house for more cookies. Chris was in the kitchen filling up in drinks.

"The guys this year? They're really going for the cookies, hardly any of the women have taken any."

Chris raised her eyebrows and shook her head. Mandy could be really dumb sometimes.

Heading outside with a fresh batch of cookies Mandy noticed that most of the women were giving her strange looks and the men seemed to be staring at her constantly.

Spotting her brother in law she wandered up to him and offered him a cookie. He turned to take one and felt his chin hit his chest.

"Well John, do you want a cookie or not?" John didn't answer but instead took a firm hold of Mandy's elbow and steered her towards the grotto. Not knowing what to think Mandy tried to pull away from him and gave a little squeal when John tightened his grip.

"Quit it Mandy! Or I'll call Bob out here to see what he thinks of that suit!" John snapped fiercely.

At the Grotto Mandy's son gaped at the sight of his mom in the suit as John walked her straight past him and through the little green door to Santa's room.

Santa or Bob was just saying goodbye to little Susie when he heard footsteps on his other side.

"Merry Christ..... what in god's name?" Bob was momentarily paralyzed in shock at the sight that John had presented him with, but it didn't last long. Standing up slowly he walked past the two of them and open the door to speak to his son about not letting anyone in yet. Walking back to Johns side he glared at Mandy. "Has she been walking around like that outside?"

John nodded and left quickly to stand guard outside the door. It really wouldn't do to have a kid walking in to see Santa right now. Within minutes John and the rest of the neighborhood gathered there were treated to the sound of flesh hitting flesh and Mandy's high pitched squeals.

Bob sat in Santa's chair with Mandy bucking and writhing over his lap as his hand punished her cheeky butt over and over, or until her butt was as red as her skimp suit.

When her butt was the required color, Bob hauled Mandy to her feet, thrust the tray of cookies at her and led her outside.

"Get your fanny back out there and serve those cookies and remember Mandy, Santa gives a switch to naughty girls!" And with a final hearty swat which made her yelp he turned and went back inside leaving a red faced and red assed Mrs Claus to embarrass herself further.


Wish I had the body to pull off a stunt like that! But nope, not me this week. So who do you thing it might be? It could be Mina, in her neck of the woods it might be warm enough for that outfit! Maybe it's Eliane over at New to Spanking, I think she would get a kick out of an outfit like that! Then again it could be Pretty DD Girl, she is a good writer and maybe she had Christmas dream. Or perhaps it could be Jflame we know she has bratty streak in her she might be the one to pull this off. What do you think? Please vote, even if you haven't a clue it make me feel like someone is out there! LOL! Come back late Sunday night and I will reveal the author!

Meanwhile I hope you are out there writing. I would love a story from any of my blogging friends and I love to hear from those of you without a blog who are just looking for a place to get some feed back on that story in your head. So everyone, send your stories to elisspeaks@yahoo.com

Fantasy Friday Survey

Who wrote "Mrs. Claus"?

Pretty dd girl

The Reveal:

Wasn’t that a great Fantasy Friday? I just love a good brat especially when she has such a nice outfit to wear! Here is how the voting went – Mina got 44% of the vote, Jflame 25%, Pretty dd Girl got 19% and Eliane 13%.

But how many of you voted for the right author? Let me hear from you – our author was Jflame! Not only can this girl write fantastic Harry Potter Fan fiction she writes very hot spanking stories from the real world too! If you haven’t had the chance to visit her blog, JFlame’s Journey you have to start going by. Jay, thank you so much for contributing to Fantasy Friday. I hope you will again.


  1. Now this is the way to start a Friday of a New Year. A great story and snow flakes falling.

    Big hugs,

  2. Wow, how many of us girls have fantasied that one? Loads i imagine. Blimey. Well done who ever wrote it, you certainly got my imagination going.

  3. Anonymous8:57 AM

    A fun Holiday story and of course you know I LOVE the pictures! I would love to have an outfit like Mandy's! I would only wear it in private, but still a very cute outfit. A great story. Thank you for writing a fun Holiday Spanking story.
    Andrades Girl

  4. This is a great way to start a Friday. Thanks for such a fun story. PK, sorry this Friday also means leaving Eva's place and work starting Monday. Work starts for me on Monday also.


  5. Hey PK, Happy New Year.

    Good story, I'm enjoying Fantasy Fridays, thanks and to whoever wrote it. See If I guess right this week.

    I kinda know what you mean, our son drives back to Uni tonight, I hadn't seen him for a few months and wont again until Easter.

    Have a safe journey PK.


  6. PK, if holidays lasted much longer we would soon be tired of them.
    Glad that you had such a good one.
    May the New Year bring you all that you need and some of what you desire.
    Great little story.
    Love and warm hugs,

  7. This was a really good story! Got me thinking naughty thoughts all over again! Maybe you read this one to Nick in private before starting the long drive home... if so, you'll be sitting sensitive, which will make the trip home just fly by!

    Love and hugs,

  8. Cute story! I think a girl would be congratulated for wearing that in California. :-) It must have been another state!