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Thursday, May 16, 2024

Beautiful sights last week

Last week was interesting. I never thought I’d see the Northern lights down here in North Carolina, but we did and they were amazing. I got a call from Mollie around 10:30 last Friday night and she said to go outside and look. I drove to the top of our road where I could see out over a field. If I used my imagination just a little, I thought I could see a faint pink color, but nothing like I’d hoped for. But when I put my phone on time lapse this is what it captured. The last picture is the one Molly sent me. She drove out to a lake near where she lives.

Now for a kid update. It seems that Mollie and D are no longer dating. I honestly don’t think anything horrible happened. More like it just faded away. I did ask her if they were still seeing one another and she said, “Not really.” I didn’t say anymore since it’s not something she talks to me about. But she didn’t seem upset then and she hasn’t acted upset since. I hope she enjoyed their time together and I hope she’ll feel like trying again sometime in the future.

LJ and Collin are doing well. Collin had a job interview this past Tuesday. It wasn’t a final interview so we hoping he at least got to the next level of interviews. LJ usually calls me on the weekend, so I’ll probably find out something then. Believe it or not, I’m trying not to spend all my time probing into my kids’ lives.

They both  remembered me for Mother’s Day with beautiful flowers. 


  1. Anonymous4:16 AM

    Hi PK,

    What beautiful pics! We were disappointed not to see the southern lights where we are due to weather, but they were visible over much of the country.

    Lovely Mother's Day flowers too. That's a shame Mollie and D don't seem to be dating now, but it's good she doesn't seem upset by it. Fingers crossed for Colin's interview.


    1. Thanks so much Roz. Do the lights show up where you are often? It's never happened here before in my memory.

      I'm just glad Mollie doesn't seem sad. I'll post about Collin when I know something.