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Monday, November 13, 2023

Super weekend!

I have asked my November questions to Mollie, but no answers so far… yet I still got some new information. More later.


This was such a fun weekend! My sister and I took our books to a local Christmas craft show. We’ve been to a few others over the years and they’re always fun. A good day for me in the past has been selling seven to eight books. For Sister maybe fifteen or so because she usually has some Christmas books. This weekend I sold twenty-seven books, and she sold fifty-eight! If I really wanted to be completive I could say I sold fifty-two because each of the original Cassie series has two full books in them, but either way, I’m thrilled!


We have another show in December, and it will be the last one I can go to. Since Blushing won’t speak to me at all, won’t answer any of my emails and won’t sell me anymore books I’ll have nothing to take. I guess I’ll enjoy it while I can.


But I got a real bonus at this show. One of Mollie’s friends works for the city that hosted the craft show and she helped put it together. This friend stopped by our booth to visit. One of her first comments to me was, “So what do you think of Mollie having a suitor?” I love the way this friend uses vocabulary. I was a little worried because I hadn’t mentioned it to sister. Sister doesn’t keep secrets well. She’ll plan to, but then she says things she thinks are subtle, but they’re NOT! I explain firmly she was to say nothing to anyone until Mollie choses to talk about it.


But back to Mollie’s friend – she had seen a picture!! A couple of weeks ago I had told Nick what I thought this guy looked like, based on the kind of guys I know Mollie finds attractive. I said I pictured him like a Viking, tall, broad chested, red headed with a full beard. According to the friend I nailed it! She said that was exactly what he looked like. I’m dying to see a picture now. I did ask Mollie to describe him in this month’s questions, but again I’ve had no answers. When/if I hear from her I’ll let you know.

This is my guess.



  1. Anonymous2:15 AM

    Hi PK,

    Congratulations on the stall and sales, that is wonderful! Ugh, I so wish you could resolve the issues with your publisher, or find some way to ditch them and find another, or self publish. I greunderstand it's not that simple. Contracts etc

    Well dond on nailing Mollies 'suitor' ( how quaint). Great to get some more intel. Will be interested to know how Mollie answers your questions. I so love the monthly questions:)


    1. My sister is helping me to get the next book out sometime early next year. I'll let everyone know when it's out.

      I like the monthly questions for Mollie too, her - not so much. I guess we'll see what happens.

  2. That's wonderful news on your books sales. I wish you could find a solution with your publishers.

    Waiting to read your questions and Mollie's answers.


    1. I'd love to fine a solution too, but nothing so far. I do have a little more news from Mollie.