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Monday, August 14, 2023

Fantastic reunion!

I can’t remember when I’ve enjoyed a reunion anymore. Everything was perfect. The accommodations, the food and mostly the people could not have been better. I’ve written about my cousin’s house many times and posted pictures before, but the house is so wonderful. I got my favorite room again.

Eight cousins were there. There were thirteen of us with the spouses that came. It was one of those rare gathering where it really didn’t matter who you happen to sit beside you were happy. I enjoyed talking and visiting with everyone there.


The food was really amazing this time. The past few visits different cousins fixed the meals on different night, and it seemed to me they were trying to ‘out healthy’ each other and to be honest, their food tasted like crap! The owner of the house is an excellent cook, and this year took back the role, thank goodness. She assigned different couples to the kitchen as helpers and clean-up crew, and it seemed to work well.


One night we had London broil, twice baked potatoes, asparagus and salad. The next we had shrimp, wild rice, Caprese salad and grilled pineapple. 

The next night was her home-made lasagna with salad and garlic bread. Trust me no one went hungry. But in addition to all this, there was ‘the Wall of Sugar.’ Everyone brought some type of dessert, so much that she cleared off some shelves by the fireplace and we put them all there – cakes, pies, brownies, Danish, bags of cookies. It was truly a sugar lover’s dream.


In between eating we went out in the boat every afternoon, Nick rode the jet ski and I read and napped in the hammock. It just couldn’t have been a better weekend.

But in spite of all this opulence, they all said they would like to come here again next year. Several said that their children wanted to come back to see everyone. These kids are grown with kids of their own and I guess the memories stuck. The lake house is large but still limited in space so everyone couldn’t be included. At my house we’re out on the carport and anyone and everyone can come. I was flattered and I’m happy to have it here again – I really do need a reason for a complete cleaning.


  1. Love the pictures, the food looked delicious, the room view was marvelous, and it sounds like fun was to be had by all. But I'm confused. Was it held at your cousin's house or yours. Either way, it sounded wonderful...

    1. I've hosted at my home since 1984, up until 2020. After the reunion some of us would go to my cousin's lake house. This year we just decided to have it all at the lake house. Next year it will be back at my house. Where ever we go we do seem to have a good time.

  2. Anonymous2:54 AM

    Hi PK, glad you had a wonderful time with extended family, and what a compliment everyone wanting the next gathering at your place.

    The lake house looks absolutely stunning. Beautiful pics.

    I have just had cataract surgery so please excuse any typos or if this doesn't make sense lol


    1. I hope you've done well with your cataracts. The lake is a beautiful place, but the people are the most fun!

  3. Deena7:02 AM

    Sounds like it was a great time! The wall of sugar made me laugh (and hungry for some chocolate even though it’s early morning here)! You’re really lucky to have family time!