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Friday, June 23, 2017

Fantasy Friday - Real Life

It’s been a while. But I wanted to let everyone know that Fantasy Friday is not dead, it’s only resting. Fantasy Friday began nearly ten years ago to let everyone who reads here have a place where they could send in a story and have it posted whether they had a blog or not. Personally, I loved it and I got to know so many wonderful people who sent stories. Some are now my best friends in real life. I wanted to make another pitch and for three weeks I’m posting re-runs.

This three-story series was one of my favorites. First off this sweet woman didn’t think she could write, but her stories really touched me. It shows that everyone has a story in them. It may be your real life; it could be a fantasy you’ve carried in your head for years just to enjoy in private. I’m just here to encourage you to write your story, your fantasy. Write it for yourself mostly but if you’re willing send it to me and I’ll share it as a Fantasy Friday. My readers have always been very supportive – reading the comment can be a real ego booster.

I may occasionally post some re-runs, but right now I only plan to have a Fantasy Friday up when I get a new one. Hopefully once a month. All that depends on you. You can send your story to elisspeaks@yahoo.com

Real Life

I guess this really isn’t a Fantasy Friday story. I can’t write story like all of you all can. I emailed PK to tell her I liked reading and she told me to try writing one. I told her everyone out here seemed like really good writers and I didn’t want to do that then she told me to just write my own story of my life. So I got up the nerve to try.

We’re very ordinary people. Dennis works hard, he doesn’t wear a tie. He comes home dirty from work but he comes home with a smile for me and the kids. He’s a good man. We don’t have money for many extras but he’ll bring me wild flowers from the field sometimes. He’ll watch the kids if I want to go to the movies with my friends. When he sees I’m too tired or frustrated to cook supper he’ll pile us all in the car and go to McDonalds to eat. He’ll have me and the kids laughing at his jokes and teasing so much the worries of the day just fade away.

Out here you all tall about a dd relationship. We've never called it anything. He doesn't have a ton of rules and stuff but he’s serious about 3 things, keep yourself healthy and safe, don’t lie to him and no sass mouth. I do my best but if I break these rules I get my butt whipped. Our kids have the same rules but they don’t get whipped for breaking them. Dennis says they’re just kids that need to learn. A night with no TV is all we need to use to straighten them right up when they forget. Dennis says I’m a grown woman and should know better.

I lied to him about a Christmas gift I got for the kids. I knew he’d think it was too much and I really wanted to get it so I told him it was half of what it really cost. I write the checks to pay for stuff so I didn’t think he would know but for some reason he saw the bill. He was pretty mad. He went right to the phone and called my mama – she only lives about 10 minutes away. He told her that he sure would like to have some time alone with his wife and could the kids come visit for a while. My mama was tickled and told him to bring them on and let them spend the night. She thinks its real romantic when he does this. Sometimes it is, but not this time.

After he got the kids ready he whispered to me to that I better have my naked butt in the bedroom corned and be holding the hairbrush when he got back. I sure wasn’t happy but I did like he said. I heard him come in later but I kept my eyes in the corner. I could tell he was standing in the bedroom doorway and finally he asked me what happened when I lied to him. I told him I knew I’d get a whippin. And I sure did. He spanked me real hard! I was hollering and crying by the time he finished. He was sweet afterwards and hugged me and dried my tears but he wasn’t done with me yet. Lying is something Dennis is real serious about. He told me that that it would take him about 7 hours of work to pay off the $120 I’d lied about and that for the next week I’d have to spend an hour after we got the kids in bed writing lines for him. That wouldn’t be so bad except when I’m writing lines I don’t get to just sit in a chair. Dennis brought this awful rough door mat. It hurts real bad just to rub your hand across it. He puts that in chair I have to sit my naked butt on that thing for an hour a night for the next 7 nights while I write those lines. I wish I hadn’t lied to him to start with. I told him I was real sorry and he knew I was telling the truth.

I know this isn’t a real story like you all are used to but I appreciate PK letting me be a part of Fantasy Friday too.


  1. Hi PK, thank you for the re-run. I enjoyed reading this. Nothing like real life stories :)


  2. Re-runs are always enjoyable! Thanks for sharing this story again! Love her telling us about her real life!

  3. Excellent read.

  4. I remember this and enjoyed it again. Seems like old times getting to read a story on your blog.

  5. Short and simple but a great story none the less. I had never read it before.
    PS I am y need to send you a submission.

  6. I remember this and enjoyed it it again. Her real life story, perfect. Thanks PK.


  7. I hadn't seen this one before, so thank you for the re-run. And such a good story - made better by it being real life!

  8. Even though I do remember this one, it was nice to revisit. Little lies have a way of catching up with you.

    Hugs From Ella

  9. I enjoyed reading this again, with new eyes.
    Rosie Dee