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Friday, April 29, 2016

Fantasy Friday - The New House, part 3

Yeah for Friday! I do love these warm weekends. I'm ready to get some flowers out and I'm looking forward to opening the pool. I was very excited this week to get a brand new Fantasy Friday story! No, you can't have it yet. I'll be finishing The New House first. Today we have part three and then the conclusion will be next week. But something new after that to look froward to.

You can find parts one and two here if you missed them. Please enjoy...

The New House
Part 3

It has been almost two weeks since the first of the month when they moved into the house. Jade has almost finished all the unpacking, since they did not move much from the old house. They gave their kids most of the old furniture. Keeping the dining room table and hutch, but replacing the chairs. They kept their bedroom furniture and the guest room, but everything else was new and had been delivered last week. The house was beautiful. Liam told Jade that he would like to throw a party before the end of the month if she could have the house ready by then. She said it would be ready by the end of this week, but they should give their guests two weeks’ notice. They decided to have the party the last Saturday of the month. Lithe said he would be inviting people from work and some potential clients, so he wanted to have a very nice party. He told Jade she could invite a few friends also.

Life was going well for these two. Yes Jade had to take her scheduled punishments on Fridays for not asking to spend so much money on the spanking horse. She had been through two sessions so far and had four more to go. Besides that they were enjoying their special basement. Liam would text “Be in the F room when I get home” F standing for fun. He told her he would refer to the playroom as the P room if she was to report there for a punishment session.

After getting the text, Jade write back, “What would you like?”

Liam would then text, “Surprise me.”

Jade would then go to the closet pick a costume and invent a scene. They had done this several times in the three and half weeks in the house. Sometimes Jade was a naughty nurse being caught steal drugs to sell for extra money. Sometimes a school girl caught cheating or skipping class. She also was a secretary that botched the paper work for a big deal. They were having a great time and their relationship was as strong as it ever had been. Life was good.

Her fourth punishment session was coming up tomorrow. The party was Saturday and the end of the month was Wednesday. If she could just make it to next Wednesday, she would not earn the extra discipline/maintenance spanking for being punished too often in one month. She was sure she could do it. Things had been going so well.

Friday afternoon Jade received a text from Liam, “Be in the P room and ready at 5:30”. She was getting the final touches for the party ready and hurried to get them finished before 5:00, so she would have time to prepare for their session. She went to the basement and made sure it was picked up. She put the bed back into the wall. Taking a deep breath, she walked to the closet under the stairs and pulled out the horse, the cause of all her punishments this month. She then went to the cabinet and retrieved the discipline strap and heavy leather paddle and placed these on the bar for Lith. She had 5 minutes left. She quickly used the bathroom and took off all her clothes. Taking a washcloth she cleaned her private areas since they would be exposed for viewing. She then walked back to the wood floor area and faced the corner to wait.

A few minutes later, she heard the door to the basement open and the bolt thrown, so no one could come down unexpectedly. Just a precaution, since no one else even knew about their hide out. He was pleased that she had the room ready and called her over to the horse. She looked at her feet and said, “Please sir, I deserve to be spanked”.

Liam was enjoying this and half smiled, “Why do you want me to spank you?”

“I went way over my allotted amount on toys and did not ask you if I could buy this horse.”

Liam said, “Yes you do deserve a spanking, now get in position.”

Jade did as she was told. She did not want to earn any extras. The first session she did and it was too much for her. She did not want to repeat that mistake. She offered her arms to be restrained and was still as Liam bound her to the horse. He told her it would be the same as the others since she was being so good. That meant 20 mid range with the strap, then 50 full swings. She was already pleading by the 30th swing. He made a comment about loving the sound proofing. At that moment she just wanted to scream.

With the first 70 swats delivered, he examined her marks. She was already bright red and some bruising was there. He picked up the paddle and had Jade count the last 30. Her bottom was more tender then usually since they had been spanking so often them month. She was worried if she could take 30 more.

Pop,, oww one sir. Wack.. ohhhh two sir…. On and on it went. Oh no she missed that one trying to work through the pain. In the end he had to give her 37 with the paddle because she could not catch her breath fast enough.

Liam put up the toys of correction and came back to rub Jade’s back and bottom. He had done a very good job tonight. He was please with his own handiwork. He let her up and held her. When she relaxed a little she remembered to thank him for her spanking and for caring so much for her. Liam took her over to the carpeted area and bent her over the couch and satisfied his lust that takes hold of him whenever he spanks her be if it pleasure or punishment.

She woke with her bottom still tender, but she still had several things that needed to be done for the party. She was excited to have everyone over and show off her new house. Liam and Jade exchange loving touches and glances all day. They were in such a great place in their marriage right now. All was good in the world.

The party was just getting going. Almost everyone had arrived. Things looked well under control, so Jade went over to her friends and started talking with them. She had been with them for over 30 minutes when Liam came up behind her. She did not know he was there. It was at that time she let the F bomb drop a couple of times. Liam quickly looked around to see if any of his colleagues or clients had hear this. It appeared that only one of them had. He backed up as if he were just now approaching her group, and called out, “Jade can you come help me a minute.”

Jade turned around and knew something was wrong right away. There shouldn’t be anything to help Liam with. She walked over to him and he took her arm and whispered, “Go directly to the P room.” He was smiling the whole time, so no one at the party realized he was upset. She was about to protest when he gave her a look that meant you better not make a scene or you will regret it dearly.

She made an excuse to her friends and snuck behind the screen to the secret door. She could not believe that Liam would spank her with all these people in the house. She left the door unlocked for Liam and made her way down stairs. The bed was already up since the horse was out from last night’s session. She quickly striped and folded her clothes neatly, surely she would be returning to the party.

Not knowing what this was about or how serious Liam thought her transgression was, she went straight to the corner and did not lay out an implement. She heard the door open and the bolt locked almost the same time she got to the corner. He really must be upset if he got down here so quickly.

“Over here now” he commanded. “Do you know why you are down here?”

“I am not for sure.”

He turned her around and swatted her bottom hard, leaving a definite hand print. “Ask now” was all he said.

Not really knowing yet why she was about to received what appeared was going to be a major spanking; she gulped and said, “Please sir, I need to be spanked.”

With that out of the way, he helped her on to the horse and said “You better hold on” He turned on his heels and went to the cabinet and got down the large wood paddle with holes and grabbed a cane from the can next to the couch on his way back.

Seeing this Jade was more than frightened. “Please tell me what I did.”

Wack… “I will tell you” Wack…”You used the F word in front of the people I work with.” Wack OOOOWWW… “You were to be on your best behavior tonight.” Wack…OOHHHHHH….’Instead you have not been a good hostess, but have been only taking care of your friends.” Wack….. “please no.” Not being restrained Jade had bolted up not being able to bear the fire in her behind. “That just earned you 10 more after the party.” Jade starts to cry. Wack… “oh gosh oh gosh”…She is holding on for dear life not wanting more after the party. Liam swings low and hard right above her thighs, Jade shoots up again. “You must want a long spanking after the party you are up to 20 with this paddle now. Some of his anger is gone now and they both need to get back to the party, so Liam presses Jade down on the horse so she cannot bolt up again and delivers four more very quickly. Jade is howling now. Again he thanks Jade for sound proofing this room.

“We don’t have time for the cane right now. Pull yourself together and get back up to the party. You better be on your best behavior and no one better think anything is wrong between us.” Liam starts to walk up the stairs and stops. “Don’t you have something to say to me?”

Jade still is trying to recover from the on slot of pain and manages a quick “Thank you for the spanking.”

Liam says, “You are welcome and you needed that. Now get up here and be good. We will be down here to finish this when everyone is gone.” With that he leaves. No hug. No rubbing her back, so much for the happy couple.

Jade goes to the bathroom and washes her face, touches up her make-up and fixes her hair. She slides back into her dress and makes her way back to the party, remembering to lock the door as she leaves. The rest of the evening she is the perfect hostess. Everyone has something to eat or drink, she is conversing with everyone. She makes everyone feel at home. Liam is watching and very pleased. He hated to have to be so rough on her, but she knew better.

Jade is all smiles as the last guest leaves. She did have fun even with her bottom burning. Dang this thing we do, she thinks. She wants to be angry with Liam for treating her so harshly, but that burn in her backside has changed from pain to lust. All she wants to do now is jump his bones. Unfortunately, that is not going to happen, at least not right away. One thing about Liam, if he says he is going to spanking at a certain time, he makes sure it happens. She looks across the room at him and he motions for her to go downstairs.

She unlocks the door for a second time tonight knowing this is going to be a bad one. She takes off her dress and kicks it into the corner. “I will need to wash now anyway”, she thinks. He had dropped the paddle and cane on the floor in his haste to get back upstairs. She picks them up and places them on the bar for him. Then she goes to the corner to wait.

He leaves her there for 15 minutes, before going down. He knows he has to spank her again so she can trust him when he says anything. Part of him wants to let her off, but no that is the wrong message. He walks downstairs undoing his tie and loosening his collar.

“Come over here” he says. No anger is in his voice. She is relieved. She knows he will still spank her, but at least now he is no longer mad. It is very unusual for him to spank her when he is mad. “Turn around”, he looks at the bruises that have developed. He spanked her much too hard. He is upset with himself for losing it with her like that. “What do you have to say for yourself?”

She reaches out to touch his chest and he backs away and shakes his head. He can’t have her touching him like that yet or he might not be able to finish what he started. She drops her head and wants to cry now. She hates this part of it. Just wanting to be held and forgiven, but that has to wait until after her poor bottom has paid the price for bad behavior.

“I am sorry that I disappointed and embarrassed you tonight. I should have been looking out for all of our guests. You were right to bring that to my attention, but don’t you think you could have just asked?” She knows she is pushing somewhat on that last comment, but quickly adds. “Please sir, I DO DESERVE a spanking for my bad behavior in front of the people you work with.”

He is so proud of her at this moment. She is giving herself totally over to him and trusting his completely. “I will not let you down then. Get into position.” She crawls back up the horse where she was last night and just a few hours ago. Her bottom is already so tender; she does not think she will be able to handle it.

“Please strap me down. I don’t think I will be able to stay in position tonight. “

He has promised her 20 with the big wood paddle and 6 with the cane. He wishes he could take some of them back. She did not follow the rules and jumped out of position twice, now she must face the penalty. Having strapped her in, he raises the paddle slightly and lets it fall. She is already straining. He wants to ask if she can count them, but knows in the end she will only earn several more so he decides to just spank her quickly and get it over fast. The blows will not be as hard if it is quick, but the fire in her back side won’t let up either. He tells her, “I am going to give you all nineteen very quickly to get this over with. You know that the fire will be worst, but the blows will be lighter. Are you ready?” She nods and he is off, lighting her up like a firecracker. She would never have been able to stay in position for that. Thank goodness for the horse holding her down.

Liam lets her rest for a moment. He is now rubbing her back and bottom. “After our talk down here earlier, you were awesome. You made everyone feel right at home and took care of everyone. I am so proud of you and the great job you did. I hated giving you this last spanking because you turned you behavior around so much.” He is still petting her. She is now totally relaxed. The burning feeling is starting to turn into desire, but stops abruptly when he says, “Now, you know if I tell you I will spank you, I make sure that I follow through so you can believe and trust me. You know I pulled the cane too. So you have six strokes left, then it will all be over baby. You will be completely back in my good graces.” Jade just whimpers to herself. She knows there is no way out of this last part. Heck she put the cane on the bar. She nods her head that she is ready and he does not make her ask to be caned.

The fact of the matter is that canes hurt, even if they are little stokes. He lands each stroke just below the previous one. When he is finished there are six red welts on her lower butt checks. She is sobbing now. He does not put the toys up but go straight to her and releases her from her bonds. He walks her to the couch so she can lean on it for support. She puts her arms around his neck and holds on tight. She whispers. “Thank you for my spanking.”

Moving the horse out of the way he lowers the bed and helps her into it face down. He then applies lotion to her tortured hind end. He lets her know that he loves her and she is a brave and good girl. They cuddle for a few minutes then need and desire overtake both of them. They make wild passionate love. Thank goodness tomorrow is Sunday so they can sleep in. It has been a long night. Liam is holding Jade in his arms as they fall asleep. Unfortunately, the peaceful feelings come crashing to a halt as she realizes she just received her 5th punishment from Lithe this month. That means no fun spanking this week for her. Wednesday will be her bad girl monthly spanking and Friday will be her 5th payment on the spanking horse. Oh well she thinks. He loves me and I love him. And this thing we do works for us.


Another big thanks to Catie for sharing her stories with us. I wonder how many spanko she has thinking about building a new house!  If you have a story to share please send it to elisspeaks@yahoo.com


  1. Hi PK, thank you for sharing more of this wonderful story. I hope Catie writes some more.

    Yay for a new story, looking forward to it. Hope you have a wonderful weekend :)


  2. I'm enjoying your story Catie. Thank you.

    Thanks PK. Long weekend for us in the UK.


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    Enjoy your gardening. Weather will not cooperate for us here this weekend.