I have been a wife and mother for over twenty years. Now I am becoming my husband's lover, too.
We owe it all to my fellow bloggers who gave me the courage to come out to my husband as a spanko.
I do feel like this is a New Beginning for us.

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Friday, December 05, 2014

Fantasy Friday - Nakedness, Sex and Vulnerability

We have a brand new Fantasy Friday this week and I haven't been able to say that in a long time! This story is from George, a good friend of Ami's. He's a great writer and Ami finally bullied him into sending me a story for Fantasy Friday - thank you Ami! You can visit George at his own blogGeorge's Hanger  I asked him to introduce himself -

  My blog moniker is George Kaplan which I chose from one of my favorite movie’s “North by Northwest”.  I appreciated the irony of how “George” was a creation of the government and not a real person. Cary Grant was mistaken as him and that is where the adventure begins. If you have not seen the movie, I highly recommend it.
I am 63 years old and I have been interested in spanking for as long as I can remember. I have been married to my bride Nina for 38 years and it was about 10 years into our marriage when I ask her to spank me. Nina is a very vanilla girl but she is also a treasure! We talked and although she really cannot understand why I would ever want such a thing, she was very happy to satiate my need. She has in fact become an excellent spanker! We do not do DD, but enjoy mostly erotic and fun spankings, although I have asked her to spank me for cause to which she has never objected. In fact, when I do ask she seems most happy to put me across her knee and paddle my bottom with great relish, so perhaps Nina is not as vanilla as she lets on!        
In real life, I am a corporate pilot and get to fly a beautiful jet airplane all across the USA, Canada, Mexico and the Caribbean.  I enjoy reading history, philosophy, religion, and books on interpersonal relationships. Some of my favorite authors are Deborah Tannen, Barbara and Allan Pease, and Dr. Kevin Leman. I am also a musician who enjoys playing the piano and an amateur photographer who likes sharing photos of my flying destinations on my blog.
In this my initial attempt at penning a story I would be remiss not to say that Ami, at Ami’s Star Song, was a wonderful mentor and I owe her a huge debt of gratitude. She is the one who encouraged me to send it to PK. Thank you Ami!
I titled the story “Sex, Nakedness, and Vulnerabilities” because at times the couple are together naked but it is not sexy. Our behavior is far more of a contributing factor to the creation of a sexual atmosphere than simply how we look no matter how great that might be! Additionally, while sex is in and of itself both important and enjoyable, in order to reach the deepest level of commitment, we must be willing to share our vulnerabilities.
I find writing to be very cathartic and will likely continue penning this couples spanking adventures, but I know I will never be as prolific as the other fantastic contributors to “Fantasy Fridays”.
I hope you enjoy.



She awoke from a good night’s sleep, glanced next to her, and saw her husband still sleeping soundly. It had been several years since their marriage, but she still remembered that day like it was yesterday.  Life was good indeed, she thought to herself. They lived in a comfortable home and both had careers they enjoyed. They met on a blind date and after a year-long courtship they knew they were meant to be together forever. It was nice to just lay in bed and daydream. Her thoughts drifted to her secret desire to be spanked.  

For as long as she could remember she had a fascination with spanking. She would get excited watching movies where the femme fatale ended up across her man’s lap getting her bottom spanked. When she was young she would secretly look up “spanking” in the dictionary.  She was never spanked as a child and had no idea from whence her feelings originated. She objected to spanking children, however consenting adults was an altogether different proposition. She thought she was the only one in the world who harbored such fantasies until one day alone at the computer she typed “spanking” into the search engine. All of a sudden there appeared a plethora of stories and pictures of both men and women who shared her longing.

Although she had never been spanked as an adult she was given a birthday spanking by her girlfriends at her 16th birthday slumber party. She was wearing a t-shirt and panties in her room laughing and talking about boys when suddenly her two best friends, Annie and Catherine grinned and said “Time for the birthday girl to be spanked.” When she heard she could not believe her ears. Initially she objected, after all no one wants a spanking, right? But soon she relented and said “Ok, what do I do.” Catherine sat on her bed, smiled and patted her lap and then with a mock matronly tone said “Over my knee young lady and be quick about it!” Her heart was racing; she was about to receive her first spanking.

She acted the reluctant recalcitrant, but placed herself across Catherine’s lap and waited. Catherine announced that she was going to give her 16 spanks and one to grow on and then she was going to be spanked by each of her friends! “Are you ready?” said Catherine. But before she could answer, Catherine started spanking her. After about a dozen spanks she knew she was hooked. “Fifteen, sixteen, and now one to grow on.” Whap, that one stung, but it also excited her. Summarily she was passed around to the others and finally ended up across Annie’s lap. Annie said it was time she found out what it was like to get spanked on her bare bottom and yanked her panties down before she could stop her. Annie then administered her first bare bottom spanking and afterwards said “Look at how red her bottom is.” Although it was terribly embarrassing, somehow it also excited her.

For the rest of high school and through college she had to be content with reading about spanking and the occasional fantasy. She tried self-spanking and while it was better than no spanking, it always left her feeling unfulfilled. To her great excitement she had discovered blogs that had something called domestic discipline. It chronicled the lives of ladies who had asked their husbands to be in charge and spank them when they acted sassy or disrespectful. Oh how she envied and admired those women. They were not weak spirited pushovers for just let anyone mess with their children and they instantly became raging mama bears. Yet they chose to submit to their husbands’ authority to the point of willingly accepting a spanking. She vowed that would be her one day.

When she met Alex on that blind date, she was not overly impressed. Perhaps she was just not in the right mood that night, but when he called she accepted his offer to go out again and something started happening. She began to notice something special about Alex and she found herself day dreaming about him. He really was quite a romantic. They began to see more and more of each other and spankings somehow took a back seat to this exciting new romance. After he proposed she was as happy as she could be and her focus was entirely on her wedding and the future with her true love.

They had a beautiful wedding and a wonderful honeymoon and their life together was everything she had hoped for until one day she was cleaning out a closet and discovered a box of books from her apartment days. She opened it and found some old spanking novels she had purchased. She was about to toss them, when she decided it would be fun to glance through one. She ended up spending the entire afternoon reading and suddenly an old flame was re-ignited. For months she debated with herself…should I tell him?

She was in a wonderful relationship with a handsome and caring man whom she loved more than anyone. He would surely think I was some kind of a pervert right? But the flame was lit and the fires were burning. She began to surf those old blogs and would vicariously experience spanking through those women she read about.  Finally she made her decision. She was going to risk it and tell him everything. She hoped and prayed he would understand and accept that this was a part of who she was. 

She planned the evening in her mind a hundred times and practiced what she would say. Scared was an understatement, but the day had come. It would be tonight after their evening out. She would look him in the eye; take a deep breath and say, Alex we need to talk.

Enough daydreaming, it was time to start the day. She was glad it was Friday, this week had been busy and she was looking forward to the evening out he had promised her.  At any rate, their cat would have nothing more of her lounging; it was morning and time to eat.

She got up and fed the cat, started a pot of coffee and headed for the bathroom.  Her morning routine was essentially the same. She brushed her teeth and hit the shower. The warm water always felt great and was just what she needed to get her started.  They had purchased one of those shower heads that pulsate and each morning she would engage in a bit of decadence and let the water message her back, neck and shoulders. 

After her shower she stood naked in front of the mirror and looked at her body.  Were her breasts starting to sag a bit…or was it just her imagination?  She worked out at the gym and watched what she ate, so she was pleased with what she saw….sort of.  She wondered if Alex noticed any changes in her. He always got so excited when she would tease him by wearing sexy underwear. 

As she started preparing to apply her various selections of make-up, she heard him stirring in the bedroom so she called out and asked him to please fix her a cup a coffee. She need not say how she liked it because it was just one of those little things that he knew. It made her feel close to him that he would care enough to remember trivial things such as that just for her.  

Soon he came into the bathroom with her coffee. She thanked him and they began to talk.  She told him of a birthday party for a girl at work today and they were planning to have cake and ice cream for her.  She asked if he thought eating ice cream would make her butt too large. He took on the air of a concerned husband and carefully examined her naked backside and pronounced that it was in no danger of becoming too large. He said he liked it just the way it was and gave her a playful spank on her bottom. An encouraging sign she thought.

She said she was looking forward to going out that evening and reminded him the last movie they saw was an action adventure of his choosing so it was her turn to pick.  She chose a “girl movie”. The kind where the guy meets girl, romance blossoms, guy and girl have a falling out, then guy sees the light and declares eternal love as they walk off into the sunset with a musical crescendo.

That choice was agreeable to him and he said he would go ahead and take his shower if it would not fog the mirror. She said go ahead it would not bother her at all. He removed his clothes and was now as naked as she was. She admired the way he kept himself in shape and enjoyed the opportunity to be a bit of a voyeur. Men’s bodies are so different she thought to herself. How happy she was that God had chosen to make her a woman.  He turned to step into the shower and she gave him a playful slap on his bare bottom. “What was that for?” he asked.  She said she owed him one and loved how his ass looked. She told him she wished hers looked more like his. “Women”, he stated rhetorically as he smiled and got into the shower.

Soon they were both finished dressing and after a quick kiss they wished each other a good day and were off their separate ways.


She decided to take off an hour early and go home to get ready for the evening. She took a quick shower and freshened her make-up. She wanted to look especially attractive tonight so she picked out one of his favorite dresses, which coincidentally was one of her favorites also. Even though it was really just a simple red dress, for whatever reason, it made her feel pretty when she wore it. Just to be sure he would get the mood she was in, she applied some very sexy perfume to just the right spots. After all, she had learned that unlike her female friends, men just don’t get it when she would drop a subtle hint. You have to be direct with guys or they will miss the point every time. Men’s minds are so different than women’s, she thought to herself. 

Somehow his day seemed longer than normal. He seemed to be constantly drifting off, his mind thinking about the upcoming evening. He remembered the first time he saw her.  It was on a blind date with some mutual friends. They had gone to a country western dance place and when the other couples went to dance they were left alone together. It was fate without a doubt. Today they laugh at how when he asked her for a second date she didn’t remember who he was. Even so, he recalled how he knew there was something very special about this attractive young woman and was determined to get to know her. They ended up dating for a year and became better and better friends until somewhere along the way they fell in love. Strange how one day you wake up and when you walk it is as though you are floating on air and everything about life is wonderful. You sing and smile and all your friends think you’re nuts. That’s what happens to you when you are in love. 

Enough of the daydreams! Nothing was getting done at work and so he decided to leave early and stop and buy her flowers on the way home.  Yes, flowers….and a nice bottle of her favorite wine.  How fun, it will be just like when they were dating. Yes indeed, she is definitely on my mind.


He showered and shaved as she finished painting her nails. They decided it would be dinner first and then the movie. She loved being treated so special and he adored seeing her so happy. Going out for dinner and a movie was the perfect outing for them after a work week. It gave her the opportunity to talk about all the things that she had been saving up to share with him. She loved telling him about her day, her ups and downs, and it felt wonderful expressing the feelings she had inside. 

Dining gave him the opportunity to be a great listener. He enjoyed talking and sharing his thoughts and ideas, but it was different for him. When she told him her car made a certain noise when it turned that sounded like “Clank Clunk KaClank” or no, maybe it was more like a “Clunk KaClank Clunk”. The subtle difference was not as significant to him as the fact that it was making a strange noise of any kind.  

From his perspective, the car making an unusual noise ranked much higher in importance than her concern about the article she had read extolling the virtues of one brand of bottled water over another. However, he sensed that while she was sharing her thoughts and ideas, to her they were all of equal importance. It was not until after she had finished did some meaningful order seem to emerge. It was as if by sharing with him the details of her thoughts both great and small, she was organizing those thoughts into a clarity and priority that she had not been able to accomplish in silent thought. 

They were in her car and for whatever reason as they drove to the movie he was acutely aware of the sounds it was making. Power of suggestion…who knows but after a mile or two his mind was focused only on her. She looked as good as she smelled and he would worry about the car tomorrow.

The movie was a typical “chick flick”. Hollywood really knows the formula and no matter how similar it was to the last version, it always draws a crowd.  This one was no exception. The girl was cute, smart and loving. The guy was adorable, yet very sexy.  Although she was attracted to him, she did not want to let on (only a tart would do something like that). They start to get together (through the help of a mutual friend, who by the way was such a tart).  A nascent romance flourishes. They go to the park where he rescues some stranded animal or commits some other noble act. It is then we see the look (a close-up) that tells us she has found her true love. Soon they are kissing and just as things start to look really promising they have a fight due to a miscommunication and it seems the perfect relationship will tragically be lost forever.  If only he would just listen to her he would understand, but alas he walks out. Then in the end he has an epiphany, realizes he was wrong, apologizes and professes undying love and affection. They walk off hand in hand into the sunset…God how girls love that he thought. 

What he didn’t realize for years is that taking a girl to a chick flick is really the best way to get her in the mood for romance. Bless Hollywood, for tonight was no exception.  They walked to the car after the movie hand in hand as she vicariously re-lived the movie; her playing the part of the girl and he, her hero.


Their house was comfortable. The kind that makes you want to just stay home in front of the fireplace on a cold rainy evening. She had done most of the decorating but had agreed to let him to pick out the new high def flat screen TV.  He was such a guy when it came to sports!

After they arrived she went in to get comfortable while he started a fire and poured them each a glass of wine. She returned wearing a long red night shirt with white hearts on the front. It was a present he had gotten her for her birthday and he said when her nipples protruded into the thin material on a cool evening, it made her look very sexy.

He put on a CD, turned down the lights and sat next to her. The thought of her wearing nothing but panties underneath was very arousing to him.  They toasted to a wonderful evening and hopes for many more. For a change she was the quiet one. She sat sipping the wine while staring into the fire letting the ambiance of the moment invade her as she relaxed.  He put his arm around her and told her she was beautiful. She smiled and quietly said thank you. She thought of the Jim Croce song “Time in a Bottle”. Like the lyrics in the song, if she could save moments of time in a bottle, to be re-opened and experienced again and again, this would be one of those moments. She felt cherished, safe, and beautiful here with the one she loved the most. The one she was willing to give her all too.

She thought now is the time. She looked directly into his eyes took a deep breath and said “Alex there is something I need to tell you”. With a bit of trepidation he said “What is it my love?” She looked down and in barely a whisper said “I want you spank me.” “What?” he asked. “Spank you?” Suddenly words started pouring out of her like a raging river. She told him of her desire to be spanked and how she had never shared her secret with anyone and how she was afraid he would think her a perverted crazy woman. She talked about the internet blogs and the wives who were spanked by their husbands. She explained the difference types of spankings and how she fantasized about getting her bottom bared and spanked. She was just about in tears as she finished speaking, but now he knew. Her innermost secret was revealed and now it was his turn to react. 

He looked at her and was astonished. Even in the dim glow of the fire she was radiant and unbelievably beautiful. But it was not just the way she looked. As he stroked her hair he looked into her eyes and gazed into her very soul; a place that she allowed only him. Her inner being where all her secret vulnerabilities were hidden. Secrets so deep they could only be spoken of in cautiously guarded whispers.

Sharing a trust like that took great courage. It is a risk granting another person access to intimate knowledge about you no one else knows. Information that could be used to hurt you more than anything, yet trusting they would guard this knowledge with their life and never, ever use it against you. What a gift to be allowed into that place. He knew it took total trust in him for this moment to occur and he was feeling a love for her greater than he had ever known.

“Thank you for sharing this with me” he said. “I don’t think you are crazy. In fact it’s kind of sexy in a kinky sort of way” he said with a smile. She remained silent and just listened. He began to ask her questions, like when did she first realize she want to be spanked? Had she ever been spanked as a child or an adult? Did the idea of being spanked excite her sexually? He admitted that he too enjoyed the scenes in the movies when the woman is given a well deserved and usually long overdue spanking.

They talked for over an hour, explaining, clarifying, and discussing spankings. She said she wanted to know what it was like to be spanked until she was kicking and hollering and then spanked some more until her bottom was a bright red. They talked about how this was going to affect their marriage and both agreed that they were communicating far better than normal. He asked her if she would show him some of her favorite spanking blogs so he could learn more and then thrilled her by suggesting perhaps she should start a blog of her own.  

It was a great relief that he had been so receptive and she decided to go into the kitchen to get them both another glass of wine. As she returned he said “My love I know we don’t have all the answers and this is going to take a lot more communication between us, but there is one thing we should definitely do before this night is over.” Her heart skipped a beat and she almost dropped the wine glasses. Is he about to suggest what she was thinking? Could this actually be happening? And then he said it. “I think you need a spanking young lady!”

Hearing those words was a dream come true, but she was equally excited and scared. What would it really be like? She had played this out a hundred times in her mind. But this was not imaginary. How bad would it hurt? Would she cry? Would she change her mind afterwards? Ultimately, her desire to be spanked overrode all her doubts and fears and she simply said “Yes sir”.

“Come stand in front of me”. He was sitting on the couch and she walked over and stood before him trembling slightly. “I want you to lie across my lap so I can spank you.” My God she thought, this is really happening? It was just like in her fantasy.

She positioned herself across his lap and he slowly raised her nightshirt revealing her panty covered bottom. He stroked the smooth material covering her backside and complimented her on how she took care of herself. He loved the shape and feel of her beautiful derriere. She was really beginning to enjoy the moment when suddenly, whack, she felt the slap of his hand. It stung but didn’t really hurt. Whack; again she felt his hand spank her bottom. He began a steady rhythm of alternating spanks, slowly at first, then gradually faster. Her bottom was starting to feel the effects of the spanking and she began to wiggle a bit when he stopped and said “Stand up.” She complied thinking with a bit of disappointment that a spanking wasn’t so bad. 

“Take off your panties” he said. Instantly she realized her spanking was not yet over. Slowly she removed her panties and resumed her position. He rubbed her naked bottom and commented that it was warm and pink and asked her if she was doing ok. She said she was and suddenly she felt another slap. On her naked butt the sting was far greater! He continued spanking her until she was kicking her legs and hollering. She told him it hurt and he paused briefly to remind her that a spanking is supposed to hurt. “You wanted to see what it was like to get spanked and the last thing I want to do is disappoint you my love.” She could tell without looking he was smiling as he spoke those words.

He resumed spanking and soon her bottom began to feel like it was on fire! Finally he stopped and lovingly began to rub her again. “Nice and hot and a very nice shade of red” he said proudly. After a few moments he told her to get up and motioned for her to sit on his lap. He held her close and they cuddled silently for a while just drinking in the moment and the emotions. He asked her how she felt now and if she still wanted to be spanked. He said he loved her and though he didn’t completely understand, if this was something she needed, he was willing. However, if she had changed her mind he still loved her just the way she was and wanted her for all eternity. With tears in her eyes she told him she never felt more connected than at that moment and yes, she was certain she wanted to continue.

He leaned in slowly and their lips met. He gave her a soft, sweet kiss that caused her to smile.  He is such a good lover she thought.  Gentle, but with a wild side; always knowing just what she wanted. They embraced again and kissed passionately, their tongues probing each other deeply. He stroked her hair and held her head in his hands. He kissed her ears and neck working his way back to her mouth for another long wet kiss. His hand caressed her breasts and found her nipples showing signs of arousal. He stood up and removed his shirt and pants. Standing in his boxers she enjoyed seeing the effect she was beginning to have on him. He reached down and removed her night shirt then stood back and gazed at her breasts. They were as beautiful as the first time he saw them. 

She laid back on the couch and he lowered his mouth to her breast and gave it soft kisses all around occasionally teasing her nipple with his tongue.  Soon she had her hand on the back of his head guiding him onto her nipple, pressing his head against her. “Suck it hard” she said softly as she began a slight moan.  He took her breast into his mouth and sucked vigorously, pausing occasionally for his tongue to dance across her nipple. How she loved having her breasts kneaded, massaged, kissed, and sucked.

After a bit, he stopped and stood in front of her. She reached up and removed his boxers revealing his erection. She liked seeing his cock when it was hard and loved the idea that she was responsible for causing this reaction.  She began to stroke it and marveled at the smoothness of the tip as she rubbed it against her cheeks. She looked up at him and smiled a devilish grin, then opened her mouth and guided his manhood between her lips. She started slowly licking and sucking, guiding him into and out of her mouth. He began to moan as she grasped his balls in her free hand and gave them a gentle squeeze. Soon his hands were on the back of her head guiding her back and forth. He could have let this go on forever, but it was time for another of his favorite passions.

She got up off the couch and lay down in front of the fire. How he loved the sight of her naked body.  No matter how often or how many times he gazed upon her, it excited him. She spread her legs and he lowered his head between them, stopping briefly to gaze upon her as she revealed to him her intimacy. He loved not only the sight of her but also the way she smelled and tasted.  He would start out licking her pussy, but not until he began to sense the increased pace of her breathing and moaning did he venture up to her clit. Once he did she would begin to moan and groan with pleasure as he licked and sucked on her most sensitive spot. She had taught him just how she liked it and he was able to keep stimulating her until the passions inside her spread throughout her entire body, building in intensity until she climaxed in an orgasm that left her breathless. He loved giving her such pleasure. 

They lay together quietly for a few moments and she reached down, took his cock in her hand and started slowly stroking. He closed his eyes and focused on the pleasure she was giving him. He thought what did he ever do to deserve such a blessing as to have her as a soul mate? After a while, he opened his eyes and guided her on to her back.

As she lay before him she didn’t just open her legs to allow him to enter her, she was opening her heart and soul, granting him access to her very being. She felt his cock as he rubbed it up and down her pussy. He massaged her clit with the tip and in response she lifted her hips beckoning him to enter her. Slowly and gently he pushed his cock deep into her wetness. He moaned with pleasure as he started a steady rhythm in and out, in and out.

Soon she was responding with her own movements, pushing forward in sync with each thrust of his cock. It felt so good when he was inside her, as if something, or some part of her had been missing and this act of intimate, physical love made her feel complete. She felt cherished and safe in a place that gave her soul comfort. A place where she could allow herself to abandon all her self-doubts, her fears of emotional rejection and physical inadequacies. She was able to let go and her emotions flowed with total inhibition. God please don’t let this moment ever end she thought. 

As his excitement grew, so did the pace of his lovemaking. The fever pitch in her rose to match his and at some point they ceased to be two people making love and became a single entity, their souls merging, their minds as one and she felt a closeness to him that was beyond description. 

She screamed as she reached an orgasm that felt like an explosion starting in her loins and resonating to every part of her body.  His passion also reached its climax as he gave a maximum thrust and came deep inside her. They lay motionless and said nothing, simply listening to the breathing of the other and savoring the moment. 

She knew then the meaning of true love for she had achieved a connection with him and experienced a level of intimacy that binds two people together for all eternity. Some couples achieve it and some do not, but for those that do, it is as close to heaven as we can get here on Earth.

The End

George, thank you so much for sharing with us. I really enjoyed your writing and I hope you'll write for us again. Okay - now as for the rest of you, give it a try! What do you have to lose? Send any stories you're willing to share to elisspeaks@yahoo.com



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