I have been a wife and mother for over twenty years. Now I am becoming my husband's lover, too.
We owe it all to my fellow bloggers who gave me the courage to come out to my husband as a spanko.
I do feel like this is a New Beginning for us.

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Friday, February 21, 2014

Fantasy Friday - Playful Mood

I feel like I haven’t been out here at all this week. All is well, in fact I got spanked as soon as I got in from work yesterday. There were a few housekeeping issues Nick wanted to address. And yes, I did a little cleaning.
I haven’t had any new Fantasy Friday stories sent in for a while, but we have a new one anyway – well a new one for 95% of you I’m sure. I’m posting one of Cassie’s older stories. I hope you enjoy…

Playful Mood

     I have no idea what got into Tom this weekend but the man was in a happy playful mood. If he had been much happier I wouldn’t be able to sit at the computer.
We had a pleasant, but busy Friday. We both took care of appointments and errands that we’d been putting off.
Tom was planning to play golf Saturday morning. I didn’t plan on getting up before he left. I thought he said he was leaving around 8:00. I had my time off and he came into the bedroom just after 8:30 and starts in with, “Cassie! Are you sick?”
I came boiling out of the bed saying, “Tom, it’s Saturday. You know I’m fine, don’t you come near me with that thermometer.” He was laughing at me as I tried to slip my way into the bathroom.
I didn’t stand a chance. He said, “If you aren’t sick you have no business wasting the morning in bed.”
And just like that, I was over his knee getting my bottom warmed with his slipper. It hurt, but I couldn’t help laughing as he peppered me with questions as well as pops.
“Just what plans do you have for the day?” He wanted to know.
“I have a hot date planned during your golf game, so don’t leave any bruise.” My ‘being a smart ass’ timing has never been good Owww! After that volley was over I told him I was meeting my nieces for lunch.
He headed off for golf, with me all spanked and no time for lovemaking. It was a beautiful day, nearly seventy degrees, so after lunch I decided to tackle my flowerbeds and remove all the weeds and last summers’ growth. I usually do this much earlier, but then I broke my hand and it got put off.
It was a bit muddy so I put on an old tee shirt and pair of overalls that I like for working outside. I won’t wear them when Tom is around because he makes such fun of me. I couldn’t find my gloves, but I put on my garden boot and out I went. Okay, I didn’t look my most elegant but I was doing yard work.
I had been working quite a while when I suddenly heard laughter from the deck. I was on my hands and knees, mud up to my elbows and streaked all over my face where I’d sweated and Tom was laughing his fool head off at me.
He came out in the yard saying, “Good grief Cassie, you look like a rag pickers child.” But when he saw my hands he was less than amused. “What are you doing out here with out your gloves. You know better,” he said sternly. Tom loves my hands and they did look pretty rough at the moment. I felt what was coming next so I took off for the house. It’s been quite a while since a man chased me in my yard.
He cheats so he caught me pretty quickly. I figured I was in for a spanking as soon as he got me in – but no. He headed to the bench around one of our trees. Our yard is fairly secluded, but we do have neighbors.
 “No, Tom, take me inside!” I demanded.
“Those dirty overalls aren’t going in my house,” he insisted.  And before I could stop him that devil had my overall off and I was over his knee – outside! I wanted to yell at him but I felt the noise he was making was more than enough for the outside sitting with out me adding to it.
When he got done I made a grab at the overalls, but he kept laughing and saying no. I may have been wild at one time, but now I don’t expect to be sprinting across my lawn dressed in only a tee shirt, panties and socks. I'm beginning to think Tom is losing it.
 Tom helped me in the shower, he said I’d never get all that dirt off myself. We took a long nap, well after a bit of fun and it was after seven when we woke up. “What are you fixing me for dinner?” Tom asked, like I ever cook.
Shaking my head, I told him, “You have lost your mind. You have spanked me twice today for absolutely no reason and now you think I’m going to make you dinner. Forget it! I am not doing it.
     Sigh…I made us grilled cheese sandwiches and tomato soup. I drank mine from a mug, easier when you are standing at the counter after the third spanking of the day. And he was in a good mood. I promise I won’t be complaining about being ignored, for at least a few days.

If you aren't familiar with Cassie and Tom you can find Cassie's blog here. And there are two books out now - check my side bar. I'm working on number three as fast as I can. Okay, I'm writing. I hope some of you are and that you'll send a story for a Fantasy Friday. Send them to elisspeaks@yahoo.com


  1. Hi PK, cute story, glad you got spanked too
    love Jan.xx

  2. Really enjoyed this PK. Goodness, Tom was in a spank happy mood ... but then again, I think our dear Cassie was egging him on a wee bit :)


  3. PK,

    I love Cassie's stories. Thanks.

    Happy you got spanked:)


  4. Cassie has so much fun....even when it isn't a FUN spanking! I want to join her!
    'Good on' the spanking!

  5. Thanks guys, I appreciate you coming by. Hope you find the time to write too.

  6. PK,
    I am rather off colour at the moment.
    Just to let you know that I'm still around.
    Love and warm hugs,

  7. Hi, PK, this is one entry I will not show my husband ... spanking for housekeeping cleaning issues and Cassie's garden mishap ... no, no need to give him ideas. Thanks, loved the story!

    1. Come on Meg - be brave! LOL, glad you enjoyed it.