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Sunday, September 29, 2013

Wedding Outfit Shopping Success!

I did it! I found the perfect wedding outfit. It was the first outfit I saw when I walked into Chico’s. I tried it on and bought it with in the first ten minutes of our shopping trip, I found a beautiful necklace to add a little bling.  The outfit isn’t wildly fancy, although it's a bit more sparkly that the picture shows. I would describe it as quietly elegant, I hope I'm right. In fact I’m good for my whole New York visit. I found a second outfit I like for going out one evening and for our third evening, my wonderful friend Sunny loaned me a another beautiful outfit. Now this little old country mama won’t embarrass LJ. Not that I was ever really worried about that, but I do feel more confident now that I have them all.

Mollie did come and help with the shopping. And as it worked out my niece, who moved to New York eighteen months ago, came to see her mom this weekend so Mollie had her cousin with her as we all went shopped together and later came back to my sisters, ate pizza and watched movies. Great girl’s weekend!

So here it is, what do you think?


  1. Perfect. Chico's never disappoints.

  2. Very elegant! I quite like it!

  3. Very nice lol my mom and I were just talking outfits today for my nephews wedding

  4. Anonymous4:35 AM

    Very nice, PK, very goo choose. And I like necklace !!!
    Your son will be proud of you !

  5. Just lovely PK, and elegant. I think you chose well. Love the necklace too.

    Glad you have the other outfits sorted as well and that you had a great girls weekend.


  6. It's lovely PK, very elegant. It's going to be a great wedding
    love Jan.xx

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  8. PK,
    if you love it and are comfortable, what more do you need.
    Nice piece of bling.
    Love and warm hugs,

  9. Congrats on finding such a nice outfit and finding it so quickly. You will look very elegant and sophisticated wearing it and the bling is a nice touch. You Go Girl.


  10. Perfect...simple and elegant!
    hugs abby

  11. Love it! You will look gorgeous. The necklace finishes the ensemble perfectly! I bet you can noe relax and look forward to it ALL!

  12. Beautiful outfit, you are be gorgeous in it.

  13. Super cute. I love it! It's nice enough for the wedding and something you can wear normally too. Good choice.

  14. PK,

    You will look gorgeous in it. Love the necklace. Are you going to use a handbag (purse)?


  15. one of my favorite places to shop, Chico's (oh, and J.Jill!). i bet this looks darling on you! good choice. :)

  16. PK you're going to be styling it looks great


  17. Yipppeeee! Skippy! You will look lovely, your choice is very pretty.

  18. Thanks everyone - you are all making me feel very confident. I'm really looking forward to the wedding. Mollie an I are ready. Now we only need to get a suit for Nick.

  19. I think you will look stunning! :-) Hugs