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Friday, March 22, 2013

Fantasy Friday - Strange Vacation

Part two is up over at Bob's click here finish the story.

First weekend of spring folks!  Somehow though I don't think many of us are throwing on our bathing suits and running for the lawn chair.  It's cold!  Oh well, good reason to curl up by a warm fire and write.

We have a great story today - different, to be sure and fun! I really got a kick out of it the first time I read it.  Our story today is from Bob.  His fairly new, and very interesting blog is  Thoughts on TTTWD .  If you haven't been by yet I have a feeling you may be going soon because the second part of this wonderful story will be up at his place tomorrow. I had posted last week that I didn't have any new stories and I was going to have to dip into my re-runs, but Bob came through for me.  Now sit back and enjoy...

Strange Vacation

Sue walking arm in arm with Tom, thinking that she could not be any happier with her life since she let Tom spank her on his birthday almost a year ago and who would have known that she would really crave his attentive hand paying all that attention on her butt.

She wraps her arm tighter around his and leans into him as they walk side-by-side enjoying the bright sunny day, doing her most favorite thing window-shopping; looking at all the antique stores along the famous tourist trap boulevard.

Tom feels her snuggle closer to him, he starts to whisper a little too loudly to Sue and laughing evilly “You know how I am going to turn you over my knee and spank you until you beg me to stop don’t you? You are so going to beg me to stop this time.”

Sue, looking as innocent as she could while batting her eyes at him in mock horror says, “Whatever did sweet innocent little ole me do to deserve to endure such a harsh punishment?” Holding her arm over her forehead she mockingly said, “Do your worst I will never beg.” as she openly gooses his butt.

Tom does a quick goose step and half heartily tries to swat her hand away when all of a sudden Sue stops in front of a boutique shop looking at all the old costume jewelry. Letting go of Tom’s arm she makes a sharp right turn into the store.

For one split second, Tom thought Sue fell into a pit because of the way she ripped her hand off his arm and then he saw her disappear into the store. With a sigh Tom says to himself “Not another store and above all a jewelry store.” Groaning he walks into the store.

Sue, like a little girl in a doll shop, is looking and touching all the rings, bracelets and earrings that she can find. Finally Tom catches up and shaking his head and acts as if he is interested in what she is looking at and all the while he is mumbling to himself “shoot me now and put me out of my misery.”

Sue spies a ruby red ring shinning brightly taking her attention away from the other rings. It was almost as if it was talking to her. She picks up the ring examining it, as if it was a precious stone. Just before she places the ring on her finger an old lady silently glides out onto the stores floor and touches Sue’s arm, “Can I help you deary?”

Sue turns around holding her heart and was about to let loose on the idiot that scared her half to death then shuts her mouth seeing that it was just an old lady “This ring it, it is so beautiful I have never seen a stone shine like this before. It’s almost like it is talking to me.” She starts to place the ring on her finger when in a blink of an eye the old woman snatches the ring away from her. “Oh sweetie you don’t want this old ring it’s not for you, oh no not at all. I got just the thing for you my dear” she takes Sue by the hand and leads her to a different table with earrings on display. “Look at this display honey and you just might find something here for you.”

Tom, leaning against a display case admiring Sue in her sundress the way it hugs her body in all the right places, is picturing her grasping the table with her body slightly bent over with her sundress up over her hips and her panties down to her knees. He is raising his hands to deliver a well-placed spank when he is suddenly brought back to reality by this little blur heading towards his wife. But before he could act, the old woman is talking to Sue. Tom, being a man, went back to his favorite past time dreaming of spanking his wife.

Sue looking at all the colorful earrings displayed on the table and was amazed at the clarity of all the stones. Then, out of the corner of her eye, she notices a strange looking set of teardrop earrings.

They were the strangest colors she has ever seen. The stones colors looked like a kaleidoscope of colors in constant motion. 

Picking the earrings up and holding them in the light she was mesmerized by the movement of the colors inside the gem. It almost looked like the darker one was in a chaotic movement and the lighter one was a calmer movement. Looking at Tom, “can I buy these earrings please Tom please?”

 “No, you don’t need another pair of earrings you got a whole box of them back at home.” Tom then tells Sue they have to get going because it was getting late and then took her hand and started to leave the store.
 Pouting Sue says, “But Tom, just look at the color of the gems. I have never seen colors like this before. Please I won’t ask for any thing else today?”

Before Tom could say another word, the old woman said “Take these as a gift honey, these earrings were made just for you. But you have to promise me that if you ever tire of these you bring them back to me” she puts the earrings in the palm of Sue’s hand and then closes her fingers around the earrings.

Tom was going to insist that Sue give the earrings back but looking at her face he relented and said ok.

Sue gives him a big hug and a smooch on the lips then turns around to thank the old woman for the earrings. They looked throughout the store, but she was nowhere to be found. She writes a little thank you note and leaves it on the counter then they left.

Eating dinner at the 4 star fish restaurant, both lost in their own thoughts, Sue looks at Tom saying “Thank you sweetheart for the best vacation yet. I have really enjoyed being with you this week. I have never seen so many boutique shops as I have today. Those earrings are just phenomenal. I have never seen glass do the things that these have and it was very generous of that old woman to give them to me don’t you think?”

“That old lady gave me the creeps. Did you see the way she walked, it looked like she was floating across the floor instead of walking and how did she get to us so fast it’s just weird, spooky you know?”

Looking at him while he was explaining how the old lady had floated across the floor as if she was a ghost decided to change the subject “You don’t mind if we just turn in early tonight do you I am a bit tired from all that shopping we did today?”

Leaning closer to her and locking eyes with hers “Oh no you’re not getting off that easy my dear. According to my estimations, you deserve one spanking maybe two before the night is over”

With a big smile on her face, “What do you mean a spanking? What did I do? No way, it is not going to happen. No spankings for me tonight.”  

Trying to look serious but failing miserably. “Number one is that you took those earrings when I said not to and two is because you are so adorable when you are across my knees yelping telling me to stop and three is just the feeling of your butt wiggling over my lap and other manly things.”  

“I did not buy those earrings they were a gift from that nice old woman”

Chuckling loudly “The only reason you got them was because of the way you were pouting, she had to give them to you or else you would never have left the store, you played her well”

As soon as the hotel door closed, Sue jumped on Tom’s back and with one hand started to smack him on his flanks yelling. “Ride em cowgirl, he haw.”

Tom gallops around the room and then heads right to the bed and dumps her on it. Sue landing face down on the bed, he pins her so she cannot move then he starts to spank her butt. “Now for that spanking that I promised you.” He smacks her butt a few more time then rubs her backside. “I want you to pull your pants down and get over my knees so I can spank that naughty ass of yours.”

“I would love to comply with your wishes O’ mighty HOH but there is a small problem with your command. You are still holding me down playing bongos on my humps.” snorting while laughing wiggling her butt.

Smoothing out her pants, he reluctantly releases her after one more swat as he sits on the edge of the bed and his lustful eyes follow her while she is crawling off the bed. Sue stands in front of Tom and slowly unbuckles her belt then reaching for the clasp of her pants and releases it, she very seductively pulls down her zipper.

Sue’s eyes glaze over and she starts licking her lips her skin heating up to a soft pink color. With her fingers in the waistband, she starts to wiggle out of her pants letting them fall around her feet.

Tom is breathing more rapidly and feels his pants getting tight at the crotch. Mouth open watching the strip show unfolding in front of him and doesn’t notice that the glass on the new earrings that Sue is wearing is starting to change colors as the act is going on.

Wearing only a bra and skimpy panties she seductively stretches over his lap and starts grinding her hips on his crotch “Please Sir don’t spank me too hard. I didn’t have a choice but to take the jewelry and besides she disappeared when we wanted to give them back.”

Straightening her panties and rubbing from her butt to her knees “oh no you minx you’re not talking your way out of this spanking,” spank “take that” spank “and that” spank, spank. Getting into a rhythm he enthusiastically peppers her buttocks turning them a nice shade of pink.

The color of the earrings are changing rapidly now it seems the more he spanked Sue the faster the colors changed. Tom at a snail's pace pulls down her panties to her ankles and then decides to take them off completely. While admiring her now very pink butt and moving his hand in lazy circles on her mounds then suddenly he rakes his nails all along her body all the while watching her as she shudders over his lap.

Sue is now primed like a racehorse ready to bust out of the gate. Breathing quick shallow breaths water beading up around her forehead, moaning and just about to erupt praying that he would just impale her with his shaft and set her free.

Tom smacks the bare skin on her butt harder than before spanking one cheek and then a loud slap on the other “are you starting to learn your lesson?” while not missing a beat and suddenly he picks up the pace and rapidly spanks her twice as fast.

Sue going out of her mind with her body burning up not only from her butt but also from her apex between her legs suddenly she yells “Tom damn you please stop and just screw me already. I am so hot, I am on fire, I need you in me now damn it”

Tom smiling slows down the spanking and completely stops and rubs her body completely. Sue is completely spent and can’t move and Tom helps her up, lays her down in bed, and puts the blankets over her to keep her warm. He reaches out towards her ears, then takes the earrings out, and notices that they are hot to the touch. Not giving it a second thought, he puts them on the dresser. He hurriedly strips off his cloths and is more than happy to give Sue all his attention in satisfying her every need while pulling the cover over him then turns out the lights and all he heard was Sue calling out to God.

Sometime during the night, one earring started to move and vibrate, the stone started to turn from light to dark. Smoke started to pour out of the glass and started to take a solid form into a little elfin and with an impish voice said, “Free at last. I thought I would never break Oberon’s barrier. Now I am free to do what I want.”

The Imp, floating in the air, looking at the other stone on the earring turning different colors thinking Oberon will be coming soon to try to take me back to my boring life with him but he will have a big surprise when he finely comes out.

The Imp is above the strange creatures looking at them wondering what to do with them and sees a bright flash and Oberon comes out from his stone.

Oberon looking around him, spots the one that he is looking for and says, “Tana let us leave this place. You do not belong here and you must not meddle in these creatures affairs”

“No my husband I am not returning to you, I want to help this weaker creature from this oppressor. You have seen how her mate just beat her until she screamed for him to stop.”

Knowing that her husband is too weak to do any harm to her, she turns her attention to the sleeping couple below her and says an incantation over them so that they cannot see them.

“Tana no, stop” groaning loudly because he was too late to stop her “you must stop this madness or so help me…”

Sue smiling with sleepy eyes rotates on her side so she can see her sleeping husband. As she is watching him trying to wake up, she reaches out to stroke his stubby face. “Good morning sleepy head, what would you like for breakfast?”

Tom not so sleepy any more pulls the covers over his head and starts doing the Jaws theme as he heads to the center of the bed. Sue starts to squeal as she grabs his head with both hands pressing him harder to her.

Both are laughing and then Tom gets a hard slap on the head as he tries to pull away. Sue had such a grip on his head that he almost lost his hair “hey what was that for? What the hell did you hit me for?”

Sue jumps because Tom yelled at her “What? Why are you why are you yelling at me?”

“Because you hit me on the head”

“Honey how could I hit you on the head I had both of my hands on your head all the time?”

Tana is spinning in circles with glee because she now has a mission to save this weaker creature from the tyranny of her mate.

Oberon looking in horror that his wife is interfering in the creatures’ affairs, he flies up towards Tana yelling “stop, stop it right now. We must not interfere with these creatures.”

“Come on Oberon grow a couple of big ones. What can these creatures possibly do to us? They can’t even see us now thanks to my spell. So come on join your wife and let’s have fun.”

“How soon you forget from the last time you meddled in others affairs because you almost had our portal closed from us for good. I wish there was something I could do to make you stop”

Tom sitting on the edge of the bed with a blanket over his waist rubbing his head looks at Sue sitting naked leaning on the headboard. He suddenly forgets about his head because his blood is starting to flow down to his other head. 

He growls at her “I’m going to get my pound of flesh one way or another.” as he grabs her ankles and pulls her towards him until she is on her back. Putting his hands on either side of her hips, he buries his head between her legs. Sue squeals and grabs the headboard with both hands while arching her back and opening her legs more so she can give him better accesses to his breakfast.

Oberon grabs Tana’s hands before she can cause any more trouble and pulls her away from the two humans having coitious. As he is pulling her away, he is fascinated in what these humans are doing and making sure Tana doesn’t see him watching.

Oberon suddenly realizes that by watching the creatures in their ritual that he has gotten stronger and starts to wonder if he does whatever it is they are doing to each other if
it would work for him. So he starts to plot out a course to rein in his wife to be compliant.

Oberon is looking for a place to put his wife, spots a small drawer open and tosses her into it then closes the drawer and puts a spell on it so she can’t open it. Now he can spend all his attention on watching and learning from the creatures. 

Tana fighting to get free suddenly realizes that his strength has gotten much stronger and is starting to worry how this could happen as she tries to escape.

Tom and Sue enjoying the day together while looking at the exotic fish at the aquarium laughing at each other’s jokes on how some of the fish look like some of their friends and relatives. As they continue the tour, they end up by the souvenir shop. Tom knowing that his wife is a shopaholic says, “Under no circumstances do I want you to buy anything here. You have bought enough stuff on this vacation.”

Sue pouting, sticking her lower lip out as far as it can go “Awww please honey just one more thing please then I’ll never buy any thing else while on vacation I promise.”

“No not one thing, got it and if you do your butt will pay for it do I make myself clear?”

“Yes, meanie.” stomping her foot to show him her displeasure and then goes into the store.

Little did they know that their little invisible guest was taking all this in, in hopes of finally finding a way of controlling his wife.

Tana sends out her magic to find an escape. From her fingers ectoplasm like tentacles go searching out to all the sides. It finds a opening on top of the back wall going through the opening. It finds another opening leading to another drawer that is cracked open so she follows the trail and escapes.

With her magic she finds where Oberon is and teleports herself to the aquarium just in time to see the one sided argument that was being played out. How dare he tell her she cannot get what makes her happy? She places a spell on Sue to get anything she wants and another spell on Tom, a spell of blindness to anything that she buys.

Not wanting Oberon to know that she escaped, she teleported back to her false prison. But little did she know that he already knew she was there and what she did. Smiling to himself, he would act on it when they got back to their room later on in the day.

Sue, grumbling to herself, “How dare he tell me what I can and cannot buy. I contribute to that bank account just as much as he does and I don’t buy half of the things that he does.”

As she is walking down one aisle and up another aisle, she stops and looks at the windbreakers hanging on a rack. She takes one off the rack looking at the jacket, she is admiring the picture of a jellyfish on the back and then she had the sudden urge to buy it.

Throwing caution to the wind, she goes and purchases it. As she walks out to the atrium and starts wondering what Tom is going to say, he meets her smiling takes her hand in his and starts talking like nothing ever happened.

Sue walking entangled arm in arm with Tom is beginning to wonder why he has not said any thing about her purchase and for that matter why did she go out and buy the jacket; she did not really like it.

Back at their hotel room, they settle in for the evening when Oberon casts a spell on the complete dresser making sure this time there will be no escape for Tana and turned his attention on the two creatures he undoes the spell that his wife created.

Tana suddenly realizes that she was bested by her husband and screams, “Stop it let me out this instant I am the queen you can’t do this damn you!”

As if a cloud lifted from both of their eyes, Tom spots the package by the bed “what’s this?” as he takes the jacket out of the bag he turns sternly looking at Sue “What did I tell you about buying any thing at that store?”

“Humm uuhhh aaaa I, I can’t seem to remember.” She is shifting from foot to foot, twisting her hands in front of her.

“Well let’s see if I can’t jar that memory of yours.” he moves to the desk and pulls out the chair to the middle of the room and sits down, crooking his index finger at her “Come here now, I am going to help you remember what we talked about.”

For some strange reason the only thing that she was thinking about as she is walking towards Tom was a movie they saw when a condemned woman was walking to the gallows. The guard yelling as they walked down the hall “dead woman walking, dead woman walking” Sue slowly goes to where Tom is sitting feeling her butt starting to tingle.

To be continued...


Bob decided where to divide this story - please direct your annoyance toward him, LOL!  Just like a man to make us get to that point and then wait.  Seriously Bob, I do thank you so much for your story and I'm looking forward to everyone being able to finish it at your site tomorrow.  

Seems like I going day to day looking for stories.  Those of you who have been reading a while and have been saying to yourself, 'I'd love to write one, but I just can't!  I'm not a writer.' You just said exactly what 99% of my Fantasy Friday writers said, including me! Give it a shot, what do you have to lose?  Send your stories to elisspeaks@yahoo.com


  1. Thanks PK and Bob.

    Great story Bob, interesting twist with the imps. Talk about a cliffhanger - sheesh! Looking forward to part 2 tomorrow.


    1. Glad you're liking the story


  2. Great story and how dare you make us wait until tomorrow for the finish.

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    so far, so good.
    Hi PK.
    Love and warm hugs,

    1. Thank you Paul hope you enjoy the ending tomorrow


  5. Anonymous11:30 AM

    Oh man, why did you have to end it there!! You're a little bit evil aren't you, lol. Very interesting story Bob. See you tomorrow!

    1. I know not what you speak of Queenie hehehehe

  6. Oh..making us wait is mean! Great start.
    hugs abby

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      It is Bobbie's fault she made me do it


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    What a great story, thanks Bob.
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