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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Loving it!

We are having an absolute ball! Nothing flashy, nothing wild - just fun. I loved the beach yesterday. The beach on a Great Lake is so similar and so different to the ocean. The sky is different, the beach more closed in and instead of shells there were beautiful smooth rocks. We took our chairs the beach to sit and Mollie moved hers away from us to put her feet in the water. That was fine, time for at least a few minutes of private conversation. HA! Within 3 minutes she was right back with us unwilling to allow the possibility of a thought or sentence to pass between the adults without her hearing. True it is keeping out conversations vanilla but she is having a ball and I really think Eva and Adam enjoy her. I know I am enjoying having her along.

Last night we had a fire out back and I just loved it! So peacerful, just setting around talking. We were going to grill hotdog and the other did but they were nuts if they thought I was going to eat a hotdog when I knew that there were left over ribs in the frig!! Those are wondreful ribs so that was what I ate. Then we fixed smores. Tonight Eva made my second favorite chicken and dumplins. I know I am gaining. I know by the fantastic food I am eating and by the looks I am getting from Nick. I know for all this gaining a spanking is coming. I just hope Nick will take it a little easy on Eva since she has just had surgery but it IS her cooking that is the cause of the weigh gain and I see no reason I should have to pay for it!

I just wanted to touch base I will tell more about the trip after we get home. I am planning to have a new Fantasy Friday up tomorrow provided I can sneak away from Mollie long enought to post it! We will be traveling back on Friday so keep us in your prayers!


  1. Anonymous11:20 PM

    Excuse me, Twin, BUT you requested all these things you're eating!!!! It's not my fault!!!!!!!!! I'm just cooking what you wanted to try. So Nick, if you're reading I'm sure you know... we ALL know whose fault it is if PK gains this week!!!!

    So how about a Chinese buffet for lunch tomorrow? Blueberry waffles for breakfast? AND grilled pizzas for dinner?

    Love you twin.... with all my heart!! I'm so glad you're here!!!

  2. You are having way too much fun and frankly I'm JEALOUS!!!!!

    Stop having so much fun, I demand you save some of that fun for me!

    That's an ORDER!

    your very jealous friend,

  3. There is no such thing as a diet when your on vacation. Nick should no this. I know you ate only ONE smores since you are such a good girl. All of you have a great day.

    *hugs and grins*

  4. PK, oh you are going to pay, but it is so worth it.
    I'm very happy that you all are having so much fun, thanks for sharing.
    Glad that you have Mollie with, she'll be living her own life.
    Love and warm hugs,

  5. Heh. Any excuse in a storm! Or is it, any food at the port?

    Whatever. Enjoy it for all that it is worth!


  6. PK you are always in my prayers! Today I am praying you bring me that rib recipe. I already have the chicken and dumpling recipe!

    Enjoy the rest of the visit, and have a safe trip home!


  7. Have a safe trip home..Did you get that chinese buffet and grilled pizza?

  8. Twin,
    Don't try to pass the blame on to me! No one could resist you cooking and you know it!

    Don't be jealous we have been talking about you - does that count? You live on the wrong side of the Mississippi. It's not our fault you live in a foreign country!

    I did only eat one smore (and two pieces of Boston cream pie tonight!)

    You are right on both counts. My butt will pay, I will be exercising forever and it will be totally worth it!

    You are right too and I have taken your advice.

    You will have to get the receipt from Eva. I am only the expert at eating the ribs!

    I got blue berry waffles, sausage, fruit, the chinese buffet, three kinds of grilled pizza, pasta salads, beans, apple pie and Boston cream pie. To get home tomorrow I am just going to lay down and roll!

  9. so glad you are having a nice visit! :-)

  10. Anonymous1:39 PM

    Anybody know what happened to Lori?


  11. Anon,
    Lori just didn't want to blog anymore. I will be glad to pass on a message from anyone then she can write you back if she wants to. elisspeaks@yhoo.com

  12. Anonymous11:13 PM

    Thanks was worried about her