I have been a wife and mother for over twenty years. Now I am becoming my husband's lover, too.
We owe it all to my fellow bloggers who gave me the courage to come out to my husband as a spanko.
I do feel like this is a New Beginning for us.

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Monday, August 27, 2012

Have you ever said something STUPID?

First thing I want to say that I was awakened Sunday morning to the sound and sensation of leather being applied to my behind.  Maintenance apparently comes early on a Sunday morning.  It was better than I’d expected and he finished up with a fairly hard hand spanking.  I was happy that it was more than a few swats and I was stinging pretty well when he said “We can do the second part of maintenance later this afternoon.”


Anyway, back to my question.  Have you ever said something STUPID? If you haven’t and you need lessons I think I can teach you.  Picture it, our bedroom, Sunday afternoon.  We’re playing our strip card game (you gotta love the empty nest) and I was losing.  The rules of this game it to get as close to 31 in the same suite with only three cards.  Loser has to remove an item, and in this version, whoever loses gets the number of swats that’s the difference between the winning and losing hand. To be clearer, if Nick won with 27 points and I had 17 points I got 10 swats, but if I had the winning hand I got to swat him.  The ‘winner’ of the game gets pampered once the game is over – you know, they don’t have to lift a finger, just lay back and take it.  Usually by the end of the afternoon it’s very hard to tell the winners from the losers.

I had acquired a 10-point penalty during the game, so when I lost the last hand I was naked and I had 24 swats coming.  Now there is a back-story to the stupid thing I said, you see, sometimes Nick doesn’t spank very hard.  I mean he does fine and all but once it’s over there’s usually little or no lasting effect.  You know, as good as the spanking might feel, a few minutes later – nothing. 

So as he got ready to spank me 24 times with the leather strap with the holes I said (are you ready for this?), I said:

“I’ll pamper you as long as I can feel the effects of this spanking.  If the sting fades away in two minutes, that’s all you get.”

Nick had been about to start, but stopped himself and waited until I looked at him.  “Repeat that.” He asked.  And like a fool, I did.  Don’t try to tell me Badass doesn’t have control.  Wimpy evidently too one look at the grin of Nick’s face before she plunged out the second story window!  About that time that strap let loose an explosion of pain on my ass that truly and completely got my attention!

SHIT! That hurt!  And I had 23 more to go!  Now most of the time I am a very quiet and contained spankee.  I rarely say anything or make any noise.  I also tend to stay pretty still, with just a little squirming. I also tend to count in my head.  Not this time – I was loud!  I was doing some yelling and owwwing! And although I stayed in position I was doing some moving and kicking for sure.  And I couldn’t have counted to save my life.  So I was lost and just praying he was counting correctly!

Wow! That was intense – and I loved it!  Well, as soon as he stopped that is.  And as soon as I caught my breath, I worked as hard as I could to give Nick some fine pampering.  Now to be honest, it’s been several hours and by the way my butt feels I should still be kissing and stroking and licking and … well you know.  But Nick assures me if it had gone on much longer he’d be dead, happy, but dead. 

Nick did say that was the last half of maintenance and if there was any left over soreness I should think of that every time I wanted to over indulge on snacking next week.  I’d call it a wonderful afternoon, I have no complaints – but I don’t think I’ll make that same offer anytime soon!  Hope everyone had as good a weekend as we did.


  1. What a great way to spend the weekend.

  2. About your question: Yes I seem to be famous for saying stupid things.
    About the afternoon, good work!
    You seem to have found the magic formula for eternal youth.

  3. Hmmm, what a wonderful way to wake up, and then hearing there's more to come: that must have made your day there and then. And as for your afternoon: it sounds heavenly, painful, but heavenly. I'm so happy for you both.

  4. SPK: ounds like you are enjoying the empty nest. Let's hope this continues. You are finally getting the spankings you love and crave and need. Good luck.


  5. Anonymous6:41 AM

    Welcome back Bad Ass! LOL I do hope wimpy wasn't hurt too bad in the fall but perhaps she should convalesce somewhere else for a long while!! Glad you and Nick are enjoying yourselves and that you share the details with all of us!!1


  6. LOL..I have learned to say somethings only in my head,,,but I think that is a challenge you will issue again...since it turned out so well for both of you!
    hugs abby

  7. LOL..I have learned to say somethings only in my head,,,but I think that is a challenge you will issue again...since it turned out so well for both of you!
    hugs abby

  8. PK,
    I think anyone over the age of three has, as for me at my age, well we won't go there!
    Seems you had a wonderful Sunday, good for Nick.
    Love and warm hugs,

  9. I don't think anything could top that. Nick is a real star!


  10. Sounds like great fun and I bet you'll be making comments like that again very soon.

  11. Sounds like a fantastic weekend!

    I bet is great to be able to shout and not worry about being heard! lol

  12. Oh My...maybe it's not so stupid if it turned out so well. Glad you had such a wonderful time.

  13. That's not saying something stupid. Saying something stupid is what I did when I talked Musicman out of spanking me yesterday.

  14. I think that happens to the best of us....one time right ion the niddle of a spanking he asked me what I was goin to do I answered "whatever I want" that did not work out to well for me.

    Sounds like a great weekend.

  15. What an amazing Sunday! So glad you both had such an enjoyable weekend! :-)

  16. PK, I am so glad for you! My week is going to be crazy. Just reading a few blogs tonight that I usually try to read in the AM. Take care. Have a good week.

  17. Michael,
    I sure liked it!

    I nearly found the formula for annihilating my butt!

    It was the best way to wake up for sure. You pegged the afternoon perfectly.

    I love my kids more than the empty nest, but there the only things! And if they’re happy, then I can be too!

    I do love it when Badass moves in and takes over!

    Most things I say in my head, don’t know how this one slipped passed the gate. But it did led to a great afternoon.

    I guess we all do at times, but it worked out so well.

    When he’s on his game, there is no one better.

    Well, you know, it just could be.

    That is a wonderful feeling, house empty and neighbor’s fairly far away and don’t hear well anyway, LOL!

    You make a good point. Maybe it wasn’t stupid after all.

    You know I love you, but yep, that was stupid! Maybe I’ll have to come spank you !!

    Yes, that might have been a mistake. I once told Nick he hit like a girl – not one of my better ideas either.

    I really was a good one.

    I know about weeks like that! Hope your week is good too.

  18. that sounded fabulous!!

  19. Yeah, good for Nick. Lovely weekend.


  20. Anonymous3:56 PM

    Yikes! The afternoon together sounds fun, but a little painful.
    PK -
    Sunnygirl said that you might be interested in stories for Fantasy Friday. I have written one if you are interested. If not, that is okay, as well, but I thought I would inquire.
    I am anewlifeforlillian.blogspot.ca

  21. Lillian,

    You can just send your story to PK, elisspeaks@yahoo.com, and she'll let you know what she thinks and whether or not she'll put it up.

  22. This comment has been removed by the author.

  23. Renee,
    Oh boy, it was!

    He was good, I sure hope he keeps it up.

    It was both, fun and painful! I just got the story from you and I thank you so much. I’ll be emailing you by tomorrow. Thanks again!

    Thanks for letting her know. Great story coming up this weekend!

  24. You're very welcome, PK, I know how promptly you reacted to me, so I thought to just let Lillie know where to go.

    About next Friday: you're making me blush, with your build-up. ;) I just hope people will enjoy reading my story as much as I did writing it.

  25. that sounded lovely!!

    i should think of some stupid things to say too... i'm the same concerning the painful-during but nothing more after that.

    i often wish he would make tthhe spankings count so that i would be able to still feel it later after he leaves...

  26. I just said something stupid..... I said NO to a spanking! What the heck was I thinking?

    Sounds like Nick is stepping up to the plate. Lucky lucky girl!


  27. Fondles,
    I know many share our problem. I want to feel something when he’s done – bruises don’t bother me at all although I haven’t had any in years. But boy, while it’s happening I want it to stop!!

    Yep, you said something stupid! Fix it. Go to him and tell him you said something stupid and you need to be spanked for it. Go now Grace!

  28. lol...happy but dead? Sounds like it worked out well for both of you.