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Wednesday, July 01, 2009

A Sad Computer Tale

I think most of my readers know that I am pretty attached to my laptop. I found blogs just over three years ago and at that time I had a very old laptop with a cracked screen. Before discovering blogs I probably used it about twice a month to check my emails.

So I find blogs in May of ’06 and suddenly the laptop became permanently attached to my lap. By July I couldn’t take it any more so I went out and got a new laptop – my baby! That laptop and I have formed a pretty good friendship. Together we told Nick about my secret desire for spanking that I had kept hidden for nearly a quarter of a century, we met Eva – my twin and the best friend I had ever had. Together we met so many other wonderful people. We wrote stories, posts and emails galore. Many letters are worn off, the E, R, T are gone along with the I, H, K, L and D. We have written Nick many assignments and help us grow so much closer. That computer holds many pictures – family ones for sure as well as some fine spanking pictures I have found over the years.

It was way back in December that I first noticed a little problem with her not closing just right. I was very gentle opening and closing her. But the problem got worse. So I began leaving her opened all the time and stopped taking her on trip with us (we took Nick’s instead). I was really good to her but it kept getting worse and worse and finally one Saturday, near the end of May, the screen part just fell back and there was nothing to do but take her to the hospital.

I got the expected and dreaded ‘We’ll send it off. Should be about 2 weeks’. I waited – didn’t like it, but I waited. Two weeks later I get the call, a recorded message saying my baby was back!! Before I could make it to the car the phone rings again. A live member of the geek squad is calling to say that a new screen had been put on but when then turned it on to check it there was a large line across the screen. They were sending it back, should be another two weeks, AAARRRRRRRRRGGGGGG!!

Be patient, be patient. Tap, tap, tap, pace, pace, pace… the two additional weeks crawl by and the again the call comes. Off we go, plug her in there to be sure everything works and head home! Hit my recliner, grab the cord, plug her in … try to plug her in again… the plug won’t go. WTF! All they did was replace the screen!! This was the same cord I had used before she got sick… was I losing my mind?? But the plug wasn’t working and I was very, very sad.

So today, back to Best Buy for the next round. It seems they did change more than the screen; in fact they changed nearly everything. But they failed to send a new cord along with the new port. They’re mailing me a new one – should take about two weeks – geeze, do then not know any other increment of time???

That noise you hear is me grinding my teeth.


  1. Poor baby! And I mean that sincerely!! My iPhone just die and I'm having withdrawal symptoms, so I'm right there with you. You should have had my mom with you at Best Buy. She got a new computer out of them by playing the "little old lady" card. It was amazing to watch her in action. Meow

  2. That is a sad tale PK but don't worry you'll have more free time to finish the painting :)

    No seriously, I know just how you feel, I didn't know what to do when mine had to go in to the geeeks and yes how strange that they all say be ready in two weeks :)

    Keep my fingers crossed that it WILL definitely be ready in 2 weeks.


  3. PK, I feel for you, no really. :)
    My geek comes when he says he will, and never takes more than an hour.
    I'm spoiled rotten, LOL.
    Love and warm hugs,

  4. Is it easier to fix your second favorite plug in appliance? LOL

  5. Meow,
    I know we lived without all these things a short time ago but wow it's hard to do without ipods, computers and cell phones! I hope your iphone gets well. I may need to practice that 'little old lady card' some day!

    Two weeks - it's all they know how to say!! But yes I should get all this painting done.

    I want your geek's number!! Do you think he would fly over?

    LOL! Maybe not easier but I have LOTS of those!!!

  6. ohhhhhhhhhhhh I hate it when they do that to you those geeks... my laptop is working fine.. have it since september... and its great... but my desktop.. had that on since may 2002.. well still have it.. but we can't get it online anymore.. besides that its OK... and I hate the thought of getting a new improved one...

    I hope your laptop will be working fine again asap...

    love, Lessa

  7. Go to RadioShack buy an IGO for your computer. Hold onto your receipt,when the right one comes from Best Buy return the other one to Radio Shack. Make sure you go to a company store and NOT a dealer. You will know if it is a dealer because under the Shack part it should have Dealer under it. The reason you want to go to a company store is that THEY have a 30 day return policy. Make sure you hold onto ALL of the packing and try not to tear anything. The adapter can cost anywhere from $80-$140,but you will be online. How do I know ALL this well until a month ago I was employed by that company,had 19 consecutive years and 24 years experience with them. Then the bastards fired me. :(

  8. do they know you are on vacation???sorry :-(

  9. Lessa,
    That my reason for working to get mine working again. I don't want to switch to vista. I have heard too many complaints. And I am having all this done it the nick of time - my warranty runs out in 4 days!

    Thank you for some very useful information! You are truly knowledgeable and I hate that you lost your job. Hope you find something you like very soon!

    Sadly they didn't even seem to care!