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Friday, July 03, 2009

Fantasy Friday - Empty

I’m so sorry. There is no story today. I love Fantasy Friday and I really want it to continue but that’s up to all of you that read it. I just haven’t gotten any stories. I know that if I had called on Kaylynn she would have come through for me because I know she is working on several stories. But, bless her heart, I can’t keep bugging her. Florida Dom, I am thrilled to say, has his own site now. I am working on some stories (most are being held captive on my sick computer) but Fantasy Friday isn’t a place for me to just put up my work – I can do that the other 6 days of the week.

So I have to decide where to go from here. There will be more Fantasy Friday stories but I won’t have enough for every week if I don’t get more stories from you. I like to think of FF as a place for anyone out there to try their hand at writing. You can get feed back while still be completely anonymous. Stories can be long or very short – wild or tame. Trust me we like them all!

I have had the privilege of hosting 94 Fantasy Friday stories!! I think that is amazing and I want to thank each person that has ever written one and allowed me to share it with my readers. What do you think about an occasional re-run? Since they go back nearly 2 years I know that the first ones will be new to many of you. But I also know how some people view re-runs. Please let me know what you think.

If you are willing to write a story for us please send it to elisspeaks@yahoo.com I will tell as much or as little about you as you would like. I sure hope everyone wants Fantasy Friday to continue!


  1. Sorry to hear that PK, I hope when people read this they will consider writing a story.

    I'd love to read some of the older FFs.


  2. PK, sorry to hear the cupboard is bare but maybe some oldies but goodies could fill the gap.

  3. PK, hopefully when the house is finished, I may have some peace to write.
    I hope that you get some stories soon.
    Love and warm hugs,

  4. Rerun time!

    Feel free to run old stories, darling!

    No worries, someone will pop up with something soon!

    Hugs to you and yours,

  5. sorry, PK...Old stories are always fun...and perhaps some new ones will come... :-)

  6. perhaps some of the old stories will inspire other writers and writers to be...

  7. I'd love to reread some of the older stories... in the past I used to write a lot of fantasy... nowadays I am more a songwriter for my Love... if I have some time I certainly will think of you...

    love, Lessa