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Saturday, July 11, 2009

Fantasy Friday - Knock on Wood

Fantasy Friday is below but I wanted to wish Eva a



Hope you're having a great day sister!

This is more like it! It's Friday and we have wonderful new story to read. I heard from several people so we have stories for a few weeks. Life is good - it's summer, it's Friday, we have a new story, and thanks to my wonderful husband I have a computer cord that works!!!! More on that later.

The story today is by a long time blogger and as it will soon be obviously an wonderful wonderful writer. I am so happy she decided to share with us. More about her later.

For now, enjoy...

Knock on Wood

Eliza was a bit nervous, John had been hinting for days now that coming weekend she would finally have to pay the bill. The last few weeks he had been gone a lot and normally if she had done something wrong she had been spanked right after he came home the evenings. And to be honest she enjoyed those spankings, she did not see them as punishment. When John found out he had been laughing and told her that from now on the evening spankings were just for fun and he would think of something else for punishment. They were together for 5 years now and just after their marriage John started slowly with blindfolding her before they had sex, with silk scarves tying her to their bed and during the years it had become more intense.

In their earlier years those spankings had been punishment, but now she had butterflies if she thought of his hand or paddle on her soft white cheeks that then became a beautiful red.

Now something else would be introduced and she had no idea what John meant. When he came home that evening she was waiting in the flimsy black mini dress she knew he loved, had made a nice dinner and his beer was just the right temperature. John smiled when he saw his nervous wife, he hugged and kissed her. It smells lovely here sweetheart, now lets first have dinner and then enjoy the weekend. During dinner he started teasing her, had she been knocking on wood enough recently, for she sure would need it. Eliza thought of their paddle and smiled. If that was to be the punishment she sure would enjoy it. Dinner was finished soon, and after doing the dishes together John hugged his wife and told her to undress herself, put her blindfold on and wait in their bedroom.

She went to their bedroom and slowly undressed herself, now she could see nothing different, all their toys were in the closet and she did not see anything new when she took her blindfold out. She knelt at the floor, legs slightly apart, his favorite position. She could hear John, it semed he was moving furniture, at one time she thought she heard voices, the butterflies inside her seemed to grow. She lost track of time waiting, when she heard his favorite music. Then she heard his footsteps coming closer, but was it him. A hand took hers and she heard a voice she did not know, ‘come with me Eliza, it is time for your punishment and John is waiting for you’. Eliza knew that John would not leave her alone in their house so she did follow, but insecure and pretty scared by now. The hand holding hers was wearing something, it felt like a latex glove and Eliza had no idea what was the meaning of this. When she entered the livingroom she heard John’s voice, ‘my darling, I hope you will take this punishment without protest, you can stop it at any time, but I think you are brave enough for this’.

Eliza smiled and said, as long as you are here everything is OK Master. John smiled, she was brave his little wife and slave. The gloved hand took hers and said ‘follow me’. Eliza then had to sit down, it was a strange chair. She had to sit with wide spread legs, which were quickly fastened to the chair with leather bonds. A fast chain went around her middle and she could not move anymore, and then her arms were also locked. Her collar was on, and the ring on the end was fastened so she could not even move her head. The same hand that had lead her there was now touching her everywere and blushing Eliza realized that it could be seen and felt how excited and wet she was. If this was punishment, Mmmm, she seems to enjoy, she heard that same voice, now who was this, she had no idea. Then she felt the sharp pain on her nipples, these were nipple clamps she immediately realized, and ohhhhhhhh, this did hurt. She heard John saying; now it will not hurt as much if you stay still, and we did help you with that my darling. Softly she murmured, thank you Master.

Weight was added to the clamps and Eliza shrank as this really did hurt, but at the same time she felt something cold enter her wet lips. It was cold and heavy, but felt a bit familiar, what was this. Slowly it started to move, in and out, in and out and Eliza moved a bit to meet this torture. Both sensations had her going crazy. Then she heard a sound she did not know, a hand touched her but it was filled with electricity, and she yelled. That had was everywhere, but especially when it touched her tortured nipples she almost fainted. The dildo inside her moved faster now, but when Eliza started to forget the pain that was added, more weight on the nipples, and the electrifying fingers even more painful. Then she felt a flogger, it felt like being pricked with needles everywhere, and again the dildo went faster. Eliza was fighting now, she needed that orgasm but the pain kept her on edge. She started sweating, and suddenly she heard John say, now you see how horny she is, and she heard different voices, ‘she is beautiful fighting this’, ‘oh look her nipples are getting so long’, ‘see her dripping so horny’.

Eliza had no idea, were there more then 2 men here, she heard a woman laughing. A blush covered her whole face, were did those people come from, did she know any of them. Tears wetted her blindfold and she felt John touching her. This is your punishment sweetheart, if you enjoy being punished you should not be the only one. And the dildo entered her again, faster and faster. All the emotions in her, all the sensations she felt, Eliza started to slowly flow away, then when she thought the dildo could not go faster and she was begging for permission the clamps were suddenly taken of, she felt the sharp pain and then John’s voice, come for us Eliza, come for us. And she had an orgasm as she never had before, she moved into thick clouds and floated away on the sensations she felt. How long she was gone, she had no idea. When she slowly came back she heard John’s voice.

Welcome back my darling. How do you feel? Eliza started to cry, oh John, all those people, who are they, how can I ever go outside if someone I don’t know recognizes me. John smiled, and took her blindfold of. She saw their living room and no one in it. Then she saw the little tape recorder in his hand, she pushed a button and heard that strange voice telling her to follow him again. Then she saw the dildo, it was on a fucking machine, and carved after a real life model she was pretty familiar to.

He smiled, no one was here my darling. But then again if you push me this far again next time it might be real instead of a tape. Eliza smiled softly, I love you soooooooo much she whispered....


Super story!! Our story today comes from all the way across the pond. Our author is the wonderful Lessa from Lessa's Place. If you aren't a regular at Lessa's Place you are missing out. Lessa's writings are beautiful and thoughtful. She is a gentle and caring soul. Her ability to find the best pictures in the world is amazing. Please leave her a comment here or drop by her place and thank her there. I want to say thank you again from me!!

As I've said I have heard from a few of you with more FF stories and I am very grateful. I will uses some reruns in the future if I need to but there are several new one coming up over the next few weeks. If you are willing to share a story with us please send it to elisspeaks@yahoo.com


  1. Leesa: Congratulations on a very good story with a surprising twist at the end. You certainly have a knack for writing fascinating stories. I hope you keep writing them.

  2. Anonymous8:42 AM

    Oh Leesa,

    This was sooo awesome... I may have to go back upstairs this was so hot! It was the ultimate punishment - mind over matter. Thanks so much. KayLynn

  3. Oh Lessa, lovely, wonderful I enjoyed that so much. Your such a good writer and hope you will share more with us please :)

    Have a good weekend both.


  4. Leesa and PK!

    Great story, great work! Fun!!!

    Thanks so much to both of you!


  5. Lessa and PK, great story, thanks little Dutch girl, LOL!!!
    Love and warm hugs, and for Lessa a big kiss. :)

  6. Good goin' Lessa...Happy Birthday Eva!

  7. thank you all... just came home after a family weekend and am blushing now like I am studying to be a tomato... Guitarman tells me he will put me with both my feet back on the ground again... I am so very happy you all enjoyed... I always am a bit unsure about my english... cause it is not my native language...

  8. Anonymous4:19 PM

    Thanks for the Birthday wishes Twin. It was a nice day!!!