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Thursday, July 09, 2009

The saga continues

For those of you sitting on the edge of your seats following the tale of my computer woes – and gee, who hasn’t been – I wanted to give you an up date. If you haven’t been keeping up with this sage you can read the fascinating details here.

So when last we left this story I had made 3 trips to the repair shop – Geek Squad – and was impatiently waiting for them to send the new cord so I could charge the darn computer. I was lucky in that they were wrong, it didn’t take 2 weeks. It came in 8 days. In fact the UPS man rang the bell right in the middle of our fantastic Tuesday afternoon (in our bedroom, not Mollies) but we were having way too much fun for even a compute addict like me to take much notice.

But later in the day I was more than ready to get my computer charged and be able to get back into my files and such. This cord was a universal so I grabbed one of the 6 plugs in tips, didn’t work – try the next one, nope. Nor the next, nor the next, nor...

Nope none worked and using the short charge it had we were not able to get on the internet.

Back to Best Buy (a 35 minute trip). Told them our sad tale. After much back and forth they told us we would have to call the repair center and tell them to sent a cord for whatever mother board they put in the computer, a more updated HP version.

Back home my wonderful husband agreed to make the call. He was on the phone talking or on hold for 57 minutes only to find out that the repair center had no idea what kind of mother board they had put in and didn’t know which cord to send. They told us to take it back to Best Buy and have the folks at the Geek Squad to open it up and get the serial number off the mother board so they could let the repair center know what cord to send. Am I the only one to feel like I am in La La Land?? All these computer geeks have no way to look up a repair when we give them the order # and see what they put in my friggin’ computer?? Apparently not.

Nick is going to take it back for me – ask to see the manager first thing and see if something can be done. Best Buy has a tip that will work in my computer – I want it and I don’t want to have to pay because when this sage began the compute was under full warranty and now it has run out. They did extend it for a month to try to get this taken care of.

We did find out while there last time that the wireless internet card (or whatever you call it) had not been turned on in the computer since they installed a new one. They did get that fixed or if we ever did get a cord that works we still would not have been able to get one line.

I want my computer back.



  1. PK. oh dear, I hope that it gets sorted soon, I'd go spare it that happened to me.
    Love and warm hugs,

  2. TOLD you go to RadioShack much as I NOW hate that particular company you would be up and running with your own laptop by now!

  3. If it happened to me you'd hear the gnashing of teeth through your internet connection. I wish you better luck from now on!! Meow

  4. I would be one pissed kitty, I can tell you that much. Sometimes I just hate electronics! hehe

    Hang in there, friend.


    Debbie :)

  5. I missed this one PK, what a pain. I'm afraid I would have been really pissed off.
    Hope it's sorted now.

    Have a good weekend.

  6. I so understand your frustration.