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Sunday, September 06, 2009

The rewards of cleaning

You all know I’m not much of a house keeper. I hold with the theory that it’s just going to get dirty again. So I usually avoid such things but Saturday for some reason I was in the mood. Nick wasn’t home and I have found that if I ever do any cleaning it is much more likely to occur when I’m home alone.

I started in the kitchen. Once it was all done I started on our bathroom. After cleaning the counter – it sure get piled up with ‘stuff’ that doesn’t belong there – I decided to clean out the drawer on my side. What a junk drawer!! It seems it catches everything.

I figured I would take everything our and then just return what I really needed. When I saw the small box tucked in the back I once again felt that flash of loss and at the same time annoyance at my children.

You see when I got pregnant with Mollie I took my diamond engagement ring off since my hands were swelling. I tucked it in an old box in the back of the bathroom drawer. The only other precious item in the box was the first tooth LJ lost. True treasures you understand!

After Mollie was born my weight really went up so I never tried to put the ring back on. In fact I don’t remember looking in the box again until Mollie was about 6 and lost her first tooth. I took it to put it in the box. I saw the ring but I didn’t even want to try it on at that weight.

Jump ahead a few years. I’d come out to Nick and started losing weight and one day I thought I would just see if there was any chance the ring would fit. Out came the box, out came the ring – it wasn’t my engagement ring. I wasn’t anything like my engagement ring. My ring was gone! I panicked! I knew it had to be one of the children. They had gotten it out to play with and lost it. To cover it up they had slipped in a fake ring hoping I wouldn’t notice. Obviously it had happened when they were very young… but I had to know what had happened. Both kids firmly denied ever taking the ring. I still thought one of they had to be the culprit – if it had just somehow gotten lost there wouldn’t have been a fake replacement ring in the box. So yes I still thought one of them had done it but probably so long ago they honestly didn’t remember doing it.

I had a vague hope of finding it this summer when we moved all the furniture from the kids rooms but no luck. Until today. When nearly everything was out of the drawer, when only a few bobby pins, some stray tissue and a few hotel bottle of shampoo remained I spotted it, my ring lying there in the bottom of the drawer.

I yelled for Mollie, who got to see the ring – that she had been accused of taking – for the first time. Her first reaction was to text LJ to tell him of the find and that it hadn’t been either of them after all.

I’m thrilled to have my ring back! I will still need to have it enlarged to wear it. I was a size 4 when we got engaged – 105 pounds. I still want to know how my ring got out of the box and the fake ring got in there. But I guess it doesn’t really matter now.

There was one more fine I was happy about although it wasn’t quite on the level of finding the ring. I found a tube of Ben Gay. I showed it to Nick and reminded him of something I had told him long ago though he has never taken me up on the idea.

I waved the tube at him and said “This would make a great after care lotion!”

He made a face and said “I just don’t think that would be a good idea.”

“Okay then,” I agreed. “If you ever need after care I won’t use it on you, but I think it would be great for me!” I’ve told him again. I’ll let you know if he was listening.

Well that was my Saturday, I found my diamond ring and I have a greater potential for a burning bottom. Yep, that’s my kinda day!


  1. PK: Congrats on finally finding your engagement ring. I have the opposite problem. I can't get my wedding ring off without using soap and a lot of effort.

    And let you know if you wind up with a burning bottom in the near future.

    And happy Labor Day weekend. Hope you're having a good time before the school grind start again.


  2. PK, great that you found the engagement ring and after all this time, who would have thought.

    As to the Ben Gay, well have fun and let us know how you go. :-)


  3. Congrats on finding your ring! Um be careful what you wish for I have heard that Ben Gay is NASTY!

  4. PK, Hooray for finding your ring!! I once lost the diamond from my engagement ring and found it 3 MONTHS later on the garage floor! Where had it been those three months? Another diamond-related mystery! Enjoy (?) the BenGay!! Meow

  5. What a wonderful story! Congrats!

  6. I shudder to think of you using Ben Gay on Nick for his aftercare. I assume it wouldn't be on his bottom!


  7. Way to go, finding your ring, that's exciting! I'll bet the kids are glad to know they're off the hook for losing it.

    Now, about that Ben Gay. How long has it been in that drawer? Have you looked at the expiration date on it? If you wind up with a burning bottom, I hope it's not from anything other than a good spanking.


  8. PK, great news, I'll bet that you felt good.
    About the Ben Gay, test first where a scar won't be notices. LOL
    Love and warm hugs,

  9. PK, I am glad you found your engagement ring. I lost mine not long after we got engaged, I was so worried about telling P but it turned out OK, he had found it.

    Ben Gay, never tried it myself and don't think I want to.

    Hope your enjoying your long weekend.


  10. FD,
    I had to have my wedding band cut off and enlarged. I did it just before I started losing weight and now it's almost too loose.

    Now if my bottom gets warmed you know I'll let everyone know.

    I am just thrilled to have the ring back!

    I have used Ben Gay in the past - before I was actually being spanked. But I think I'd like it.

    Those diamonds as sneaky little rascals!

    I was so excited to find it!

    Owwwwwwww! at the thought! LOL!

    The kids are glad it was found but in my mind I'm not sure they are off the hook completely. Someone put that other ring in there - I bet it wasn't Nick!

    Now checking the expiration date might be a good idea at that. It might have been in there for a long time. We may need some new stuff.

    LOL! Where would be less noticeable than my butt?

    Do you think these rings are trying to run away to get us into trouble?

    I hope to let you know about the Ben Gay - and I'm very happy about the long weekend.

  11. Anonymous2:49 AM

    Hi PK,

    I'm soooo happy you found your ring. It is history (at least at our age) and it is great that it even exists given it's trials.

    Re the Ben Gay. I have heard around the block that some men have their wives apply it when they are out somewhere and can't get spanked logistically. I am quite sure the "after care" is not the perspective! It's a preemptive spanking strike. Just trying to help. There was mountains of discussion about it awhile back on one of the boards. Glad you feel compelled to clean when alone...Me it's laptop time & Greg's presence is my catalyst!

  12. glad you found your ring. :-)