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Friday, September 18, 2009

Fantasy Friday, The Road Trip

It's Friday again!! We have another repost today. But this is one of my favorites. When this one came in it came with some of its own pictures. Which begs the question, did this one really happen or not? The last two pictures in the post were taken by the author.

Please enjoy...

The Road Trip

It had been a hectic and stressful week and Eric was more than ready to get out of the city. That was why he and Jennifer were heading up along the coast road with a camera and picnic basket and hopes for a nice relaxing day.

They hadn’t traveled far when the fog started to roll in off the ocean, but at this time of year it could also disappear at a moment’s notice. Eric seemed unconcerned about the change of conditions but Jen started complaining, "too cool for a picnic" and "too foggy to get any good pictures along the beach".

Eric tried to ignore the complaining and continued driving while considering the possibilities of salvaging the day. He turned away from the coast in an attempt to get above the fog. After fifteen minutes driving up the twisting road the fog became even denser and the driving became more difficult. Jen’s complaining also became more annoying, “great idea taking this curvy road-waste of time- I’d rather be shopping.”

Between trying to concentrate on the vanishing road and listening to the complaints, Eric’s relaxing drive had turned sour. After enduring another barrage of complaints and suggestions to turn around, Eric wordlessly pulled off the road at a safe spot and switched off the engine. Walking around and opening her door, Eric took Jen’s hand and said quietly, “we need to take a walk”. The look on Jen’s face said she knew she had gone too far. Although they had only been together about six months she knew Eric would not tolerate griping. She also knew what the consequences were likely to be.

Holding her hand, Eric led Jen along a faint trail into the woods. It was very quiet and the fog was giving everything an eerie feeling. Stopping by a large fallen hemlock, Eric explained that what had started as a pleasant drive was being spoiled, not by the weather, but by her attitude and complaining.

Eric told Jen to drop her jeans and bend over the log. Jen looked startled and embarrassed. Although they were well away from the road, the thought of receiving the upcoming spanking outdoors with no real guarantee of privacy sent an extra chill down her spine. The fog did provide some additional seclusion as someone would have to be really close to see anything. Knowing that Eric was dead serious and recognizing the truth in the charges, Jen accepted the inevitable and turned toward the fallen tree and lowered her jeans.

Eric removed the belt from his slacks and started a slow rhythmic assault on her panty-clad bottom. After about twenty good licks, Eric lowered Jen’s panties from her reddened butt. Jen shivered at the increase in vulnerability, both real and perceived. A slight rustling of leaves caught their ears and they both turned in the direction of the sound. A deer was trotting toward them, but upon spotting them made a sharp turn and bounded away into the misty woods. Eric returned his attention to Jen’s now fully exposed ass and gave her twenty more with the belt, the last ten delivered with considerable force, causing Jen to squirm, yelp and promise to improve her attitude. Eric turned Jen around and took her into his arms. She hugged him tightly and apologized for the way she had been acting. Eric told her things would be fine. As Jen was pulling up her jeans she noticed the fog was getting thinner, maybe this was a sign that the day was not lost. A movement about 100 feet away caught their eyes. This time it was not wildlife but a young couple seemingly frozen in their tracks, apparently having witnessed a good portion of what had just happened. Eric merely nodded at them and taking Jen’s hand turned and retraced their path back to the road.

The drive was completed without additional complaints. They found a trail with signs leading to a waterfall. After finishing their picnic, they hiked to the waterfall where the fog added it’s own magic to their surroundings.


Who wrote this fine story? Well let just say I think so much of the author that I recently made made passionate love to him!! Yes my own Nick wrote this one. Now did it really happen ...? No of course not! I would never be that snotty and hard to get along with! But shortly after we took these pictures I did get two outdoor spankings and they were fun, fun, fun!! I hope he writes more soon!

I have one thing to ask everyone who has ever sent a Fantasy Friday story. Since I am reposting all the old stories if there is any reason that someone does not want their story reposted please let me know. I hope we will be able to re-read them all.

The following is what I put up when I posted this one originally and it's still true today... There are very few stories left in the Fantasy Friday mail bag! This is a good feature and I know we all enjoy reading them, not only for the stories themselves but because it’s fun to get such a variety of stories. It is fun to check out the different styles. Please remember EVERYONE is welcomed to participate, bloggers, commenters and lurkers. Please everyone send your stories to elisspeaks@yahoo.com


  1. Anonymous2:42 AM

    WOW!!! Impressive. I noticed a difference in the cadence of the sentences and I couldn't put my finger on it. It was direct, but so easy to put yourself into. Please write more Nick - I love a man's perspective... PK you are a fortunate woman!

  2. Excellent, very good, Thanks Nick. Hope you will write more for us :)

    PK, I really want to thank you for re-posting these FF's, they are all new to me.

    Hope you both have a lovely weekend.


  3. Nick, nice little story, thanks.
    PK, as usual,
    Love and warm hugs,

  4. Great story, Nick

  5. How nice to read a story by Nick, especially since he gave PK a couple of outdoor spankings after taking the pictures. Hey, Nick, you did a good job and should try another one.


  6. Love it!!!! Yay, Nick!!!!

    Great work, would love to see more, more more!!!

    Take care,

  7. Wonderful story, thanks so much for sharing it! Another great Fantasy Friday read...

    Mrs M

  8. Kaylynn,
    I agree I am fortunate. He has written several stories for me. But when I got the first one you could have knocked me over with a feather!

    I'm glad you are enjoying the repost. There are some great stories and I am glad to be able to post them for new readers.

    Thanks Paul,
    So tell me, could I get you in a writing mood?

    Glad you liked it.

    Summer of 2008 was very good for us!!

    He impresses me. But he only writes on rare occasions.

    Mrs. M,
    Thanks. Sure would love to have a story from you!!

  9. Rosie Dee9:55 PM

    Nick's stories are great!