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Tuesday, September 01, 2009


I can always find things to be grateful for...

I think I might be getting a cold or that there is something in the air I’m allergic to, can’t tell yet. Now I’m not grateful for the cold but I am grateful that there are many options for cold relief these days.

I’m grateful to be looking forward to a long weekend coming up. Trust me when we start back to school having an extra day off so soon is heaven.

There are some strange changes and interesting turns and twist as school begins this year. But all the changes seem to be working out completely in my favor! I am most grateful.

I told you about our wonderful Saturday afternoon. In the midst of all that fun we did discuss the diet. Now if I had my druthers I would like any ‘discipline session’ large or small as separate from fun and games – but we still have a child living at home so that is not always practical. We spank for whatever reason when we get the chance.

So Saturday’s session included the diet talk. I gained two pounds this week. I was not thrilled, but I was also not surprised. Nick made the rule I have to tell him what I weigh on weigh in days and I did. He just nodded – saving his comments for later.

I have been eating more than I needed to – snacking (I do love it!) But I also skipped the gym nearly all week. When I do both, snack and avoid the gym, I’m going to gain. There were good reasons – well not for the over snacking, but getting started back did put a crimp in the gym time. I was staying at school until 4 and then I had a lot of prep work I needed to do at home.

But when I saw the two pound gain on Friday morning I figured an after school trip to the gym would be a good idea. Nick agreed. I call to let him know where I was going and I got a small chuckle from him “I think that would be a prudent plan on your part.” was his only comment. I had been wondering if Nick had been reading my blog lately. I soon found out.

Saturday he began “So you had a pretty big gain this week. No time for the gym I understand.”

“Remember, I went Friday!” I spoke up.

“Yes you did and that was good. But you didn’t go today did you?”

“But its Saturday” I whined.

“But you could have gone.” He pointed out.

“Better get up off that comfortable bed if we are going to deal with this.” He made me put my hands on the bed. I don’t like that.

My mind is gone now but he used something hard. It hurt and it was no joke. But then I found out he had been reading the blog. He got out the crop and said “using the shaft as a cane how many do you think would make an impression on you that would help you remember?”

Ohoooo I hate coming up with a number, especially with something as seriously painful as a cane like implement. So I suggested 5. He said that sounded a little low but he let me get away with it. For those 5 I had to count and thank him for each one. Not our usual. But honestly I do appreciate when Nick does these things for me. When he steps up to discipline he is stepping out of his comfort zone. But it is a great help to me. And I want to show my appreciation by really putting forth an effort.

And those 5 did leave an impression! I watched what I ate all day and made it to the gym after work. I hope to report a loss this week. I'll let you know.


  1. ohhhhhhhhhhhhh keeping my fingers crossed for you...and hey... those reasons you had for not going sound very legitimate to me...

    love, Lessa

  2. Anonymous6:45 AM

    Yikes for you and go Nick! I do hope you feel well enough to get to the gym a couple times before Friday. I'm glad you are motivated. hugs, KayLynn

  3. Congrats to Nick for taking charge. Let's hope that he's given you motivation and that he doesn't let you get away with only five the next time if you don't shape up. Nick, if you're reading the comments as well as the blog, you need to up the ante if she needs more motivation in the future.


  4. Well done Nick and happy to see you motivated. Hope your not picking up anything.


  5. Anonymous1:21 PM

    I've got faith in you, PK. You can do it girlfriend!

  6. PK, good for you girl, and good for Nick for stepping up to the mark.
    If I were Nick I would be upping the ante next time.
    But I'm hoping that you lose this week girl.
    Love and warm hugs,

  7. Hope that you have a great loss this week.

  8. Lessa,
    The reasons were fine but that didn't make any difference about the weight.

    Yep I made it to the gym today. Wish I felt better but at least I did get there.

    I am really trying to stick to the program - I really hope Nick will!

    I think its a cold alright. But I'll survive, you guys just be sure to watch your hands after you read an email from me! LOL!

    Thanks! I hope your faith is well placed.

    There you go giving folks ideas again! But I sure hope I lose too.

    Thanks, I sure home so too.