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We owe it all to my fellow bloggers who gave me the courage to come out to my husband as a spanko.
I do feel like this is a New Beginning for us.

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Tuesday, September 08, 2009


Many things to be grateful for today.

I had a fantastic Monday holiday! I slept late and had a fantastic play date with Nick!!

LJ’s boyfriend Colin’s mother had a wreck with two of her grandchildren in the car. Although the car flipped several times and was totaled no one was hurt.

I got to visit with LJ and Colin this afternoon. I do enjoy visiting with those boys.

I have been in a writing mood. I feel like it had been gone forever so it’s nice to have it back for a while.

On to the diet! I was so ready to do a good job last week. And I did start off well but then the cold hit hard. I could make it to school but there was no way I could drag myself to the gym in the afternoons. But I was only up 2 tenths of a pound, it could have been much worse.

Nick gave me a tiny taste of the hair brush the next morning – but only a token since the cold had been the biggest culprit to the gain.

Now Monday I was feeling much better. With Mollie off shopping with a friend and LJ not expected until later in the afternoon we though it might be a good time to try another one of our movies!

Wow! Actually this was a different twist. Two nurses assuring that their client gave up her unhealthy ways – but Nick didn’t seem to mind a bit since all the women were quite attractive and – energetic you might say. After watching the first half Nick decided he wanted to play along with what they were doing again and I was more than ready to play! I didn’t even see the last quarter of the movie but I didn’t care one bit! It was a great play time. I was really getting into it and I was begging him to spank harder! He obliged and finally he gave me the HMW and I was soon floating. I was exhausted – talk about a great work out, soooooo much better than the gym!

Now all this time I think Nick was enjoying himself but I felt like I had been given all the attentions. But by then I was in la-la land so Nick suggested I just rest and later that afternoon I could return the favor. Excellent suggestion! Of course then our kids got into the act. Mollie came home from shopping around 2 and left at 3:45. LJ and Colin arrived around 4 and stayed until 7:45 and Mollie called at 7:50 to let us know she was on her way home. Sigh…

But LJ has headed back to school and Mollie is babysitting tomorrow so Nick will have his day. And trust me he deserves it!


  1. Anonymous8:54 AM

    I really hope Colin's mom and grandkids are doing better. How terrifying!!

    I am so happy you two had a great time and you were begging for more umph behind the swing! Just make sure you do the same thing when Nick's due for even more fun. (Practice by sucking lemons! ;)

    I totally get needing a traffic light at the door & you've got only two! (Sorry had to whine!)

  2. PK, good news that the accident was no worse!
    Great that Monday went so well for you both, make sure that Nick gets a fair crack of the whip, speaking metaphorically that is. LOL
    Love and warm hugs,

  3. PK: What a relief that Colin's mom and the grandkids are OK.

    And what a holiday -- sleeping in and playtime. Sounds like a great deal. Sounds like Nick is really getting into it.


  4. Kaylynn,
    We usually only have one around anymore and it was funny to see how they easily fell back into the tag-team-don't-leave-the-old-folks-alone routine again!

    Yes they were very lucky on the accident. Now I could take your advice literally and tell Nick it was your idea!

    It was one of our better holiday celebrations!!