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Sunday, January 25, 2009

A southern blizzard

Some of my blogger friends have mentioned lately that they are not thrilled with their weather. They seem to fuss a lot about the snow. Well I just wanted them to know that I feel their pain. We had a snow storm here last week. It was pretty major - schools closed - I am talking intense!! At my house the driveway was nearly covered!!! The following was a article in a local paper. So read on to see the harrowing tales of a southern blizzard...

It was a day of history, one that elders who survived it will share with a generation yet unborn. And as the memories unfurl, no eyes will blink.

It will be the story of how we endured the Great Obama Blizzard.

Braced for the vicious onslaught, the city was widely provisioned with milk and bread. But on the eve of the great storm, things turned more perilous, indeed. A crippling 1 to 3 inches had been predicted, but bulletins through the night revised the impact. Possibly 4 inches, possibly 5. One forecaster went to a catastrophic 5 1/2.

Word flashed through the community of immigrants from Buffalo, N.Y., a group hardened to the perils of precipitation. Some decided to close their bedroom windows this awful night. Others chose to actually sleep under the sheets. Their precautions paid off. All survived.

In the predawn, stars vanished from view as the storm bore down. Then it came – one flurry, then two. In a few minutes, fell a third. Conditions were deteriorating fast.

The school system ordered its great fleet of buses grounded. Who could find fault: Flake 4 had been detected in the outlands. Now, the dire prophecies were coming true.

By dawn, TV weather centers at Defcon One were sounding the gong. Glompler Whompler radars scanned the sullen skies. Technicolor blobs bore down on the Piedmont.

With whole thimblefuls of snow now pummeling the region, TV anchors issued stern warnings: Do not venture out. Remain home. Lie down in a ditch – oops, wrong disaster.

Cackled the Buffalonians: “Is it snow or radiation?” But it wasn't funny. By now hundreds, maybe thousands of flurries gripped the metropolis. Great spires of uptown groaned under ounce after ounce of accumulating snow.

Now, with dawn's light intensifying, at least one TV reporter, risking his life in the field so you wouldn't have to, demonstrated the magnitude of the calamity.

He stuck a yardstick in the ground. Two inches! Two inches! Then he stuck it even harder. Maybe three! Only the tips of grass peeked up from the disastrous depths of the white blanket.

Truckers, not in touch with local TV stations, were apparently caught unawares. They plied the interstates, spraying up mists of deadly slush, leaving other motorists in a dangerous quandary – should they release their death grip from the wheel to turn on their wipers, or use the hand holding the cell phone?

In the suburbs, where it was 31 degrees but felt like 30, mothers who had foolishly allowed children into the apocalypse launched desperate rescue missions. To no avail. The missing mitten was not found.

Finally, at noon, salvation arrived. Out came the sun, and inch by brightening inch began to melt the feathery invaders. Flakes turned to water and trickled into storm drains.

The city was saved. And a new post-blizzard era began, one warm with hope and believing in miracles.

Mark Washburn


See, winter is tough all over!! Now let's not have anymore whining from those up north!!


  1. Anonymous10:59 PM

    Hi PK;
    LOL...are you kidding..they had an article in the paper? And your driveway nearly covered? However did you get out and get food?
    Take care

  2. Pk, There calling for snow tonight thru Thursday I hope we get at least a foot out of all this.

    Big hugs and lots of snow.

  3. Anonymous4:33 AM

    Hi PK! I'm still here and finishing up the FF. Oh, it hailed here tonight and we got 1/4" of rain. I think the storm has already passed. It was awful. I had just washed my car because it was 80 degrees last week.


  4. Hey PK, you can send any snow my way, i love the stuff.

  5. PK, do you mean to imply that I and others occasionally whine about snow? Let's see - we're getting some Wednesday. 6 or more inches.

    I'm not in Buffalo and I know those people get hammered. You know what it is? Winter is so long, so cold. Every inch of snow feels like a foot. We brush it off but its a pain in the butt.

    Pretty funny story though.

    Have a great day,

    Debbie :)

  6. You are too funny! So glad you survived the snow storm unscathed! :-) Hugs

  7. You are funny triplet..We're supposed to get snow thru wed. but the kids have teacher have 2 teacher's work days anyway.

  8. I second Jay, please send some to the UK but thinking about it, dont. Some of our lot over the pond would be moaning like hell. We wouldn't be able to cope.

    Thanks PK.

  9. Anonymous11:44 AM

    My hubby and I always joked while living in the south that the IQ droppd with precip! Sorry those below the "manson nixon line" (Robin Williams). Now that I'm back up north, there's still now relief. It wasn't the southerns - it's the everyoners! Thanks for the chuckle. Stay warm. Kaylyn

  10. Anonymous11:46 AM

    Sorry 'there's still NO relief' from the slow ones when rain or snow or leaves fall to the road...

  11. Wow, this just happened to us the other day. We were enjoying the wonderful 75 degree weather when they had to break through the TV show we were watching to announce that RAIN might be coming. Told us to be prepared for weather in the 50's.

    Don't worry, Bossman and I secured the house. We closed the windows and got out our umbrellys. Bossman made sure the heater still worked as we haven't had to use it since the Storm of '08. I rummaged through my closet and located SWEATERS! Searched the drawers and found PANTS! And then, in a rush of panic, I located SOCKS and closed toed SHOES!

    To say there was panic was an understatement. I wasn't sure there was enough food in the house, but NO way was I venturing into the wet and cold tundra!

    I don't know how he did it, but the pizza guy came and saved us from starving....

    Don't worry now though, everything is fine. I've stocked up, in case this sort of disaster ever happens again.

    I've bought extra socks....lord knows I don't want cold feet!

    Glad you guys survived!


  12. LOL, PK it got colder than that here. Now next time it snows, send it my way. I want to teach my class the joys of a snowball fight without having to use white paper.

  13. Anonymous7:03 PM

    Hi PK:
    I just wanted to say how very very sad I was to hear that Grace actually had to search for socks and closed toed shoes. Thank God the pizza guy showed up tho.
    I am so glad you guys all survived the storm :)

  14. I LOVE IT!!!! I remember those dire reports living in Tennessee! We got 10 inches there one time (knoxville that is), and I actually being an emergency responder was on a national guard humvee helping people get to hospitals!

    It was quite a shock for me being from Chicago! But with no equipment to help get rid of snow, and no tree cutting to keep them off power lines! and these scary things called... um... I think it is called ... um.. oh yes! Mountains! It does become treacherous quickly!

    Great for a laugh and what fun!



  15. I swear I don't know how you guys live there. I mean you get at least one flurry a year. If I were you I would call the government and have them declare a state of emergency.


  16. LMAO - reminds me of when I was a southern (still am one, just displaced in the midwest right now).

    Not a lot of snow in this past storm snowing off and on since Saturday night.

    big thing was in Dec when we didn't even get above 0 degrees for almost a week. I remember watching the weather report before work on the coldest morning. It was -18, not including the windchill. Windchill was around -30.

    I'll take feet of snow, if the temp stayed in the 30s.

  17. AG,
    It was touch and go for a while there! I wasn't worried about bread and milk. I wnated chips and cookies!

    I hope you get plenty to play in.

    Great to hear from you! I would love to get the rest of the story!!

    A quarter inch of rain?? How did you take it?

    You guys must not get any more than we do.

    There is room here in the south, come on down!

    It was a struggle to survive but we did!

    So I get snow days off and you are overworked!

    We always here you get plenty of rain. Maybe you should try snow for a change.

    I think snow is fun wherever you are!!

    My gosh Grace! I had no idea. Why didn't you call. We are here for you and could have sent care packages. Is the house still standing? Call so I won't keep worring.

    How often do you get snow? This was my 4 year-olds great nephews first snow that he remembered.

    I shudder to think of Grace in the 50. What if they have to sleep under the sheets?

    I am alwasys shocked that folks in the north never seem to miss school even when they get tons of the white stuff!

    If you heard our news you would think it was a state of emergency!

    You are right once a southern always a southern! I do not want temps like that. I will stay here with our one inch and hope for better things.

  18. mmmmmmmmmmm... well only rain in this part of the world... I'd like some ice to skate and snow.. it's been to long...

  19. I thought this post was going to be about a new DQ treat!


  20. PK, it very very rarely snows here. It was qutie a few years ago the last time it snowed.

  21. Anonymous11:38 PM

    I drove five miles an hour in southern California traffic.