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Thursday, January 08, 2009

My Office Fantasy - part 2

Isn't this great! I hope you are all enjoying Andrades story as much as I am. You can find part one here and tomorrow we'll have the conclusion for Fantasy Friday. Enjoy...

My Office Fantasy - part two

I stand by the chair waiting for him to come into the room. "Stand behind the back of the chair Catherine". I look at him, shivering, cold (and yes a little excited), teary eyed, and say, "I'm sorry". "Yes you will be sorry Catherine, now bend over the back of the chair." But I can't move, and I stand there and watch him un-buckle and remove his belt. I'm paralyzed now, and the tears are flowing, "Please I say, I really am sorry, can you just spank me with your hand PLEASE?" He takes me by my hand and gently bends me over the back of the chair. The leather feels cold against my skin. And before I can take a breath, SNAP!!!! And I can feel such a sting on my behind that my body jumps in reaction, and my hand covers my behind in protection. "Put your hand back down Catherine" And so I comply. SNAP! SNAP! SNAP! I am crying hard now begging him to stop, trying to telling him how sorry I was that I was rude to him in between sobs. But he quietly continues to spank me with his belt. I kept putting my hands on my sore behind, and he says firmly" Catherine, put your hands back down, or it will be worse for you."

I feel his left arm on the small of my back, holding me down over the chair. "Now Catherine, you know there are no secrets between us right?" As he is speaking his hand runs up and down my bottom from the tops of my thighs to the small of my back, gently caressing my hot and sore bottom. Wetness and heat starts to build from deep inside me to down between my legs as he massages, giving me a chance to regroup a bit before he starts again. I don't want him to stop touching me; I want his hands to go everywhere. I want to feel his body pressed up close next to mine. The front of his warm strong body against the backside of mine, so close that I can feel his breath on the back of my neck. I can feel the thickness and hardness of his ...."Catherine!!! " "Yes sir!" I yelp, jerked back into reality by the harshness of his voice. Not wanting him to stop massaging me, I say "No, there are no secrets between us ever. No matter what." "What are you going to do the next time you bounce a check?". "I am going to tell you right away, so that you can help me and we can fix the problem together sir" I say quietly. I still after all these years together have trouble calling him sir, he feels my resistance and asks me to repeat myself. I feel my voice quivering, and I am humbled by my nakedness, position and these questions. "I will tell you right away sir" I repeat, close to tears again. "Keep still he says" and I hear him walking back down the hall towards our bedroom. I know now that we are far from finished this evening. When he comes back he stands me back up and hands me a lacy pink camisole, "Put this on my love" he says, "I don't want you to get a chill" What a gentleman! I am thinking, but I make no comment I just slip the camisole over my head. I see he has something in his hand as he walks me over to the corner.

As I am standing there with my nose feeling the cold wall, he hands me what feels like a stick with a leather handle and a leather tip that I have never seen or felt before. I am told hold it behind my back. I want to ask him about this new item, but I know that stillness, quiet and compliance is what he is wanting from me this evening. I can barely hold it in my hands as I hear him ask me "Now what do we think about cursing Catherine?" He is standing so close behind me, that I can feel the heat emanate from his body to warm mine. His warmth wraps around us both like a cloud, I want to sink into that warmth, and rest my body into his, but I must concentrate on his words. "I need to communicate properly, to express to you when I am upset and not to wait until I feel out of control." But it so hard to remain present and in the moment when in my hands is an implement that I have never seen or felt before. My mind almost spins out of control, until I hear his voice pull me back. "Yes Catherine that is correct, this is what you must practice, learning to control your impulses. Learning to trust me, to come to me with your concerns and fears, is something you still have to practice." And with those words, my body relaxes. "Think on this for a while Catherine my love" And with that - he walks off down the hall. I am missing the warmth and comfort of his body. I feel bereft; he is gone. A panicky feeling comes over me; a thousand thoughts go thru my mind. When will he come back? Will he make me wait a long time? What will this new leather "toy" feel like? I am so excited to think about it against my skin, and so scared. I feel cold and naked and very shy.


  1. Anonymous12:18 AM

    awesome part 2 waiting patiently for part 3

  2. PK, now you really have got me going, roll on Friday.
    Love and warm hugs,

  3. Most definatly excellent!!
    Well done Andrades, I can't wait for the third part. Hugs,Jay

  4. I'm a little behind, just read both parts excellent PK, thanks for posting them and thank you Andrades.
    Looking forward to part 3.

  5. Oh my GOSH!!!! How on earth am I supposed to wait in this condition until FRIDAY???????

    Andrades, you are truly and definitely the best writer I've read in quite some time!!!! You are phenomenal and I somehow get teh feeling that we're only scratching the surface of your talent!

    Hugs and cuddles and a peck on the cheek just cause you are so awesome!

  6. I think I'm going to go find Mthc hehehe

    Big hugs,