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Saturday, January 03, 2009

My Trip

There is a great Fantasy Friday story up for this week. Click here to read it and there is still time to vote too. Come back late Sunday to get the name of the author.

My trip to see my twin was wonderful! I would love to tell you of all the kinky things we did and how many spankings I got and how many I got to watch but in truth this was a family vacation. For the most part at least one of our kids was always around. I did get to see Eva get swatted a few times with the backscratcher – which is boldly hanging in the kitchen and Adam did swat me once with a kitchen whisk – their pup came to my defense at once. But other than that the trip was very vanilla.

Mollie hates for Eva and me to have a moment alone! She knows there is something more to our friendship that meets the eye. I don’t think she has any idea what it is but she knows there is something she is missing. Once Eva and I stepped into the other room and were talking quietly. Mollie turned to Nick and motioned for him to be quiet. When he gave her a questioning look she said “I am trying hear.” Nick laughed and said “Did it occur to you that the reason they went into the other room was so you wouldn’t hear?”

“Pish!” was Mollie’s reply. As if it was inconceivable that we would have something to say that she shouldn’t hear. Oh well we had a tiny bit of privacy when we walked the pup – when Mollie did accompany us! LOL!

But there were two main themes of this trip – playing game and eating. And you better believe we did both with gusto!! We played ‘Swap’ a card game with a lot of vanilla slapping going on. We played ‘Catch Phrase’, ‘Pictionary’ and ‘A to Z’. I loved them all. It was fun getting to know offsprings 2 and 3 better. Number 3 and Mollie are very much alike and they were fun to listen to. Number 2 will be presenting them with that granddaughter any time now. I think they are going to have to invent a new word – I don’t think ‘spoiled’ is going to cover it!!

The food, well I just don’t know what to say. Eva is the best cook ever. Both in quality and quantity! Not only were the meals fantastic she also had ever kind of Christmas cookies known to man.

And the finger food for New Year’s Eve – wow! Chicken strips, mushrooms, cheese sticks, pizza bites, shrimp, chips, sauerkraut with sausage, beef stick and cheese with crackers, various baked goods and one of my favorites – apple pie!! She had ribs for me Thursday night! She knows they are my favorite. I ‘bout didn’t leave and poor Mollie and Nick won’t get to eat so well until we go back.

It was a great trip. I am always happy when I can get together with my twin and Adam. We don’t swing from the chandelier, our visits are usually relaxing and calm and I love them. Even the weather was just what I ordered – perfect weather for the drive up. A beautiful snow all day the next day and back to good driving weather when we headed home.

Great vacation, great food, great weather, great friends – who could ask for anything more? Rumor has it that I go back to work Monday; at least I hope it’s just a rumor!


  1. Glad you guys had such a lovely visit to Eva and Adam's. As for work tomorrow - I recommend hiding under the bed with your eyes closed. That might make it all go away...!

  2. PK, sounds wonderful, glad you all had such a good time.
    It won't be to long before you see them again.
    Love and warm hugs,

    PS, hiding under the bed really doesn't work, I've tried it!!!

  3. Anonymous8:44 AM

    Gosh it sounds like you had the PERFECT little vacation. Eva sounds like the perfect hostess. I too am sorta dreading Monday morning, I had so many days off last week and the week before, that I have gotten spoiled.
    Glad you're back home safe and sound
    Take Care,
    Andrades Girl

  4. Good times for all, just as I'd figured. When you two are together, things just line up perfectly in your universe!

    Now, crawl out from under that bed, you and Nick and your toy box, and get ready to face all those smiling faces again tomorrow! They're looking to you to set the tone for their week!

    Love and hugs,

  5. Pk i'm glad you had a nice time. Are you all refreshed now and ready for the new year?
    Hugs, Jay

  6. Hello PK, glad you arrived home safely and you had a wonderful time, everything sounded perfect.

    Lets not mention tomorrow just yet, enjoy Sunday.


  7. Anonymous6:33 PM

    It's not just a rumor. Monday's coming. Wish we could back it up just one week!!!

  8. Anonymous8:09 PM

    I can't think of a better way to spend the holidays. Good friends, family and good food, who could ask for anything more.
    Forget about work tomorrow, maybe they won't notice that your MIA.


  9. Sounds like a fantastic vacation!!! You guys together sound wonderful! Have you thought about retiring to the same area when you guys reach that point? Something my friends and I kick around!



  10. So glad you had such a wonderful visit! Sounds like a lovely time indeed! :-)

  11. Eliane,
    I am taking your advice, under the bed for me!

    I can't wait to see them again but don't spoil my under the bed plan!

    Eva is such a good hostess that she even does the cooking when she comes to my house. You can't beat that!

    Forget it Tig,
    I am under the bed to stay!

    I am ready for the new year but not to go back to work!

    That is they way to think. Sunday was great!

    Got my vote!

    It was just wonderful! Being MIA, now that is an idea!

    That would be great - I want them to come here. Better weather and all and we would love to have daughter, SIL and baby too!

    The visit was a great as the food!

  12. Anonymous10:44 PM

    PK, yep, It's true - we go back tomorrow. Glad you had such a nice time with Eva and her family.

  13. PK, everything sounded perfect for you, that is truly wonderful. You and Eva have such a special relationship and it is lovely to read you get to be together at times.