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Friday, September 06, 2013

Fantasy Friday - Punished with a Prison Strap

So happy to see Friday roll around again. And I'm very happy to be able to host another new story for Fantasy Friday. Lucy Appleby (AKA flopsybunny) has shared another story with us today. I love her stories and you can read more over at her blog, Lucy Appleby's Spanking Blog. But while you're here you can enjoy...

Punished with a Prison Strap
 Lucy Appleby (AKA flopsybunny)

"I shall ask you one more time." The uniformed police officer glared at the woman. Though her chin had a defiant tilt she refused to make eye contact, and was staring hard at the back wall. But he could tell she was nervous both from the rigid set to her shoulders, the sheen of perspiration on her brow, and the fact that her hands were so tightly clasped together her knuckles were white. "And if you don't give me the information I need ..." he paused to retrieve a thick black strap from the top drawer of his desk, "I shall be forced to provide you with some motivation to loosen your tongue."
"I'm saying nothing."
"Is that so?" He picked up the strap, eager to begin. He smiled at her increasing agitation. "Take your skirt off."
She bit her lip but maintained her position.
"If you don't take it off now, I shall call two of my colleagues who will do it for you. Would you like that?"
"No." She shook her head and slowly began to unzip her skirt, reluctantly easing the fabric down over her hips and thighs before stepping out of it, leaving it crumpled on the floor.
"Changed your mind yet?"
She shook her head.
"I thought not. Bend over my desk. That's right ... now lean forward and grasp the edge with both hands." He admired the view. Her bottom was well rounded, covered by a pair of flimsy pink panties. Grabbing the waistband with one hand, he pulled them down, baring her bottom.
She whimpered softly, her face suffused with colour at the indignity of her position. When the first blow cracked across her buttocks she yelped in alarm.
"Where have you hidden it?" demanded the officer, as he delivered another firm blow across the woman's chubby buttocks.
"Nowhere!" she squealed and then hissed in pain, wiggling her bottom from side to side.
"Maybe this will help you to remember." The strap cracked down again and again, leaving red channels in its wake. "Is it coming back to you yet?!"
"Aaaaaargh! No! No!"
"Then let's try making it hurt a bit more, shall we?" He licked his lips and brought the strap cracking down fearsomely hard over the splotchy red haunches. "Mmmmn, nice."
"It hurts!!" she cried.
"Then tell me! Tell me where you put it!" he demanded.
"I haven't got it!" she gasped, her bottom quivering and jiggling with the onslaught of cruel lashes.
"Liar." He snaked the strap down over the top of her thighs. She screamed louder. He whacked her again, noting with satisfaction how the milky creaminess had disappeared, replaced by a mottled vermilion. "Where IS it?!"
"I ate it!" she blurted. "I ate the damned thing!" There. She had confessed. Oh how her bottom blazed and burned.
"What? You ate my king-sized chocolate bar? All of it??!"
"Yes," she said. "It was fruit and nut - my favourite."
"Very well WPC Rayner," said Inspector Wiggins. "You must put an extra five pounds in the tea-money tin this week. And in future you keep your hands off my chocolate, do you hear?"
"Yes Sir," she nodded, rubbing her burning buns.


After her superior officer had left the room, WPC Rayner grinned. That went well. I think I'll have to have a nibble at DCI Kibble's chocolate-coated peanuts next. I love working here.


I do admire a girl with courage and I think we have one here. Lucy, thank you for sharing with us, it's a great story to begin our weekend.  I hope more of you are thinking of writing - you know you want to. Send any stories you're willing to share to elisspeaks@yahoo.com


  1. great story loved it, made me giggle at the end....didnt see that ending coming. Thanks Lucy and thanks PK :)

  2. Great fun story Lucy, I enjoyed this. Didn't see that ending coming either LoL

    Thanks Lucy and PK. Have a wonderful weekend :)


  3. PK,
    so that is what our police are doing, instead on the streets, where they should be. LOL!
    Nice little tale (tail) Lucy. :)
    Love and warm hugs,

  4. Nice story both of you, didn't guess that ending! Hope you are feeling better PK
    love Jan.xx

  5. Very cute story. Never underestimate what a girl will do for chocolate or a good spanking. ;-)

  6. LOL...totally surprised me with the ending! Cute story Lucy. Thanks PK!


  7. Glad you enjoyed it :) Yes, it's amazing what a girl will do for chocolate :) Thanks for running it, PK.
    Best wishes