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Friday, September 13, 2013

Fantasy Friday - Josie and Rob

Happy Friday everyone. Just a quick housekeeping note – you may have noticed I’m going back to using Elis here since I’ve got the new site as PK Corey. It’s just the same old me, just trying to remember who I am at each place.

We have a great Fantasy Friday story today and it’s written by a friend. This story comes from Daisy Christian. You can find more of her writings at her site, Guide Me Gently. For now, kick back for a good read and let’s get Friday off to a good start. Please enjoy...

Josie and Rob

Rob was on his way to Josie’s house.  Rob was a forty-six-year-old widower of three years and Josie had been a widow for five years. Rob and Josie’s family had known each other for a while. The couples used to do Bible studies together. They had planned on being lifetime friends. Unfortunately their spouses didn’t make it to grow old with them. Rob and his wife had helped Josie and her family out a lot but shortly after Josie’s husbands death Rob’s wife fell ill dying two years later.  Rob and Josie turned to each other for comfort but it was very hard for Josie she felt she was betraying her husband and best friends. Both couples kids really liked the idea of them taking care of each other.  Robs three kids and Josie’s three all lived out of state.

Josie’s youngest two of the three had just gone off to college.  Her oldest, and only, son Brad had been trying to call her. Work hasn’t seen her in a week and she wasn’t answering so Brad called and asked Rob to check on her. 

When Rob got to her house he knocked and no answer and tried the knob and it was unlocked and he was not happy.  He saw her asleep on the couch he then looked in the kitchen and saw take out food and cartons of ice-cream everywhere. He looked in the fridge and cupboards and they were bare except lots of ice cream in the freezer. He then cleaned up the kitchen and paid the neighbor girl to run to the corner market.  Josie woke up to the smell of dinner cooking.

“Rob what are you doing here?”

“You had your kids scared to death. Not going to work and not answering their calls. I told them I’d come check on you.”

“Well I’m fine.”

“Yeah, things don’t look fine. I will be the judge of that.” He glared at her with one eyebrow up. “The house is a mess dishes everywhere, there’s no food in the house plus your door was unlocked.”

“Rob I’m fine just been having a bad week, But I don’t need help, You have been trying to date me for two years and I don’t need or want a man, Now if you would just leave, PLEASE!” She said in a high tone.

“I’m not leaving till I see you have eaten. I have obeyed your wishes for two years, I don’t call unless you ask me too. I never come by unless you say it’s ok. I haven’t seen any improvements in you for two years and its time for a change. I don’t think Mike would appreciate me not taking care of you.”

“Thanks, but no THANKS!!”

“Everyday you bury yourself in work and sleep. I promised your kids I would take care of you and that’s what I plan to do.  I know how Mike used to deal with you. So I know what to do to keep you under control so unless you want to find yourself over my knee I suggest you eat dinner and Listen!”

Josie stomped her foot and pointed her finger at him shaking it. “You are NOT MY HUSBAND! I’m not HUNGRY SO NOW LEAVE! I can take care of myself.”

With one swift move he had her over his knee. She was kicking and he was trying to pin her legs down. He smacked her on her gowned bottom over and over again. She was yelling and punching his leg.

“Stop this Instant ROBERT!”

He then pulled up her gown and smacked her on her pantied bottom over and over. Smacking harder and harder.

“Are you done throwing a tantrum and acting like a child?”  Smack Smack

She had started to settle down. 

“Yes, please OWWW, stop.”  Smack Smack

“Are you going to behave like an adult, clean up, eat dinner and take your bath?”

“Yes Sir, Yes Sir, Please Sir.”

He gave her a few more swats then sat her up. She was sobbing.

“I care a lot about you and your family. Your kids worry a lot about you and I told them I would keep an eye on you.”

He hugged her and she folded into his arms. He kissed her forehead.”

“Lets eat then while you shower I will start cleaning up and then you can get stuff ready for work because you ARE going to work tomorrow! Understood?”

“Yes sir.”

She ate and finished her shower while he started cleaning up. When she was done with her shower he left her to finish getting ready.

“I will be by at seven AM I expect that you will be up and ready for work.”

“Yes Sir.”  She said quietly.

He then locked the door and shut it behind him.

The next morning he was there at seven am she answered the door in her nightgown.

When she answered the door she quickly looked away. With his eyebrows down and a stern voice he said “I thought we agreed you were going to work today?”

Still looking away she said, “I’m going in.”

“Look at me when you are talking not the wall." He gently grabbed both shoulders and turned her towards him.

“I’m going in at nine I didn’t sleep well.”

“Ok I will be calling around ten to see if you are at work, I suggest unless you want to revisit my knee you will be at work.”

She growled and said, “I told you I would and I will now I need to start getting ready. He was standing on the porch at this time and she slammed the door I his face. He quickly reopened the door. She quickly turned around knowing her husband would’ve never put up with that she thought for sure she would be back over his knee. He just locked the door and yelled.

“Keep this door LOCKED!” He then shut it and went on to work. He called her work and they said they hadn’t seen her and he tried her cell phone. He kept calling every fifteen minutes then work again until 11:30 then at no one he came over. She again answered the door in her gown half asleep.

He swiftly grabbed her arm letting himself in.  She was saying let me go. I’m tired I will go to work tomorrow. She was hitting his back and pulling backwards. Her 5ft 4 build didn’t stand a chance with his 6ft 4 build. He lead her by the hand to the couch and swiftly puller her over his knee.

“I told you, you were going to work today. Why didn’t you go?”

He was holding her legs in between his and had one hand on her back and the other on her bottom. She started hitting him.
“You are NOT my husband who do you think you are?”

He said, “OK, I gave you a chance.”

He smacked her bottom hard on her nigh gown.  Five smacks on each side of the cheeks she was kicking and creaming

“Let me up you big bully. JUST LEAVE ME ALONE!”

He continued smacking each side five times harder and harder till he laid twenty smacks down on each side. She was slowing down and he said

“Are you ready to talk?”

She didn’t answered so he laid ten more down on each said.

“OK, OK I’m ready”

Five more on each side, smack, smack.

“Are you sure?”

“Yes Sir, I’m Sorry please sir.”

He stopped leaving his hand rested on her warm bottom.

“Why didn’t you go to work?”

“I’m tired my sleeping pills make me tired. I couldn’t sleep last night so I took a couple extra.”

He helped her up. Go get me the bottle then place yourself back over my knee. 

“What WHY?”

“Josie NOW!”

“Yes sir.”

She quickly went and got them. She handed them to him and then he patted to his knee. 

He placed one hand on her bottom then holding the bottle reading in the other hand.

“It says to take on before bedtime. How many do you take?” 

“Well I… um… take um…” 

Smack Smack, “HOW MANY??” 

“OWW OWW two at bed time then I wake up at five and take another one.”

“At five” He stood her up, “Look at me why do you take one again at five AM?”

“With one I Lay there to long and cant go to sleep so I take two then I wake up at five and want to go back to sleep.”

“What time do you go to bed?”

“Umm six pm.” She said quietly

“What time do you get up?”

“If I don’t work which I haven’t been then I get up around noon or one.”

“That’s to much sleeping; I’m taking these pills with me.”

“You can’t no that’s…” She interrupted

“He quickly interrupted. “ I can and I will and I will   I will be back five to take you out to dinner. I expect you to be ready to go.”

She didn’t say anything she wasn’t looking at him but he could tell by her body language she had a frown on her face.

He said, “JOSIE!! Do you hear me?”

“Yes Sir.”

“Good Girl” He kissed her forehead and swatted her fanny as he went out the door locking it behind him.

As he left she smiled it had been a long time since anyone took care of her besides her son.  She had feelings for a while but didn’t want to admit it or was scared to. 

Rob prayed on his way back to the college.

“Dear God please give me the strength to help this woman get through this and show her how much I love her and how happy I can make her.”

At five he arrived at Josie’s house. She had been pacing back and forth watching out the window for him. He started to knock on the door and before he could she answered it.

He smiled and said, “Hey you look beautiful”

As she stood there in a sleek red dress with red wedge heeled shoes a silver cross with silver dangling earrings and sliver charm bracelet on. The bracelet he gave her a year ago for Christmas.

He put his arm into her and said, “Ok, come on my dear.

They left and went to a little Italian restaurant.

They walked and talk around town after dinner.

“Josie I’ve really missed our talks.

“Me too its just so hard, I’ve always felt guilty about having feelings for another man.”

“I know I struggled with the same thing. I talked to the pastor and his wife and he told me that it was normal to feel that way but that no one was intended to be lonely and I just have to remember to conduct myself morally right and everything is ok.”

“Yeah I know it’s just.”

He pulled her in close and they just walked quietly.

They got back to Josie’s around 8:30 pm

He told Josie to get ready for bed and then they would talk.  He got her a glass of water while she was getting ready. 

“Sit down here he pointed to the couch.”  He sat next to her “I will be here every morning at seven AM to make sure you are up for work. I will then return at five to have dinner with you and I will stay till 8:30 to give you your sleeping pill so you can be asleep by nine. What do you think about that?”

“Well I just don’t think it’s all so necessary I will go to work and I can handle my own pills.”

Well I understand but you haven’t so far and so the discussion is closed. I will see you in the morning.”

“Yes sir.”

Things seemed to be going good. Robb was going over everyday ask he said he would. She was going to work. A couple of mornings she was ready to walk out the door when he got there and she would have dinner ready at nights when he came over.  She only left the door unlocked once he gave her a warning and left it at that.  The week went great.  They spent the whole weekend together and even went to church together. Josie hadn’t been to church in a while.  When Rob left Sunday night he noticed her mood had changed some but he just thought it was a long weekend and she was tired.

He showed up Monday morning and she didn’t answer. He knocked and then tried the door it was unlocked. He walked through the house and she was sleeping. He woke her up and she said

“I don’t want to go to work today just go please I DON’T NEED YOU OK!!!”

“Josie I’m not leaving, you need to get up now!”

He walked over by the bed and saw anniversary cards on the nightstand.

He got quiet and set down next to her. She was curled up in a fetal position faced away from him. He started rubbing her back. “Is today your anniversary?”

She quickly rolled over and started shoving him off the bed.


He stood up and sternly said, “I’m not leaving and you’re not hiding anymore. You have to get on with your life. Enough is ENOUGH! I miss sally too but do you think they would want us mourning them for the rest of our lives?”

He opened the curtains and the bright sun came shining in. She quickly sat up and through a Kleenex box at him. Screaming


He ducked out of the way of the Kleenex box and marched over to the bed and since she was setting up he was able to quickly get her over his knee.

Smack Smack

“I will NOT tolerate this behavior.”

Smack Smack Smack

“STOP IT NOW ROBERT and get out.” She said as she tried to kick and squirm he pinned her legs.

Her bottom was getting very warm through her gown and his smacks came harder but she was not quitting.

She was hitting his leg, “STOP NOW YOU OLD GOAT!!!”

Smack Smack

He then picked up her hairbrush off the night stand pulled up her night gown to show her pantied bottom and then started smacking her thighs to get her attention and her sit spot.
The first smack jolted her and she threw her hand back but he pinned it behind her back


Now are you going listen and get out of bed?”  He waited and she didn’t answer.

Smack Smack


“You WILL get out of this bed and get your self presentable and I will be back at noon and were going to spend the day together”

He continued to pepper her bottom as her please got quiet

“Is that understood?”  

“YES Sir, I will Sir I’m sorry”

A couple more smacked and he stopped.

He sat her up on his knee.

“I’m sorry sir.”

“Shhhhh, its ok all is forgiven.”

He let her snuggle into him for a few minutes kissed her forehead and stood her up turned her towards the bathroom and swatted her bottom

“Now go get yourself in the shower and fixed up...”

“Oww” She huffed.

 “Josie.” She stopped and turned to him

He walked towards hugged her and said, “We will be fine, you will be fine.” They then kissed goodbye and he said

“See ya at noon, and oh, if I come over and your door is unlocked again your will get more than the hairbrush or my hand. Understood?”

“Yes Sir” She smiled and said goodbye

He went back at noon and she answered the door wearing a pretty blue flowered skirt with a blue blouse.

“Hi.” She said with a big grin

“Well don’t you look chipper?” He said as he grabbed her and embraced her with a kiss then he scooted her out the door.

They had a long walk in the park.

Rob stopped by a bench and pulled her down to sit with him.

“I know this is probably a bad time but I really want to talk about us being one.”

“No it’s probably the best time. I felt so whole and complete. I know that David would spank me for the way I been acting and he would spank me if I lost you too.”

They both laughed

“You know how to handle me just like he did. I trusted him to lead me and guide me and he did. Now that he can’t do that anymore I know he would be pleased if you were that man. I know I wouldn’t trust anyone else but you.”

He wiped a tear from his eye and pulled her close to him

“I’m glad you said that because I want to be that man to take care of you.”

They then embraced in a kiss then spent the rest of the afternoon planning their wedding and calling everyone.

The next four months went great. They were settling into a routine together. He went over every morning and saw her off to work. Then he came back at five they had dinner and her put her to bed at 8:30.   They got married four months later and on their wedding day all their kids were there and they were all so happy to be one big family and see their parents living again.

Daisy, Thanks again. I love it when my friends help out here and this was a great story. So come on friends – those I know and those I haven’t met yet, and send in a story. You know deep down you want to. Please send stories to elisspeaks@yahoo.com


  1. Good written, interesting, but I would kill the man ... lol ..
    How dare he, and without consent!

    Ok, my question is: Why she calls him "sir"? I do not understand it.

    1. He does without consent because its fiction lol...she calls him Sir because that's the respect her husband taught her and I think most characters I write do lol

  2. I can see more stories about this new couple in the future or at least I hope so.
    Good story line


    1. Thanks Bob :) I didn't plan on it but I will just for you

  3. Great story Daisy! I enjoy your stories.
    Thanks so much Elis for always having FF!!

    1. Thank you I appreciate it :)

      Yes thanks Elis for having FF :)

  4. Such a wonderful and lovely story Daisy. I enjoyed this and second Bob, I hope we see more of these two :)


  5. Daisy,
    thanks, great story.
    Waves at PK.
    Love and warm hugs,

  6. Daisy,

    Enjoyed the story, Thank you.

    I would also like to read more about this couple.

    Thanks and than PK.


  7. Thanks Paul and Ronnie...

    Ronnie I will see what I can come up with

  8. Nice story Daisy.

    Thanks Elis (boy that's hard getting used to).

  9. I love FF! Thanks for doing this, PK - I mean Elis.

    Great story Daisy!!!! :)

  10. Hey Daisy...Thanks for a great story!

    Thanks so much Elis for hosting FF!


  11. Anonymous1:04 AM

    Great story, Jean